Get High Quality Backlinks – 5 Proven Ways (2021)

Link Building is the major concept in Search Engine Optimisation. in this article I will explain a guide to get high quality backlinks to your website/blog.

Getting High-Quality backlinks to your website is very tough. but if you do some hard work you definitely get high quality backlinks to your website.

here I am saying high-quality backlinks, so what does this mean. when coming to domain there are two terms DA and PR.

DA is domain authority and PR is Page Rank. domain authority scores nothing but how popular your website.

if you have more DA and PR then it is said to be the quality domain. now quality backlink nothing but you have to get the backlink from such quality domains.

today I will discuss some proven ways to create strong backlinks.

Different ways to get high-quality backlinks

  1. Guest Post
  2. Blog Commenting
  3. Directory Submission
  4. Participating in Forums
  5. Engage in Social Media

Guest Post

Producing content on your blog is not sufficient to increase traffic to your blog. you have to write content for the blogs which are related to your niche. by this, the admins of those blogs will provide a backlink to your from about the author section. by this, you will get high quality backlinks.

first, find the blogs related to your niche, make sure try to find out the quality blogs. then find the contact info of that blog’s admin and mail to admin as you are interested in the guest post on their blog. they will give a reply to you. if they accept guest post, then write a quality article and submit. then they will publish your article on their blog and they provide a dofollow backlink to you.

what are dofollow and nofollow backlinks? dofollow backlinks pass SEO score from one blog to another blog. i.e if you get one dofollow backlink from one blog, then you will also get SEO score from that blog. if it is nofollow backlink then you will get only traffic from that link, you didn’t get any SEO score.

Blog Commenting

commenting on other blogs is the easy method to get high quality backlinks to your blog. first of all, you have to identify the related blogs to your niche using google. then go through those blog’s articles and leave some interesting comment which adds value to their article.

keep in mind that don’t spam this method. read the article fully then comment on the article. the best tip to produce comment is asking the question.

in this comment system, so many blogs put moderation before the comment goes live. so if you comment the interesting comment then the admins will approve your comment.

while commenting it asks your name, your email and your website. in this name and email are compulsory and a website is optional. by this many persons didn’t enter their website. if you do this you didn’t get any backlink to you. you must enter your website URL in the provided box.

ya here also you may get dofollow or nofollow backlink. forget about this because only dofollow backlinks are not important. you have to get both nofollow and dofollow backlinks.

coming to the SEO point only dofollow backlinks will be added to SEO score. then why nofollow backlinks. if you get only so many dofollow backlinks then you are doing something wrong. because getting only dofollow backlinks is not possible. there is a high chance to these backlinks either dofollow or nofollow.

so if you get all are dofollow then those may treat as spam. so many experts suggest you that try to get high dofollow backlinks along with some nofollow backlinks.

Directory Submission to get high quality backlinks

go to google and search for blog directories. then you will find the blog directories. write a small script like your blog title and description about your blog. submit this basic info to those directories.

keep in mind that these directories offer both free and premium. if you do for free it takes more time to include your link. if you go for the premium version it will include in few hours. so go as you wish.

Participating in forums

are you not participating in any forums, then you are missing a lot of traffic to your blog. yes, you will get a lot of traffic to your blog using forums. so your question is what have to do on these forums?

in forums, you have to answer the questions asked by others. there you can also ask the questions, then some experts will answer your question and they leave their article link if it is required. then you follow that link to know more about your question. so in this way, that guy gains more traffic.

this is also same to you. you have to answer the more questions. but keep in mind that don’t spam the forum, then admin will remove you. just where you have to answer very clearly and by maintaining quality simply saying your answer must add value to the forum.

leave your article link where it is required. if article link does not require just do the simple text answer. if your answer really helps the opposite person, then that guy will go to your profile. in your profile, you have to give your blog address. so that guy will go to your blog. so in this way, you will get traffic. not only that guy if it is helpful to another person, that one guy also will browse your blog.

so here I am suggesting you to first focus on your profile. fully completed your profile. then include your blog address with catching description.

I am participating in the below forums to get high quality backlinks to my blog. I am suggesting you create your profile in these forums and participate in the forums to add the value.

Engage in Social Media

Are you using the only facebook to drive traffic to your blog? then you are doing a mistake. why not use other social media like twitter, youtube, LinkedIn etc.

Create Profiles for your blog in major social media. regularly share your articles on those social profiles. in this way you will get high quality backlinks to your blog, serially you can increase traffic.

here a question arises to you. how to manage all these social profiles. I have to be on the computer all the time. no. you can use social media managing tools like a buffer. this tool helps you to schedule your posts and post to your social profiles in corresponding time intervals.

they are other methods like article submission, slide submission, image submission, video submission etc. I will update this article with these methods very soon.

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    1. guest posting will help you to get quality backlinks. here you can control anchor text and you can get dofollow link. coming to the forums, we cannot say dofollow. but nofollow links also count.

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