9 Top Best Blogs to Learn Blogging in 2021 [I am following]

hey, in this article you can find 9 awesome blogs to learn blogging from now.

blogging can make you free of a boss, you can be your own boss.

blogging makes you travel around the world.

blogging gives you to get more connections around the world.

blogging helps you to master your skills.

blogging brings you to your dream job.

all these things you will get by learning blogging properly and applying those strategies to your blogs.

ya, you can find numerous blogs to learn blogging using google, but it will take more time to decide which blogs you have to follow.

here I am helping you to follow these master blogging blogs to scale up your blogging skills. these are the blogs I am following to level up my blogging skills. either way, you can too.

I am in blogging around from my engineering, but I did major mistakes. one of those mistakes is not focused on the single blog and not following the industry expert blogs. you don’t do this mistake.

first, stick to one blog, try to scale up this blog by following your industry experts suggestions by following their blogs.

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if you have a chance, try to connect with those persons, it will help you more than you expect.

everyone makes mistakes, that is the human being natural behavior.

Why you should follow these Best Blogging Blogs?

Here i am giving one video from my channel, which will help you to, why you should follow industry experts.

Why you should follow blogging and digital marketing experts?

when you follow experts you can get their mistakes and you can learn a lot of lessons from their mistakes. from this, you can avoid those mistakes.

to start a blog, you need a domain name, a platform like WordPress and hosting.

if you start your blog without doing any research you will pick these platforms wrongly, you will invest your money in the wrong tools.

ya trust me, you will make these mistakes definitely if you don’t follow the industry experts.

I made a mistake by taking a Godaddy hosting for 3 years. because I don’t know which hosting is best for WordPress blog at that time.

if I am observing now, no one suggesting Godaddy hosting.

that’s the major mistake I did and I invested more money in that tool.

imagine, how this is more struggle to beginner by doing these type of mistakes.

these mistakes eat your time, energy and money also.

so you don’t do these mistakes.

follow the industry experts.

here are some blogs which I am following and they are doing an awesome job.

let’s walk-in to blogs list

Neil Patel: Helping You Succeed Through Online Marketing!

Blogging Blogs - Neil Patel

this blog founded by Neil Patel. it is a personal branding blog like me.

starting a blog and producing content are not sufficient to scale up your blog.

you have to do the marketing of your blog.

ya, you have to do it.  it is more important than as you think.

without proper marketing of your blog, it is hard to reach to relevant audience.

now you will get one question. hey, Venkat. how to market my blog?

ya, I am coming to answer your question.

the one and only destination for your question are Neil Patel’s Blog.

you will find amazing digital marketing tutorials on his blog.

he writes very in-depth articles with the proofs and data.

I found him on Facebook.

he spent a lot of money on advertising to brand awareness. at that time I found his Facebook Page.

I spent a few minutes on his facebook page. his content and way of explanation are attracted me. then I spent some more time to find his profiles and followed them.

I am very excited about his videos on youtube.

there is no end to say about him. let check out his blog and youtube channel.

start the marketing your blog from today by learning digital marketing strategies from his blog.

he also released a free keyword research tool Ubersuggest. it also helps you to bring out keyword research for your upcoming blog posts.

Click here to land on Neil Patel Blog

SEO Training and Link Building Strategies – Backlinko

Best SEO blogging Blogs - Backlinko

Backlinko was founded by my favorite SEO trainer Brian Dean.

he blogs about search engine optimization.

you will get targeted traffic from the search engines. this will happen if you do proper SEO for your blog.

you can learn about SEO from scratch from this blog.

I started a Telugu Tech YouTube Channel three years ago. but now it is changed to my personal branding.

I started to research to increase my video views and subscribers.

then I landed on his video and found great real-time tips to increase youtube growth.

his tips helped me to level up my channel.

Click here to Checkout my Channel.

you can also subscribe to my channel to learn blogging tips from me.

if you want to build quality backlinks, check out his skyscraper technique.

here I didn’t give a direct link to say click here to check out his blog.


I already introduced him with the above link skyscraper technique article.

you will definitely follow Backlinko Blog after reading that article.

ProBlogger – Blog Tips to Help You Make Money Blogging

Best Blogging Blogs - Problogger

ProBlogger was founded by Darren Rowse.

he blogs about how to start a blog and how to make it as money making blog.

I found him by recommendations.

you can find a lot of useful tips from this blog.

you can also get some more pro tips from his facebook videos.

let check out his blog and share your thoughts in the comments. I am very curious to get from you.

