The Top 35 Benefits of Blogging You have to know Right Now

hey, Are you Searching For Reasons to Start a Blog? Are you in Cofusion about Benefits of Blogging? don’t Worry, in this article, I am listing around 35 benefits of Blogging.

Everyone wants to Get Dream Job. Yes, Blogging will help you to Get your Dream Job.

Everyone Search Opportunities to Grow their Business to the Next Level. Yes, Blogging Will help you to Take your Business to the Next Level.

Do you Want to Travel Around the World? Yes, Blogging will help You to Travel to Your Favourite Spots.

Do you want to Make Connections with the Experts in Your Industry? Yes, Blogging will help you to Make Connections with the Influencers.

The List of Benefits of Blogging is Endless. here I listed some benefits.

For all these Benefits to Get, Just You Have to start the Blog and have to Produce high-quality Content.

So Start the Blog Today

Start to Capture the Benefits of Blogging from Now.

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Helps You to Be Your Own Boss

Yes. Blogging Will Help you to Be Your Own Boss.

Once you start the Blog, then you have to put the efforts to grow the blog.

you have to integrate the best monetization method to your blog, which works better for you.

you have to produce high-quality content for your readers.

you have to promote it well.

that’s all, your blog will be boomed.

you will start to make an awesome income from your Blog.

Keep in mind that, Blogging is not a quick rich scheme. it takes a lot of time to bring results.

Once you Make Revenue from your Blog, you are in the Position to Offer Job Opportunities.

that’s the Beauty of Blogging.

Makes you to Leave your 9-5 Job

We have to do a Job to Survive in the Society.

is it Only one Option to do Daily Job of 9-5.

No, there are plenty of options to Survive Better in Society. one of those is Blogging.

Yes, Blogging will help you to Stand on yourself and You can Leave your not interested 9-5 Job.

Even you can Offer Jobs also.

Nowadays, Many People are doing Blogging for Full Time

They have taken Blogging as a Profession.

here I am giving Two Persons Who are doing Full-Time Blogging and left their 9-5 Job.

Helps you to Follow your Passion

Yes, blogging will help you to follow your passion.

you can share your knowledge with the world on your blog.

if you are a graphic designer, Start a Blog on this Topic. Produce articles around Graphic Designing.

Offer your Service via this Blog.

in this way, you can follow your Interest.

You can Live on your Blog with your Skills.

Makes you Financial Freedom

yes, Blogging will help you to make numerous amount. but keep in mind that it will take some time to bring results.

as your blog grows, your Income Levels also Increase. this makes you Financial Freedom.

Helps to Get Your Dream Job

Yes, Blogging brings you the dream Job.

Do you know, Deepak Kanakaraju gets Digital Marketing Manager Job with Blogging Experience.

He started the blog on Motor Cycles. He puts all his efforts on the blog and made the blog growing.

He mentioned this Work in his Resume and in Interview.

It helps him to Stand Different in the Crowd of People and Helps to Get high Paying Job.

Yes, Blogging will help you to get real-time experience.

You will be mastered in different areas like Content Writing, Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Advertising etc.

Companies want the people who will bring results.

Just you have to Start a blog on your Interest, share your knowledge on this blog very clearly.

Mention about this in your Resume and in Interview.

It Increases Chance of getting Dream Job.

Allows you to Travel around the World

Once your Blog starts growing, it makes to start the revenue. It starts you to make new connections.

It brings New Opportunities Like Guest Speaking.

You can Travel around the world for Joy or for Professional Meetups

do you know one thing, Companies will call you to Give a Presentation to their employees. The company will bear all the expenses in this regard.

Kulwant Nagi from Bloggingcage making handsome amount from his blog. he monetizing his blog with affiliate marketing. he traveling the around the w0rld as his interest. He gets a Chance to meet the World Most Popular Marketer Neil Patel.

Travel around the Blog with Blogging - Bloggingcage Kulwant Nagi
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You Can Educate Your Customers

if you run the only website, you are not able to share more information about your business with your customers.

you can easily share more information about your business with the help of a blog.

you can write in-depth articles about your products and services on your blog.

It will Increase more trust in your Business. you will get more Loyal Customers.

if you observe my Website, I am offering some services like WordPress Blog Setup, Blogging Training.

in this article, I am sharing Benefits of Blogging.

do you know why I am sharing this article with you for free on my blog?

It will help my readers to get clear Idea about Blogging benefits. and then they will come to the position to become my blogging training program.

You Can Increase Your Brand Position

Continuously Blogging will help you to improve Brand awareness and Brand Position. When you Blog Consistently People will recognize you. People Come to Know more about your Brand and it will become their one choices.

Helps to Support Your Social Media

We have to Engage On Social Media these days. for this, we have to produce the status updates regularly. for this, we need some amazing content to share on these social media profiles.

if you produce quality content regularly on your blog, it will help you to share this awesome content with your social media fans.

