13 Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast in 2023

In this article, I will share 13 tips to grow your YouTube channel fast in this 2021.

The first and very helpful tip is the make longer videos on YouTube.

Hey, keep in mind that watch time is a very important factor in the one of ranking factors.

If you get the more watch time on your video then there is high chance to rank your video.

If you want the more watch time on the video the most useful trick is the making lengthy videos.

If you make the videos more than 10 minutes then there is high chance to accumulate more watch time on your video.

So making videos more than 10 minutes in that you have mainly two benefits one is your watch time will accumulate more.

There is a chance to include more than one ad on your video if you are using Google Adsense.

From today onwards if you are still making short videos like two to three minutes videos then start from today to make a video at least 15 minutes or 10 minutes.

Use right tags for your YouTube video.

Tags will describe your video.

It will suggest your videos in the suggested videos.

Many people kept the tags empty.

Dont do that.

Just make a habit to write the full tags for your YouTube videos.

Write mini blog post for description.

You have to write description for your youtube video.

Whatever you are saying in the video what actually about your video you have to include this information in your video description.

Use the cards and end screens.

If you use the cards and end screens you will get extra views for your YouTube video.

It will increase the watch time.

The main benefits of cards and end screens are these will drive extra views and it will increase the session duration.

In particular session the amount of watching your videos will be increase if you use the cards and end screens.

Keep in mind that include the relevant videos in the cards and end screens.

You have to include the keywords in title, tags and description.

Sprinkle your primary and secondary keywords through out your description.

Make sure to use the long tail keywords and LSI keywords in your description, tags and title.

Embed your YouTube video in your blog post.

Whenever user come to your blog post then if it is relevant the user will definitely watch your YouTube video.

Here you will get two type of benefits.

One thing is you will get watch time for your YouTube video.

Another thing is the session duration for your blog post will be increase.

That means the rankings for both YouTube video and article will be improve by embedding YouTube video in your blog post.

Quora is a great platform to promote your YouTube channel for free.

Find the relevant questions to your channel on Quora and answer those questions with your video.

Just answer the questions in the text format and embed your YouTube video in the answer of Quora question.

Make a habit to share your YouTube video regularly on social media.

This will increase extra views to your YouTube videos and it will increase your channel authority.

Build the email list from day one.

Whenever you make new video on YouTube you can simply sent to to your email subscribers.

You will get instantly views.

After uploading video to YouTube within first 24 hours the video views are very important.

If you get the more views in the first 24 hours then there is high chance to rank your video and there is high chance to show your video on suggested videos.

In this way you will get some extra views and you can grow your channel.

I highly recommend you to create one Facebook group for your channel.

Just create one Facebook group for your YouTube channel and post your YouTube video in that group.

Ask your users to which type of videos they like.

Ask the users feedback on your videos.

It will improve your productivity.

It will help to grow your channel.

The last and important tip is the use the paid ads.

Whatever the methods I have explained above those are the free methods.

Coming to the paid ads, paid ads will give the quick resutls.

Whatever the above methods those are free methods which consume more time.

Keep in mind that you have to invest either time or money.

I highly recommend you to invest both time and money to excel your YouTube channel growth.

I hope this article on tips to grow your YouTube channel fast will help you.

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I will meet you in the next article.

Thank you.

Have a great day.

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