Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO – My Top 4 Picks (2018)

Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO – My Top 4 Picks (2018)

Are you planning to start a website? then keyword research is important.before starting you have to spend more time on this keyword research. in this article, i introduce my top 4 best keyword research tools to you.


What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is a process to get right subject or topic to your website. every website have some keywords. so if you have keywords then it is easy to rank in search engines.

this keyword research plays a crucial role in search engine optimisation. for this you have to use some best keyword research tools. i will explain first free versions of keyword research tools and then some paid tools.

1.Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of best keyword research tools. it is a free version provided by Google.with this tool you can find search volume for particular keyword. for this you have to enter your keyword in the provided space and hit enter. after this you will find a some results related to your entered term. the displayed results are the exact result search by users. so you can get list of related keywords to your targeted particular can also get ad group ideas from this tool. by this you will get what type of ads available for your keyword.

2.Google Trends

Google trends is another free keyword research tool. it is provided by Google. with this tool you will get how popular particular keyword. what is search volume of the keyword. not only past, you can get whether this keyword popular right now or this you have to visit Google trends page, then enter your keyword there. you will get a data and graph related to your keyword how popular this keyword. if you follow this google trends there is a high chance to get huge traffic from search engines quickly.

3.Google Suggestions

google suggestions is actually not a tool. it is the trick to get which keywords are using to search on Google by users.for this you have to visit google page, type some part of your keyword, then you will find a related search queries displayed as suggestions. this is the keywords which are searching for users mostly.this is the one trick to know google suggestions. now coming to the second trick, now enter complete your keyword in google search and then hit enter. now come to below of page. there you will find some queries related to your query, these are also google suggestions.


SEMRush is the leading tool in best keyword research tools. it is the tool suggested by most popular bloggers such as Neil Patel and harsh Agarwal (shoutmelound).but it is paid tool. semrush provides few days as a free trial, after that you have to subscribe to semrush full version.using this tool you can do keyword research very well. you also do competitor analysis using this tool. although it is paid tool, i recommend this tool to you. you will get a full worth of it if you subscribed to this tool.


there are some other best keyword research tools such as ahrefs, kwfinder etc.

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Google Keyword Planner, Google trends, and Google suggestions are free tools. you can do basic keyword research using these free tools. if you want to do advanced keyword research you have to go to paid tools like semrush,ahrefs etc.

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