Digital Marketing – A Step by Step Ultimate Guide

Do you want to grow your Business Online? then digital Marketing will help you to scale up your sales and revenue.

Do you want to get the high paying job in digital marketing field? then you have to learn this internet marketing very practically. don’t worry today I will guide you to learn online marketing practically like me.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the marketing of your products or services using digital technologies (or electronic equipment). it mainly includes the internet. it also includes a mobile phone, Radio, and TV.

Digital Marketing can do online and offline.

When you are using the internet to marketing the products or services, it comes under online marketing.

When you are using the Radio, Electronic Billboards, Television Ads, SMS it comes under the offline method of Digital Marketing.

depending on the products and services you offer, you can select either online or offline method.

if your users are spending more time on the internet, you have to promote your products via the internet.

suppose, your users are consuming content on TV and Radio, then you have to advertise your products and services on these.

you have to get the information about where your users are spending their time and then you have to choose that medium to advertise your products.

Nowadays most people especially youth are spending more time on Facebook. if you are targeting this audience then you must spend your advertising budget on the Facebook Platform. then you will get better ROI.

you can use electronic billboards where most people are visiting.

we can observe these electronic billboards mostly in the markets and at the shopping malls.

Why Digital Marketing better than Traditional Marketing?

Nowadays Digital Marketing better than traditional Marketing. but traditional marketing also works. but if you are focusing only on traditional marketing, then your approach is wrong in these days.

You have to focus on both. You have to focus more on Digital Marketing. Why?

let me clarify

Suppose you advertised your real estate product on News Paper or Magazine. then can you calculate the exact number of persons watching that ad? No right.

Can you get, How many persons are taking the action on your ad? No right.

Can you calculate, How much you have to spend for reaching 1000 persons exactly? no

Yes. you didn’t get this type of exact data from traditional marketing.

just you have to approach the News Paper or Magazine Admin and you have to know how many subscriptions of that service. they have their fixed budget. you have to agree on that.

you get the rough idea of how many persons your ad can observe from the subscription count. you didn’t get the exact data. this is the major drawback of traditional marketing.

that’s why most of the businesses are spending their advertising budget on digital platforms like Google, Facebook etc.

When you advertise your products on Facebook, you will get the exact data of how many persons seeing your ad? how many people taking action on the ad? how much engagement going on? how much is the exact budget consuming? this is the beauty of digital marketing.

Why you should learn Digital Marketing?

Do you advertise your products in the jungle or the desert?

No right.


No one lives there.

We have to run ads where the people spending their time. then only you will get better ROI.

Nowadays most people are spending their time on Online Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google etc.

you have to advertise your products on these platforms. for this, you have to learn digital marketing.

as a business owner, you have to learn digital marketing or you have to hire a digital marketing expert to scale up your sales and revenue.

as a student, you have to learn digital marketing to get the high paying digital marketing job.

Nowadays most businesses are moving to the digital world, there is s huge demand for digital marketers.

Who Can Learn Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing helpful for everyone these days.

if you are running a business then you must learn digital marketing or you must hire a digital marketing expert.

day by day the demand for digital marketers is increasing.

as a student, you will get a high paying job in digital marketing.

are you doing freelance work like web design and logo design? then digital marketing will help you a lot.

here you have to start your online presence like a website or social media profile. you have to promote it via online and have to get the clients for your freelance business.

as a housewife digital marketing will help you a lot.

you can start your own cooking or beauty tips youtube channel and start to make some bucks.

What are the Main Topics in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a very big subject. it involves a lot of topics and tools.

you have to learn digital marketing continuously. regularly comes new tools into the market. you have to learn those tools to scale up your business.

Facebook founded in February 2004. People started to learn Facebook marketing from that time.

Whatsapp released in Jan 2009. People again started to learn Whatsapp marketing from that time.

day by day new tool comes into the market. new technologies come into the market. you have to learn about all these continuously.

when coming to Google, it changes it’s search algorithm regularly. you have to learn and update your SEO and SEM knowledge continuously.

today, I will teach you some important topics in Digital Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the main topic in Digital Marketing.

SEO is the process to bring your website on the top of the search engine’s search results.

You have to Optimize your Website / Blog to Search Engines.

The most using Search Engine is Google. Next YouTube.

SEO is mainly of two types. On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO is Optimizing your Site Title, Meta Description, Loading Speed, User Experience etc.

off-page SEO is getting quality backlinks to your website. it includes guest posting, forum participation, social media presence, blog commenting, directory submission etc.

SEMRush is a great tool to do SEO Audit and Keyword Research for your blog.

Tubebuddy Keyword Explorer is helpful to do video seo for your youtube videos.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is the Paid Advertising on Search Engines.

when you search on google for a particular keyword, you can observe the ads at the top and below of search results.

these are the result of doing SEM.

you have to put some bucks for this.

Google offering a service called Google Ads to advertise on its Platform.

Search Engine Marketing includes PPC and Display Advertising.

PPC is nothing but pay-per-click advertising as I said above.

Display advertising is the advertising your products on the blogs which are tied up with Google Product Adsense.

When you browse different Websites or blogs, you will observe the ads running on it. those are the Display Advertising.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing nothing but promoting your products or services on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc.

you have to join these social media platform and you have to create your own profile there.

once you created your profile, you can post about your business on these platforms.

it helps to connect with your audience.

you can educate your audience on social media marketing.

you can announce your new product launches using these channels very easily.

but here every platform has its own algorithm to reach people organically.

you have to do advertising on these platforms to reach more people and to increase your follower count.

coming to Facebook, you have to create a facebook page for your brand.

once you set up your Facebook page fully, you have to promote it initially to get the initial followers. you can invite your friends and family members. you can also run ads to get the initial followers.

next, you have to post about your business updates.

here you have to produce helpful information. i.e always posting links to your website is not good.

you have to add value to your readers.

you have to produce both video and text-based content to get better engagement.

Email Marketing

Collecting Emails from your Blog visitors or youtube channel followers.

once you collect the emails, next you have to send your products and services through these emails.

Emails work better in Digital marketing.

although new technologies coming to the marketing field, still email marketing working better.

you can communicate directly with your audience using email marketing.

you can reach all your audience in email marketing.

for this, you have to sign up for email marketing service like MailChimp, Aweber, Convertkit. then you have to integrate these services with your opt-in forms on your website.

you can also automate your emails. it works better if you are selling digital products. just you have to integrate both email service and payment gateway. based on the user interaction, you can trigger the email. you can use the tool Zapier to integrate the platforms.

Affiliate Marketing

you can increase your sales with the introduction of affiliate marketing to your business.

her you have to install affiliate marketing software on your website or you have to partner with affiliate marketing networks like share a sale.

then you have to promote as you introduced the affiliate marketing for your products.

you have to mention your affiliate commission structure.

bloggers who are relevant to your products will promote your products. when they make a sale, you have to pay for that commission.

for example hosting provider, Bluehost offering affiliate marketing. it pays 65 dollars per sale for beginners.

you can scale your business using affiliate marketing without more advertising your products. here most advertising works were done by bloggers. you have to give commission to the bloggers who are promoting your products.

some crazy right? yes, affiliate marketing working better for companies. The Company SEMRush offering recurring commission structure.

I hope this article will help you.

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