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I am starting a new series on my blog. I named it Blogging Ray Interview Series BRIS.

This is the first interview in this series.

I am planning to interview one Online Influencer per week on this blog.

In this first interview, I did the interview of popular author Santosh Gairola. He is running Blogging Cosmos bog.

Interview of Santosh Gairola from Blogging Cosoms

He answered the questions in depth and you can find insane value in this interview.

Without any further delay, let’s jump into the interview.

Q1: Hey, Santosh Can you introduce yourself to my community?

Hi Venkat, thanks for allowing me to speak to your splendid audience. Hello, lovely people, this is your friend Santosh Gairola Founder of Blogging Cosmos, which is an SEO and digital marketing blog. 

I’m a professional author & blogger from the beautiful city of Love, Dehradun, India. Apart from writing content, I love sketching and taking a long walk in the silence under the moonlight. 

Being a blogger & author, I have a great passion for all sorts of positivity and self-growth books.

These days, I’m reading Deep work; it is a productivity enhancement book that talks about keeping the absolute focus on the particular task. Hopefully, I will finish it in the coming two days.

Q2: Can you share your educational background with us? 

Guys, I have a computer science educational background, along with that I’m a globally certified trained professional coder in Microsoft’s .net framework technologies (MCTS.)

Today, when I see my certifications, they seem to be useless to me, as I have changed my mind from an employee to an employer. 

Q3: Who inspired you to start blogging?

In my life, there is no right answer to this question. I believed that the whole Cosmos inspired me to become a Blogger and Author. 

In physical reality, some people inspire me daily to a great extent. They all are dear to me.

Sumit Sao from Blogging Lift

Jyoti Chauhan from UpdateLand

Chayan Chakrabarti from Simple Facts Online

Santanu Debnath from Blogging Joy

Vishwajeet Kumar from Blogging Gate

Vivek Kumar Pandey

Mangesh Kumar Bhardwaj

Saurabh Tiwari from Techibhai

Umer Qureshi from Guide Blogging

Navin Rao from Question Cage

Venkat, you as well in that category. I appreciate your work.

Q4: I found a lot of your books on Amazon. What’re your books publishing story and what are your tips for upcoming book creators?

Venkat, so far, I have published 10 -11 books.

Dear pal, I write books for my inner peace that I’m positively contributing to society. By writing those books, my primary motive is, people must start practicing Inner peace.

Some of these books even break the spot of the Bestseller category in the United States, and I’m so happy by the response these books are getting from the Global audience.

The tip that I would like to give to upcoming authors is, focus on creating a valuable craft. Do your research well; Book market is so competitive, just keep faith in your abilities, and keep enhancing your skill. It will help you to write good books.

Q5: You are leveraging Facebook profiles a lot more than the page? Can you share some tips on this?

Facebook is a great platform to get connected with talented people all around the globe. To leverage Facebook profile, take these steps. 

1 Add your profile picture so that people could notice you properly. Your profile picture needs to reflect your persona. It will give recognition to your brand that you are creating.

2 Add a professional Bio on your FB profile with your Blog links if you are a blogger or your Book link if you are an Author.

3 Remove unwanted people from your profile, who do not interact in your profile. Keep your friendslist short. Add only those people who share the same professional passion & goal.

4 Remove non-helpful posts from your timeline, and add helpful posts to add value to fellow bloggers’ life. They will notice you. You only need to improve your connection with them by sharing their content on your timeline. As a blogger, I always try to push my fellow bloggers and Authors.

Q6: Your Facebook group is growing exponentially. Can you share some tips and secrets on this?

Keep your blog private, and fill all the details in the about section of the group. Use multiple Tags depending on your group niche. Look, you cannot win alone; invite authentic people to become moderators to your group. 

They will help your group to grow. Facebook will also start showing your group in the suggested group category. Moreover that, try to increase engagement in the group. Your group will grow exponentially without any marketing.

