How Do You Handle Blogging Obstacles

Venkat generously invited me to guest post on his rocking blog.

After trying to log in via my username and password I got locked out. Why? Multiple possible issues arise anytime you do anything blogging-wise.

My login and password work perfectly fine on his end. But my password and ID do not work on my end. How did I solve the blogging obstacle? Since I see the end result and never worry myself about how one reaches the end result,

I wrote this guest post in 10 minutes, sent the guest post to Venkat Randa via Facebook, and advised him to publish it under my log-in and password on his end since both works on his end.

Or he can publish the post under his name and drop my by-line if he sees this as the better way to do it for his blog.

Do you see how quickly, easily, and seamlessly one solves blogging obstacles? Do you see why most bloggers struggle to solve blogging obstacles?

Most bloggers do not think deeply about the best way to get stuff done. For example, I have seen bloggers email back and forth for days over log-in issues for guest blogging.

Playing email volleyball makes zero sense because if one person easily logs in simply get ‘em the post for logging in and publishing. Problem solved in seconds!

However, most bloggers remain closed-minded, rigid, and blind to the easiest, quickest way to succeed online.

I developed the skill of being highly flexible. I also know from experience guest blogging on a high volume of blogs that being rigid punishes you with more blogging obstacles.

For example, I could go back and forth with Venkat trying to reset my password but from 15,000 hours of blogging experience guest blogging for bloggers all over the globe, I know that the issue likely relates to an international IP address from his hosting company perspective.

My guess is that I am having firewall issues on my end. In any case, the issue is completely irrelevant because I found a lightning-fast workaround to get this content written, published, shipped, and shared lickity split.

But how many bloggers would handle this blogging obstacle by trying to force a square peg into a round hole?

How many bloggers would try to force a log-in from their end? Goodness knows I was one of those bloggers for many years. I tried to force solutions through one channel or a few channels versus seeking the channel of least resistance.

Every blogging obstacle seems easily solved by deeper thinkers open and willing to be flexible. Every blogging obstacle seems impossible to solve by shallow thinkers closed and rigid, mentally and physically.

Solve blogging obstacles by seeing the solution in the mind. Picture what you desire. Focus on the end game. Relax. Begin really thinking.

Sooner than later, solutions designed to reach the end pop into your mind. Test the solution via a quick mental rehearsal. Be open. Be flexible. Less traditional means often meet bloggers who open their minds to being flexible.

Seize and use these solutions to solve obstacles. Lessen resistance not by fighting resistance but by seeing the seamless way through the obstacle.

Every blogging obstacle is an opportunity to think through solutions. Thinking feels exhausting if you do not seem used to thinking.

But thinkers like Venkat and I understand how blogging obstacles dissolve into the quickest, easiest solutions if you remain open to thinking about alternative ways and means to get the job done.

Obstacles are ways to unwind thinking that no longer serves you. Every form of blogging resistance strips away the way you used to do things to make room for the way to do things, going forward. Think of blogging obstacles as vehicles for your evolution, not anchors holding you down.

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  1. Blog post update guys; I am so freaking smart that I tried logging in to the wrong blog, LOL! I will be logging in soon again to write and submit more guest posts. Thanks Venkat!


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