Video SEO – How to Rank Videos Higher on Youtube in 2023

Now a days everyone doing videos on youtube. for all those candidates video SEO is important. they have to know how to rank videos higher on youtube. this is the article explained about this topic.

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Video SEO is the strategy to bring your youtube videos on the first page of youtube search results.

if anyone want videos on any topic, then he will go to youtube and search for that topic. if your video comes on the first page of that results that is the result of doing video SEO.

it is also called ranking videos on youtube.

Some rules to consider in YouTube SEO

here are some rules to do Video SEO for your youtube videos

Keyword Selection

if you want to do video, then you have to first choose a topic. on which topic you are doing video.  i.e keyword for your video.

suppose you are doing a video on search engine optimization, then this is the keyword for your video. so first, you have to note down your keyword aside and follow further.

Use SEMRush to select the right Keyword for your YouTube Video.

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Saying Keyword in Video

you have to speak your keyword in your video.

if you are not included your keyword in the voice of your video, then your video becomes irrelevant. so speak your keyword in your video where needed.

Include keyword in Video raw file name

when you are making a video, after completion of recording and editing of your video, save this video with your keyword.

Include Keyword in Title of Video

Video title plays an important role in YouTube SEO.

if you write the catchy and attractive title, it also improves your video CTR and that leads to better rankings

when you search on youtube, it will display some videos. if you observe these search results there will be the thumbnail, title and description will be displayed. so write title relative to content and attractive to the visitor.

Make use of Tags

Tags also play a vital role in Video SEO.

depending you used tags, videos will be displayed in search results.

tags also important to display your videos in the suggested videos list. so write the tags including your keyword related to your content and brand.

Tubebuddy is an awesome tool to find tags to your YouTube Video. it will increase your Video Rankings on YouTube.

I am using this tool (Tubebuddy) to make the tags. it is a chrome extension which is free to use. you can upgrade to a premium version later.

Make use of Description

A description is total information about your video. so write a description of your video and what you discussed in the video.

include your keyword in the description and maintain the keyword density.

try to write a lengthy description. include your social profile links in the description.

Mention your channel URL in the description. it helps to increase your channel subscribers.

Create long Videos

Video ranking depends on how much time visitor viewing your video which is called as watchtime. if your video length is long, then your video view duration will be increased.

so try to make long videos.

keep in mind that don’t include unnecessary discussion in your video to increase the length of your video. it will kill your brand reputation.

Create attractive relevant thumbnails

Creating attractive thumbnails are important to attract visitor to your video. so don’t create spammy thumbnails to your video.

create real-valued thumbnails for your video. thumbnails should reflect your video content.

you can use the tools like Tubebuddy, Canva to create thumbnails for your youtube videos.

Respond to Comments on your YouTube Video

When anyone comments on your video, respond to that comment and give a reply.then the users will treat your channel as important for them.

Tubebuddy will help you to filter the comments.

Ask Viewers to Like and Share your Video

you have to ask your viewers to like and share your video. then some of them will like or dislike your video. some of them will share your video on their social medai.

it will improves engagement so that your video can perform better in youtube search and in suggested videos.

Embed your YouTube Video in Blog Posts

write an article on your video topic and insert your video in the article. this is called embedding video.

it will lead to get some more views and watch time. this will effect in your video ranking.



to rank videos higher on youtube, you have to optimize your title, thumbnail and description. follow the steps provided above to optimize your videos on youtube.

I hope this article on youtube seo will help you.

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thank you.

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