Q7: What are the reasons behind to select the name BloggingCosmos?

Cosmos means the universe (creation), which includes all the consciousness. Similarly, Blogging Cosmos is trying to provide everything related to Blogging under one domain name Blogging Cosmos.

Although, Search engine optimization is the primary focus on Blogging Cosmos. But we love to write on every helpful topic around Blogging and digital marketing.

Q8: What is your daily routine? Can you share some productivity tips?

Except for Sunday, my whole week is divided into the chunks, I call it time blocking.

I have 4 major time blocks

1 – Morning hour – 5-9 am

2 – Productivity hour – 9 -12 pm

3- Easy hour – 12- 3 PM

4 – Dedicated hour – 3 -7 pm 

Morning hour

I’m an early morning person. Every day I, wake up at 5 am. 

From 6 am to 9 am I give time to my health and mind.

At that time, I regularly do some exercise for one hour, and after that, I read some books until the clock ticks at 9 am.

Productivity hour

It is the time when I start working on my projects, websites, and Books. It is my most dedicated time in which I don’t take any calls and texts. Until my work is done, I will not leave my working chair.

Easy hour

It is time for my unproductive task like taking phone calls and replying to the text that I received. Sometimes, I also enjoy this time, like exploring the trending stuff on the Internet, Read other Blogs, and share on my Facebook timeline. 

Dedicated hour

It is the time when I get back to my work and try to finish my pending work. Sometimes I also read the pending chapters of the book with Tea and coffee.

Q9: Which hosting do you recommend for beginners? And why?

There are many hosting services, and I have used many of them, but I’m a big fan of Bluehost. There are providing excellent services at affordable prices.

Q10: What are your thoughts on Blogging vs YouTube?

Both are complementary to each other, no one is better than others.

Indeed both Youtube and Blogging can be used together to enhance the quality of the content that you are creating for your audience.

Many say that Youtube is the future, people are consuming more stuff on youtube.

It is right to some extent, but Blogging is not going anywhere because textual and physical documentation is what we need in the end after watching 7 min video.  

Q11: I know you read more books. Can you recommend some books for my readers in different sections?

Alright, this is an interesting question. Dear Venkat, I love reading books. 

Here are some of the books you should read to create a blissful life.

Best Productivity Enhancement book

10 X Rule – Teaches to increase the efforts

Perennial seller -Teaches about the art of creating the self-selling product

How to Attract Money – Teaches about having a money mindset

Million Dollar Habits – Life habit and achieve success

Deep work – Absolute Focus

Spirituality Books

Magnificent Shiva (Mine) – Teaches why there is no one like Lord Shiva

Benefits of chanting Om Namah Shivaya(Mine) – Mantra benefits

Qualities of Lord Shiva. (Mine) – States the virtues of Lord Shiva

Mahadev (Mine) – States Why Shiva is Lord of the Lords

ShivLeela (Vanmali) – Based on Shivpurana

Q12: What are your upcoming plans with Blogging Cosmos?

Blogging Cosmos is my new venture, and I’m giving my heart and soul to build it. The good thing is results are coming in front of me. It is growing with a monstrous rate. 

My plans are simple with Blogging Cosmos, I have to create the most helpful brand for the beginners so that they could know how to grow their Blog from the initial level to the maximum. 

Taking note of Future SEO, my primary focus is on Voice Search engine optimization of the Blog. It going to revolutionize the industry by 2025, and we need to be prepared for it.

Q13: What are your tips and promotion strategies for Black Friday Event?

Create some dedicated posts around the product that you are going to promote during the Black Friday sale.

Introduce the product on your Blog by creating specific squeeze pages. Write only genuine thoughts about the product.

Along with that write reviews and comparison posts of the product. Place the Email opt-in form on your Blog. Email marketing is a must feature that you need to add on your Blog.

Q14: Can you share some tips on How to use social media for blog promotion?

