7 Best Ways to Make Money Online without investment in 2023

Are you searching for genuine ways to make money online without investment, then you can find some proven methods here.

Have you completed your education and searching for a job. then you can find a job related to your education.

whats the situation if you are not selected for the job, then you will search for some other ways to survive.

in this situation, a question comes to your mind that “How to Make money online without investment?”. you will try to find an answer to this question, one best way to find an answer to this question is google.

there you will find some ways. ya, I am coming to the main point the answer to the above question is yes. you can make money online without a single dollar investment.

Today I will discuss the top 7 proven ways. Keep in mind that today what I am discussing those ways are the long-term i.e you will find the result in a long time, if you want quick money then I will discuss those methods, at last, this also takes some time.

so finally you have to wait some months to take your payment by these methods. but you will get a huge amount if you spend daily on these methods.

in today world, 90% of people thinking that the only doing government or private job is the way to survive. but that is not true.

now we have no.of opportunities to make money online, by these methods you also get recognition internationally or nationally depend on your work.

ya, I am moving to the right point, I am following two famous persons, Neil Patel and Harsh Agarwal.

Neil Patel is the top entrepreneur. he makes money online by offering digital marketing services.

Harsh Agarwal is making money by mainly affiliate marketing and Google Adsense.

don’t worry I will explain these terms very clearly below. Do you believe that harsh Agarwal made 50k dollars per month?

I think from the above paragraph you will get a confidant to make money online without investment. you have a trust to make money online. that is good.

ok I am moving to the methods without any delay

How to Make Money Online with Google Adsense?

I observed so many people didn’t know this term till now. you can make some good huge amount using Google Adsense.

for this, you have to create one blog. you can get a free blog from blogger, WordPress etc. first you have to choose the topic, and then you have to produce different articles related to that topic.


then you have to apply for the Google Adsense. before applying for Adsense you have to check whether your blog is Google Adsense policy friendly or not.

after applying, Google will review your blog and if it is ok with their terms and conditions, you will get Adsense approval.

once you got the approval of Google Adsense, then you have to produce related articles to your chosen topic daily or weekly as your interest.

google will give you javascript, this script you have to place on your blog where you want an ad to display. by this one phase of this will be completed.

then you have to focus on traffic to your blog. how much traffic you are getting, then that much of amount you will earn.

remember this traffic must be quality. so you can get traffic from google search engine. for this, you have to do SEO for your blog. you can share your articles on social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.

google pays you by CPM and CPC. CPM is a cost per thousand impressions and CPC is the cost per click. i.e if your ad in your blog displays a thousand impressions, then Google will pay you as per the CPM rate.

this CPM rate depends on your chosen keyword and geolocation of the visitor.

when a visitor clicks on your ad, then also google will pay you. in this way, you will be paid by Google Adsense program.

after completing a hundred dollars threshold you will get an amount from Google to your bank account. so somewhat crazy, but here you have to remember that you have to wait a few months to take payment and you have to work consistently.

How to Make Money Online with YouTube?

it is the second method to make money online without investment. so many people do videos and upload to youtube. you will see those videos.

have you think why those guys are doing videos and uploading to youtube. is there any benefit for those by this activity. are you thinking now?, ok I will say?

ya, you can make money on youtube. for this, you have to create one Gmail and you have to open youtube. there you will find an option to create a channel. create a channel with some interesting name as you want, do some interesting videos and upload them.

after doing some interesting videos, apply for Adsense program on youtube. after getting Adsense approval to your channel do the videos consistently.

here you have a one doubt that is what is a difference between above Adsense program and this program. I will clarify, you can get both programs from the same Gmail account. adsense of youtube is called hosted Adsense of content.

if you are running both blog and youtube, then your earnings on blog and youtube will be added to your account. after reaching a hundred dollars threshold you can withdraw to your bank account.

but remember you have to wait a few months after creating a youtube channel. you have to get a lot of video views on your channel. you can get views by doing video SEO to your videos and by sharing to social media.

How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is, when you promote others product you will get a commission whenever someone buys the product through your link.

the most popular affiliate marketing is Amazon. for this, you have to apply for the Amazon affiliate program. you have to advertise these products on your website or with your videos.

you will get the huge amount from this. for this, you have to try to get the traffic to your affiliate link. not only Amazon, there other affiliate marketings like Clickbank, GoDaddy etc.

How to Earn Money Online by Selling Products?

why not you sell products online? ya, you can sell your products online with Amazon.for this you have to apply for seller program on Amazon. but the problem with this method is you have to have the products, what you have to do, if you don’t have products then you can do affiliate marketing.

How to Earn Money by Creating Ebooks?

ebooks are most popular now. you have some skills and some knowledge. with your skills and knowledge produce one ebook, then sell that ebook. you can promote this ebook with your website or videos.if you observe shoutmeloud blog, you will find there some ebooks.

How to Earn Money as a Freelancer?

ya you can do some freelance works like logo design, content writing etc. you have to apply for freelance work in freelance websites. the most popular freelance website is the upwork. you can earn money online without investment by doing projects as a freelancer.

Make Money Online by Offering Services

as I said earlier, what is the best way to make money online without investment quickly? the answer is the offering services. if you are good in one skill offer a service related to your skill.

for example, if you are good in photoshop then you can offer a service like a logo design. in this method, you will get amount after completing the project. but coming to the problem with this method is getting projects is not easy.

think why a customer has to believe you are the right person for their work. for this, you have to show your skill and previous work.

if you observe my blog, you will find my work under clients tab. here I created my own project and I am advertising my service with this work. after getting a project, I will update my client’s data.

so you have to provide your work as proven result i.e you have to prove that you are able to handle the project. if you have clients then ok. if you don’t have clients, then develop some sample projects related to your skills, then advertise with those projects.


ya guys, you can make money online without investment by google adsense, youtube, affiliate marketing, selling products, selling your ebooks, doing freelance works, offering your own services.

remember one thing that whatever I discussed above methods are long-term and genuine methods. you will get a huge amount from these methods.

I hope you enjoyed and learned new things from this article. if you like this article don’t forget to share with your friends via social media.

Thank You.

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  1. Thank you Venkat bro for this kind information.
    The newest and useful Thing i liked in this article is about EBooks.
    I tend to know more.
    Hope there will be a detailed article soon on how to write stunning Ebooks.
    – Rahul Bhichher

  2. you are welcome. yes ebooks are a great way to make passive income, you can also increase your leads using ebooks

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