Sharing daily home page of your website is not a good practice right. you have to share every day some new stuff. then only people will start to recognize us and they will become our loyal customers.

Increases Search Engine Traffic

if you have an only homepage on your website, it is very difficult to rank for more keywords.

if you install the blog and start to write more quality articles, then these articles will bring some quality organic traffic for search engines. yes, you will get very detailed targeted traffic when you use a blog on your website.

It is easy to rank long tail keywords. the traffic from long tail keywords are very targeted and it will have a high conversion rate. you can rank for more long tail keywords if you install the blog on your website.

Builds Authority in your Industry

Yes, Blogging will help you to Build Strong Authority in your Industry.

Do you know, Deepak Kanakarju doing blogging about digital marketing on his blog. he builds very strong authority in the digital marketing field. if you ask who is the best digital marketer in India then Deepak Kanakaraju is one of the List.

Ankit Singla from Masterblogging builds authority in Blogging field which is sub-part of digital marketing.

with this blog, I am trying my level best to build a strong authority in the digital marketing field.

no doubt at all. if you blog continuously, it will increase more reputation for your Brand.

Allows You to Produce Fresh Content

Everyone wants fresh content right! me also

with the blog, it is easier to share fresh content from your Brand. you can produce new articles regularly as you want.

this will lead to increase more trust in you and your Brand.

Improves Conversion Rates

if you are selling products on your website, you have to educate your readers continuously. you have to provide more info about products very clearly. there is no chance to share everything about the product with the landing page.

you can provide more info about the product by producing articles. this will lead to more conversion rate.

you are proving more content means there is more chance to convert.

didn’t you agree? very simple. just create a landing page with only product title and buy now button. are you thinking to generate sales with this type of pages? rightly No. people want more details about the product, more you provide more chances to convert.

Helps to Generate More Inbound Links

Do you make more backlinks organically with the only homepage? absolutely No.

People are interested in a link to informative articles and research-oriented content.

Blogging will help you to produce this type of content. then you will get backlinks organically.

that’s the amazing feature of Blogging.

You Can Increase Your Leads Easily

Blogging will help you to get more leads.

You have to create a lead magnet and put that on your blog as a subscription.

When people connect with your amazing content, then they are ready to become your subscriber.

Yes, it is very easy to increase subscribers with the play of blogging.

Helps You to Rank for More Longtail Keywords

As I said above, Longtail keywords drive targeted traffic.

We can rank for more longtail keywords by producing some amazing articles.

Producing high-quality Content around the keywords is the key in Blogging. you have to produce amazing in-depth lengthy articles. it helps to rank for more keywords.

SEMRush is a great tool to find long tail keywords for your seed keyword.

Tubebuddy Keyword Explorer will help you to find longtail keywords for videos on youtube.

You can Answer Commonly Asked Questions about your Products

if you are running a Business and selling the Products or Offering Services. the users will have a lot of doubts about your products and services.

you can clear these questions with help of articles. you have to produce detailed answers for those questions.

You Can Discuss in Depth About Your Business

Producing in-depth details about your business on the home page is not good. you have to produce this info by some extra pages. it is also not good to create a new page for very details sharing.

Just you have to Install a blog and start to share the articles around your Business Topics.

in this way, you can explore more about your business.

Easy to Promote Your Products and Services

if you blog continuously, it is easy to promote your products and services.

When you write in-depth articles on your blog, you can recommend your products or affiliate products when they are suitable.

Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Blogging Continuously help you to increase Trust on you. People will treat you as you have amazing knowledge.

This will help you stand in the crowd of people. you can educate the people easily. You will get a chance to feature as an Industry Expert.

You Can Increase Your Social Followers Very Easily

Yes. with the help of blogging, you can increase your social followers rapidly.

When you Produce a new article on the blog, that one can share on your social profiles. in this way regularly you can produce fresh content on your social profiles. this will help you to skip from spam.

when you share homepage repeatedly on your social profiles, then people will treat you as spam. they may unfollow you.

Blogging will help you to produce new content on your Website. this will help you to share on social profiles, along with you can increase your social fans.

You Can Increase Your Email List

Emails have a high conversion rate. Email works more in conversion. so it is important to capture the emails from your blog.

if you produce amazing stuff, people will start to connect with the content and they are pretty ready to become your email subscribers. because they want such type of amazing content for further days.

that’s the beauty of blogging.

Helps You to Stand Differently in Crowd of People

Suppose two same types of businesses running websites with only home pages. then how people will differ them. they must have different features to differentiate them.

when they start to install the blog and create articles in different variations, then they will differentiate easily.

then they can stand differently from the crowd of people.

You Can Easily Promote Your Business Offers.

