Search Engine Optimisation – Beginner’s Guide 2023

SEO Search Engine Optimisation is the process of ranking any website or webpage. it is the process to get on the first page of google search results.

if you want to search for anything, then you will go to google and type for that word. then some results will appear to you. you select some result and proceed with that result.

when any user types your keyword in the google search, then if your website comes on the first page of Google, that is the result of doing search engine optimization to your website or blog.

Importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is very important for any website. if you want many visitors to your website, then you have to promote your website. there are different ways to promote websites.

so many people use paid ways to promote. many people promote in social media. some people promote by Google AdWords. but all these are expensive.

but SEO is different.

if you want free visitors to your website, SEO is the best solution. once you optimize your website for SEO, then google automatically search your website and it gives to customers. it is the best way to get free visitors and saving money.

You can use tubebuddy to optimize your videos for search on YouTube.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Basics

here are the few basic things you to know about Search Engine Optimisation

Create unique, accurate page titles

a title is very important in search engine optimization. it says to customers and search engines to about your page. so create a unique and accurate page title.

mention your page keywords in the page title. it helps more to improve SEO. page title contents are displayed in search results. create a unique page title to each page.use brief and descriptive titles.

avoid following page titles

  • creating page titles that have no relation to the content on the page
  • using default titles like untitled or title1 etc.
  • creating very long titles irrelevant to the content

You can use online title generators to use descriptive and catchable titles

Make use of the “description” meta tag

description meta tag plays an important role in search engine optimization. it is a summary or short info about your page.use unique description to each page.

avoid the following descriptions

  • description having no relation to the content of the page
  • filling description with only keywords
  • copying and pasting entire page content
  • using a general description of it is a sample page

Use description meta tags to provide both search engines and users with a summary of what your page is about

Improve the structure of your URLs

creating descriptive categories and filenames will help you to organize well and lead to better crawling of your documents by search engines.

if your URL contains your content keyword it provides users and search engines with more information about your page.

keep in mind that URLs are displayed in search results. so people see your URL. if it is related to content then people proceed to that.

so it is better to create folder and filename with your keywords. don’t use general URLs like page.html or file.html or 1.html. create the simple directory structure.

Choose a URL that will be easy for users and search engines to understand

Make your site easier to Navigate

Navigation is very important in the website. it also plays an important role in SEO. use keywords while you creating folders. don’t create folders like folder1,1,a etc.

Create a naturally flowing hierarchy. Use mostly text for navigation. For navigation, the focus should be on simplicity and ease of use

Offer quality content and services

Maintain quality content on your page. don’t copy paste others content. maintain keyword density in your content. keyword density is the how many time you are using the keyword in content.

Interesting sites will increase their recognition on their own. so create content very carefully. write easy to read the text. create content primarily for users not for search engines.

Write Better Anchor Text

Anchor text plays an important role in SEO and backlinking. suitable anchor text conveys information to the user, what about this link is.

Both users and search engines like anchor text that is easy to understand. choose descriptive anchor text.

Optimize your use of images

Image-related information can be provided by using the “alt” attribute

“alt” attribute says it is alternative to text. when image not loaded, then this alt text displayed. this alt text plays important role in SEO.

while searching images in google images search then Google uses this alt text to search your image. so write alt text carefully related to your content.

maintain the images in the same directory of the web page. save images with a descriptive name. avoid using 1.jpg or a.jpg and so on.

Use heading tags properly

Heading tags are used to present structure on the page to users. these heading tags are h1 to h6. use h1 for main heading or title of the web page. you have to use h1 tag only once in a web page. it is good practice.

use h2 for subheading and so on.

headings also play an important role in SEO. so use the heading in the correct sequence. never use headings for bold. Heading tags are an important website component for catching the user’s eye, so be careful how you use them.


Off Page SEO – Link Building

the above mentioned all the topics are related to on page SEO. the link building is the major topic of off page SEO. link building nothing but getting backlinks to your website.


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