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Hello, Welcome to the 5th interview in BloggingRay Interview Series (BRIS).

Today, I am interviewing Ryan Biddulph from BloggingFromParadise.

You can find insane value in this series.

You will find one best method to monetize your blog.

You come to know how to help other bloggers.

Interview of Ryan Biddulph from BloggingFromParadise

Without any further delay, let’s jump into the interview.

Q1. Hey Ryan, Can you introduce yourself to my community?

I am Ryan Biddulph blogger and owner of Blogging From Paradise.

Q2. Can you share about your educational background?

I have my BS in Meteorology but rarely use it these days.

Q3. Who inspired you to start blogging?

Me, really. No one person stood out. I simply chose freedom over fear to begin blogging.

Q4. What are the reasons behind the selection of Blogging from Paradise name?

I figured I’d been blogging from paradise for roughly 3 years so looked up the domain name Blogging From Paradise.

Lo and behold, it was available. Note; I initially felt blog from paradise sounded good but my wife told me to buy Blogging From Paradise because it sounded better.

Q5.  What is your daily routine? Can you share some productivity tips?

My routine changes a bunch because I am fluid in all I do. Flexibility wins.

But ideas: Kriya yoga, yin yoga, meditate, read and practice a Course in Miracles and exercising.

Blogging-wise, writing and publishing posts and guest posts, commenting genuinely on blogs and promoting other bloggers – along with promoting my 100 plus eBooks – is pretty much it.

Q6. Can you share some tips for guest blogging?

Write your rear end off for practice. Become a clear, confident writer.

Befriend bloggers by helping them and asking for nothing in return. Allow them to bond with you and invite you to guest post on their blogs.

Seize invites and publish helpful guest posts.

Q7. You are monetizing your blog mainly with eBooks. Why you choosed this one and what are the monetization tips for aspiring bloggers?

eBooks seemed like tools folks bought and read. I self-published eBooks to give people what people seemed to want.

Aspiring bloggers; help people for free to gain credibility, exposure and serious skills.

Monetize through multiple income streams to receive money for your efforts from various sources.

Q8. Which hosting you recommend for beginners? And why?

Any one that does the job. Many options are out there.

Google best hosting companies and pick one quickly because most are similar. Just pay a premium. Cheap hosting is generally garbage.

Q9. What are your thoughts on Blogging vs YouTube?

Do both. 

Variety is the spice of life. But focus on blogging because you own your blog and do not own YouTube.

Q10. Which books you recommend for bloggers and marketers?

My 100 eBooks are a good start for shopping.

Other than that, Amazon provides you with other options via a quick query. I do little reading these days because I am incredibly busy with helping people.

Q11. You are leveraging Facebook profile more? What are tips to Leverage blogging with Facebook profile?

Help people for free and talk to people via comments and Messenger.

Be helpful and social to leverage your presence.

Q12. What are your thoughts on my blog Blogging Ray? Can you share some suggestions?

Keep doing what you are doing.

Q13. Can you share some tips to network with other bloggers?

Do exactly what you do, Venkat.

Be social.

Talk to many bloggers. Promote many bloggers on social media. Comment genuinely on blogs.

Ask for nothing in return to gain credibility. Make friends by acting like a friend who simply helps bloggers and cuts the strings of expectation.

Q14. Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing. What are your thoughts on it?

Both, if you like.

Income streams do not matter for generous bloggers; whatever channels you open, when you’re in many spots and trusted, you will make money.

Q15. You are producing articles regularly? What are the tips to produce content like you?

Write your rear end off to practice diligently. Make writing easy.

Once writing becomes easy, you can complete an interview like this in 5 minutes, like I did on my busy schedule.

Q16. Hey Ryan Biddulph, Where to contact you?


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