When it comes to Blogging, Black Friday is an important event. at that time most companies will give more offers. customers come to purchase the products because companies providing huge discounts on this event.

what will happen?

the Blog makes more Money right.

but here one thing you have to consider. you have to send the blog visitors to your black Friday offers page.

Blogging will help you to generate more traffic to your blog. when you promote this offers page across all articles, this will lead to getting more visits to your offers page and you can make more sales.

that’s all, blogging will help you to Promote Your Business Offers easily and makes you More Money.

You Can Make Connection with the Influencers

here I am giving one secret trick to skyrocket your blog traffic.

mention the industry experts in your articles.

once you publish the article, contact those experts via email and ask them to share your article.

they will definitely share your article because this article doing marketing them for free.

it not only increases your traffic, but it also helps you to make a connection with them.

Understand Customer’s Need Very Effectively

when you publish a new article on your blog, people will start to respond.

they will share your article. they will link back to you. they will start to comment.

do you know one thing they also ask you a solution to their problems?

in this way, you can come to know, what users are expecting from your Blog.

Helps you to Produce Better ROI

Producing a better article on your blog is a one-time job. but this will bring results until your blog will be there.

here you no need to invest again and again on this article. but you will get benefits again and again. that’s the greatness of content marketing. it helps you to Produce better Return on Investment (ROI).

You Can Master Your Skill Set

Practice makes man perfect right.

yes, Blogging will help you to master your skill.

don’t you agree?

Spend around one month on Facebook ads, you will get a lot of real-time knowledge. here your Facebook advertising skill will be mastered.

when comes to blogging, it not only improves your writing skill.

they are a lot of skills will be improved with blogging.

blogging involved a lot of things like marketing, advertising, graphics design, web design, using different tools the list is endless.

you will master a lot of skills with the help of blogging.

Helps to Build Relationship with Customers

as a business owner, you have to serve the customers very effectively and correctly.

when you identify the customer’s persona very clearly, it will help you to serve them better.

Blogging will help you to get more insights about your visitors.

Just install the Google Analytics on your blog and start to capture the visitor info.

with the help of this data, you can produce some more helpful articles.

when you produce really helpful articles to your readers, they not only read they will also try to make a connection with you. in this way, you can build strong connections with customers.

Easy to Build a Community

Building a community about your business is very important.

when you start to produce helpful articles, then they want to be with you. you can create a forum and invite them to the forum. they will definitely join this because you are already helping them with amazing articles.

in this way, you can build the community around your blog easily

I have also Started a community around my blog and it is also growing as my blog growing.

if you are interested to join, you can join via below link.

Click here to Join My Community for FREE

Helps You to Make More Money

Blogging will help you to get more traffic to your website. you can promote your products across the articles. you will start to get more sales and starts to make more money.

when you are producing content regularly on your blog, then people will treat you as an influencer.

they are ready to take a service from you or purchase a product from you.

Makes you a Better Content Marketer

if you are producing amazing articles on your blog and getting a ton of traffic to these articles then you are a great content marketer.

Promoting our products with the help of content is called content marketing. blogging will also come under content marketing. already you are promoting your products via these articles.

Yes. Blogging will help you to become a Better Content Marketer

You Can Increase Your Confidence Levels

if you produce content on your blog daily and starts to get traffic, then you will get a lot of confidence to deal these type of campaigns.

Blogging will help you to master your skills. if you have great skill, it will increase your Confidence Level

You Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

You can Increase your Business Level with the help of Blogging.

if you are producing more in-depth articles on your blog, more targeted traffic you will get.

it will lead to more sales.

Yes. Blogging will help you to Take your Business to the Next Level.

It Offers you More New Opportunities

When you continuously blog, People will recognize you.

Some Companies will approach you to provide guest speaking for their employees.

You can Conduct Paid Workshops.

You can do some amazing Events.

Do you Know? Deepak Kanakaraju conducting Events with the name of High Traffic Summit at Major Cities of India.

he is able to do this with the help of blogging.

he got the recognition with the help of blogging. he utilizing this as a new opportunity.

Yes. Blogging will help you to get New Opportunities.


as a student, blogging will help you to get the dream Job.

as a Business Owner, Blogging will help you to take the business to the Next Level.

as a Freelancer, Blogging makes you get more leads and service requests.

to get all the benefits of blogging, you have to start a Blog Now.

for this, you have to purchase good hosting and you have to install the WordPress.

Yes. Blogging will help you to Free from Boss.

Now, it is your Turn. Start a Blog and Taste these benefits.

have a great day.

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  3. Awesome guide. There are lots of benefits in blogging. Definitely, money is the biggest motive, but I think the feeling of becoming your own boss is the best benefit of blogging.

  4. Great article. Blogging is the best career option to follow your dreams and enjoy the work. I agree with the points you shared in the post.

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