How to Create a WordPress Blog in 15 Minutes (2021)

Are you searching for how to create a WordPress blog? then you can find a solution with this article.

in this article explained about this step by step. in this article, we discuss the below topics broadly.

  • What do you need before starting a WordPress blog
  • How to Install WordPress
  • How to Create a New Post

Why You Should Choose WordPress Platform for Blog

if you observe WordPress, it is a free content management system.

you can register for hosting and domain name then you can install it on the hosting taken.

it has high functionalities due to plugins.

WordPress has different plugins for different functions. therefore so many people recommend WordPress blog.

we can do SEO very easily for a WordPress blog.

What do you need before starting a WordPress blog?

first of all, you need a domain name and hosting to start a WordPress blog.

I recommend you to take Bluehost or Siteground hosting. they perform better for WordPress blog. these are recommended by WordPress.

How to Install WordPress

After registering a domain name and hosting then log in to your hosting account. in this article, i will take a GoDaddy to explain to you. if you are using different hosting provider then you have to proceed with that hosting provider.

  • open
  • login to your hosting account with your username and passwords
  • click on your name at top of the page. a down slider will appear then click on visit my account.
  • after this you will see a window with options domains and host etc. click on the manage button of web hosting option.
  • after this, you will see a window with your domain name and buttons manage and on manage button.
  • After this you will enter to will see some applications in this can observe some tabs like your building tools, Files, Preferences etc.scroll to down, there you will see a tab web applications. under this tab, you can observe some application like WordPress, Joomla etc.
  • Click on the WordPress Application.then you will see a window. in this window, you can find install this application button. click this button.after clicking this button you enter to a this window require which location you want to install WordPress. then select the location and note down the username and password of application. these can be changed as you wish.
  • after this scroll to the bottom and you will see a button install. click this button and wait for some minutes of time to install wordpress.ya by this procedure you can install WordPress in hosting.

How to Create a New Post and Publish

 After installing WordPress successfully, then you have to install some plugins for extra activities and you have to change or customise themes.

so after completing the installation, you have to write an article and you have to publish it. for open your WordPress dashboard. for example,, replace domain in this example with your domain name. after this enter your username and password which are note down while installing WordPress.

after login to your WordPress dashboard, you will see a left side some options like a dashboard, posts etc. click on posts and click on create new.

after you will see an area to enter your title and content of an article. so write your title and content as your wish and click on publish button. once you click the publish button your blog post will be created and your blog will be live to use.



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