Click here to Visit ProBlogger

ShoutMeLoud – Shouters who inspire

Blogging Blogs - ShoutmeLoud

Shoutmeloud is founded by Harsh Agarwal. he started this blog as a tech blog. as he learns blogging he changed this blog to help upcoming bloggers.

he mostly shares on the blog about WordPress, Blogging, SEO.

I found this blog by Google. his articles help me a lot to learn new strategies and to fix my WordPress issues. from that time I am following his blog. I am one of the Persons waiting for his new articles and videos.

I am suggesting you follow this blog from today and subscribe to their emails. he also has a youtube channel.

Click here to go to Shoutmeloud

WPBeginner – WordPress for Beginners

Blogging Blogs List - WPBeginner

WPBeginner started by Syed Balkhi.

in this blog, you will find articles about WordPress Platform.

if you are using WordPress for your blog, then you will come to some WordPress issues. then you can find solutions to those problems in this blog.

this blog limited to only WordPress Tutorials.

also, you can get Hosting recommendations for WordPress Blog from this blog.

you can also get WordPress Plugins, themes recommendations from this blog.

if you are a beginner and not aware of WordPress, this is the amazing Blog to follow and Learn WordPress from scratch.

this blog named as a WordPress for beginners. but it is also helpful to experienced candidates also.

you do not believe me, check out this blog, you will find testimonials from WordPress experienced candidates at this blog.

I found this blog also using Google.

it helps me to fix my WordPress issues and it can do for you.

let check out this blog, then share your experience as a comment at the below of this blog. by that, remaining persons will get more info about it.

Click here to Browse WPBeginner

Digital Marketing Tips Blog by Deepak Kanakaraju

DigitalDeepak was founded by Deepak Kanakaraju.

he first started the motorcycle blog bikeadvice.

he learned digital marketing and applied those strategies to bikeadvice blog.

he made it the number one blog to get suggestions about bikes.

he sold it to 25k dollars.

he started a digitaldeepak blog to share his digital marketing knowledge with the world.

do you know one thing?

he got the digital marketing manager job with the reference of his first blog bikeadvice.

bikeadvice growth proved him as a digital marketing expert.

companies found it and make him a digital marketing manager.

he worked as a digital marketing manager for companies like Instamojo, Practo.

Now he left the Job and started blogging as full time.

he blogs about digital marketing at his blog Digitaldeepak.

he also running a digital marketing agency Pixeltrack.

you can find more tips to grow your blog from the digitaldeepak blog.

let check out this blog and share your comments.

Click here to land on Digitaldeepak Blog

Masterblogging – Master the art of Blogging

BloggerTipsTricks and MasterBlogging are founded by Ankit Singla.

he blogs about how to start a blog, drive traffic to blog from different sources and to scale up the blog to the next level.

he also affiliate marketer.

SEMRush recommends him.

he also Public Speaker at SEMRush Conference.

he is a full-time blogger and living a boss-free life.

first, he started BloggerTipsTricks.

he started to learn blogging as you and applied those to his blog.

his blog started growing and helped more people like you and me.

now he started another blog with the branding name masterblogging to master the art of blogging.

you will find more tips to grow your blog from scratch from his both blogs.

Click here to Land on BTT blog

BloggersPassion: Learn Professional SEO Blogging with An Expert

list of blogging blogs - bloggerspassion

BloggersPassion was founded by Anil Agarwal.

he is a full-time blogger and blogs about how to scale up your blog to the next level using the right tools.

he is also affiliate marketer.

you can find numerous blogging tips from his blog.

let check out and share your experience as a comment.

Click here to browse BloggersPassion Blog

here I am providing one video from my channel, how blogging will help you. you have to follow these blogs to excel your blogging skills. before that you have to know how blogging helps.


I am trying to my level best to add my blog also here, what do you say?


I am following these blogs to level up my blogging skills. and also finding new blogs every day related to blogging.

recently I found blogs to learn blogging tips are BloggingLift, Staymeonline.

I will update this article with some more useful blogging tips blogs soon.

I hope this list of blogging blogs will help you to scale up your blogging journey.

if you enjoyed this article, share it on your favorite social media.

don’t forget to share your experience of this article as a comment.

Thank you.


Venkat Randa

Sharig is Caring.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. when you click and buy from these links, I will get a commission at no extra cost to you.

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    Great post, I have read this post here I got very useful information. This is a very useful article for online review readers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this. I started a Blog and Hopefully, it will be successful like you.

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