9 Tips to Increase your Facebook Page Likes in 2023

Facebook is the most used social media network in the world.around a billion active users on Facebook daily.

now every business or personnel having a facebook page to reach more audience. for those likes of that page is important.

obviously, if you have more likes, you can reach more audience easily. in today article, I will explain some proven tips to increase facebook page likes.

currently, I am working on these methods and increasing my facebook page likes.

Why your Facebook page must have more followers?

if you want to spread about your product through the world, you have to spend a lot of amount on advertising. every time advertising about for every new product launch from your business is expensive.

if you grow your audience at a specific place, this will save a lot of bucks in advertising budget. in this regard, you can collect emails from customers, next time new product launch you can directly send the email to those customers without doing advertising. this will save a lot of bucks. but in this, you have to spend some bucks to send bulk emails.

once you spend on the facebook page likes, then after you no need to spend extra budget to send new product launch information to your customers. once you post on your facebook page, it will reach to your facebook page followers. so for this, you have to increase your facebook page followers. this will do your marketing easy.

obviously, if you have more followers, the product info will reach more people. remember quality is important than quantity. so focus on getting quality likes than likes to increase only quantity.

9 Tips to increase Facebook Page Likes

I will explain some smart ways to increase your facebook page followers. some of these methods free and some expensive.

1. Complete your Page info fully

you have to setup logo and cover photo for your page. remember that add a cover photo which adds some value to your page.

add the complete details about your page in about section.

include your website, phone number in the contact section

2. Invite your friends to like the page

after full set up of your page, next post some interesting posts on your page. after that invite all your friends to like the page. this will bring some likes to your page. tell your friends what benefit they will get by liking your page. then obviously they like your page.

Next, share the page on your timeline by tagging relevant friends. by this, the friends of your friends also like the page. in this way, you can get some more likes.

Next, ask your friends to invite their friends. in this regard also you can increase some more likes.

3. Share your Page with relevant groups

join the groups which relevant to your niche. share your page with those group by adding what they get by liking your page.

answer the questions in the group to expose yourself to the group. when they respond, offer them about your page privately.

don’t the spam the groups. the admins block you to access the group.

you can join our group

4. Post regularly

doing consistency in the work will lead to best results. so post regularly on your page.

you can use scheduling tool on the facebook page to post the updates on the page regularly. this will do easy to engage with your followers.

5. Respond Fast and Engage

creating a page and posting to the page is not important. you have to engage with your audience like responding to inbox messages and comments on your posts. you have to respond as quickly as possible.

always add a value to your conversation

6. use the hashtags

we think people search only on search engines. but they also search on Facebook. in this regard, hashtags play a vital role. you have to use relevant hashtags with your posts. you can observe the hashtags on our rvktech facebook page.

7. include like box widget on your blog

there is a great tool to collect facebook page likes from your blog. when the visitor comes to your page, when he likes by hitting like button on your blog post, this will add to your facebook page followers. this can be done by inserting facebook like box widget on your blog.

I suggest you include this button at end of the content of your article. when a visitor comes to your article, he likes

now for my page, most new followers are coming in this way. you can observe this widget in our blog posts.

8. Do Collaboration and Giveaways

find the pages in your niche. contact the admins of the pages. help each other to increase your followers.

conduct giveaways regularly to increase some audience to your page. this will be expensive but do as smart guy. offer some of your products or services at low cost or free to the winners of the giveaway. most experts are conducting giveaways in this way.

9. Do Facebook Advertising

the above methods are at free of cost. you have to spend some time to increase facebook page likes.

but in this method, you have to spend some bucks. I suggest you go for facebook page advertising when you launch new products or if you want to do brand awareness. in this way, you can reach more people, obviously more likes.


so whatever tips I shared with you those are doing on my page and getting good results.

always keep in mind that you have to focus only on the quality likes.

post to your page regularly

always add some value to your page with interesting posts.

don’t focus only posting your business related stuff on the page. post the relevant news, this will add more value to your page.

I hope this article on how to increase facebook page likes will help you.

if you love this article don’t forget to share with your friends via below social media platforms.

thank you, have a nice day.

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13 thoughts on “9 Tips to Increase your Facebook Page Likes in 2023”

  1. Hey, Venkat

    First of all, All the tips are really amazing…

    I perosnally beleive if you want to grow your page fast then start Sharing it, Do Giveaways as well as focus on targeted Facebook ads.

    With best wishes,
    Shivam Kumar
    Fpounder- Bemakemoney

  2. I agree Venkat,

    Without a completed page, never makes any impact on the visitor. No one tend to like a page which would not be that appealing and helpful at all.

    Good suggestions to improve Facebook pages and get more and more likes

  3. yes, doing targeted Facebook advertising will help a lot to improve the page. thanks for the valuable feedback.

  4. Not sure whether the targeted advertisements and give aways work. Rest all I am doing, but still I think my readers are coming more from the FB groups..I still have to dig deeper on that analysis part

  5. Hey Venkat,

    Facebook is hot (I found this blog post of yours in FB). Website owners should never miss to keep themselves up-to-dated with whatever they can do with Facebook.

    And having a business page is all about branding and building your audience. But it is not just about creating a half cooked page.

    You have shares some pretty powerful tips here 🙂 Thanks!


  6. Hey Venkat,

    Facebook plays a very crucial role in the promotion of our online business. And considering the size of audience having a Facebook page is a wonderful way to establish our presence on the platform.

    Getting likes for the page is another story 🙂 Thanks for bringing that up and sharing these useful tips!


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