Increase your networking abilities, and join all the Blogging Groups, some of the groups are helpful like yours

Groups are the place where you will find the most amazing audience which will get involved with your Blog. 

Recently A dear friend Yasar wrote a helpful article on the best Facebook group for Bloggers. You must check out and Join all of them. You will get great help from that article to grow your Blog.

Q15: Can you share some SEO tips?

Don’t run for a quantity of the post, we are in the fast lane economy. No one has the time to read lame content.

Therefore, create less content but focus on creating high-quality content, and concentrate on On-page SEO.

It is the best SEO tip that you can implement. After that, you can go for the Off-page Strategies like Link building and external promotion.

Q16: Which tools do you use mostly for blogging?

Elementor Pro

Social snap Pro

Freepik Pro


Thrive leads

Frase Pro

Q17: Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing. What are your thoughts on it? Which one do you recommend?

If you are working on an entertainment website like Movies and Online shows website, Google Adsense will work better. If you are working on Technology, marketing, services based blog, then Affiliate marketing works best.

Although, you can use both to monetize your blog. You only need to understand the demands and mindset of your readers. Both are wonderful ways to make money. I prefer Affiliate for myself.

Q18: Can you share some Email Marketing tips?

Don’t spam your Audience with so many back to back Emails. It sucks when you get repeated emails. People need time to read your Email.

Sending one mail per week is the most appropriate strategy. Keep it short and on point.

Q19: Can you share your story about the Viyali blog?

Okay, it is a long story; I will try to short it as much as possible.

Starting a blog is a life-changing experience in my story. I was working for a company; I gave my precious years to that company. Meanwhile, I realized that my growth is dependent on those people who never appreciate others.

I was discouraged with all the office politics and the cunning mentality of the mean office culture. I was losing my positivity day by day. My growth was limited there and reliant on those people who were self-centered.

I never wanted to be like them. To uplift my faith and confidence, I started reading books. Things started changing for me.

Reading those books saved me from the darkness and showed the path full of light and prosperity. I came to know about entrepreneurship. I studied the concept; It was the thing that triggered me positively.

I left the job with minimum capital in my bank account and decided to start my venture. It was the time when the internet was a luxury.

As a coder, I coded the entire website for two years and launched in 2013. It was a social networking kind website. The website was growing organically; people were creating their accounts and sharing their stuff there.

I was thrilled by the people’s registration; it helped me to realize the power of the Internet. 

But the growth was too slow; I was lacking resources. That time, I came to know about the importance of Marketing. I dropped the plan of growing that website as a coder and started learning marketing. I learned so much about marketing, day and night.

For practicing the marketing concept, I changed that website into the blog. Alongside this, I learned SEO and digital marketing; eventually the website tuned into the blog and started giving me fruitful results.

I was so happy with the growth. I started reading more about it. Life was going smoothly now. Within those years, I mastered many concepts of Digital marketing and the art of content creation which can persuade the audience.

Later I started many more websites, and my wonderful Blogging journey is still going on.

Q20: Can you share your love with Lord Shiva?

Dear Venkat bro, Lord Shiva is everything for me. I see him as my friend, father figure, my strength. I have an infinite level of love, affection, and devotion to Shiva.

He is the only one whom I trust. He has never let me down in any circumstance. He made me realize that I’m invincible if I have decided something.

I can express my opinions to him; he listens to my prayers and guides me in the right direction. I have learned so many lessons from him, which all helped me a lot in this mean world.

Compassion & simplicity are the best lessons that I learned from him. Dear bro, I see myself connected to that supreme consciousness. 

Q21: Can you provide your contact details?

Dear bro, I’m always available on Facebook & Twitter. Apart from that My group Blogging Cosmos is the place, where I’m the most active member of the community.

Thank you Santosh for this Interview.


I hope this interview of Santosh Gairola from Blogging Cosmos will help you.

If you love this interview share it with your community.

If you have any questions to ask, you can comment below.

Thank you.

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