Do You Make Uncomfortable Blogging Decisions to Succeed?

All blogging success increases as you make uncomfortable but freeing decisions.

But making uncomfortable decisions feels scary.

I wrote and published a decent chunk of guest posts today. Even though I largely enjoy writing guest posts I also feel a bit uncomfortable in doing so for many days in a row. However, I learned long ago that making uncomfortable blogging decisions promotes your online success.

What uncomfortable blogging decisions did you make today? How did you face fear to accelerate your blogging success? Ask the question honestly. Wait for honest answers. Being straight with yourself is the only way to succeed online. Lying to yourself only perpetuates blogging struggles.

For example, imagine if you fear reaching out to fellow bloggers for some deep anxiety of being rejected. Fearing rejection means avoiding a genuine blogger outreach campaign.

How can you succeed if you fear befriending fellow bloggers? How can you drive traffic and profits around the clock based solely on your blogging efforts?

No successful blogger flies solo. All pros know that blogging teamwork makes the blogging dream work.

Edge into fear. Embrace discomfort. Begin engaging in an authentic blogger outreach campaign now. Step outside of your blogging comfort zone. Position yourself to become a successful blogger by doing what unsuccessful bloggers refuse to do. Blogging success meets you well outside of your comfort zone.

Practical Example

7 years ago I resisted guest blogging because I feared:

  • being rejected
  • being criticized
  • being picked apart
  • wasting my time guest blogging versus spending all time blogging on Blogging From Paradise

Even though I accepted a few guest blogging opportunities I turned down far more guest posting gigs on high-profile blogs. Turning down high-profile guest blogging gigs slowed down my blogging success. Bloggers cannot reject prospering opportunities and expect to prosper at an increasing clip.

Guest blogging frequently on top blogs seemed to be a huge jump outside of my comfort zone. Fear awaited me the moment I seized and used guest blogging opportunities.

I had 2 choices:

  • avoid guest blogging to avoid fear, to remain in my comfort zone and to slow down my online success
  • begin guest blogging to face fear, to leave my comfort zone and to accelerate my online success

One high profile blogging tips blogger asked me to guest post on his blog. After hemming and hawing in fear I decided to face my fear in order to accept his offer. 1200 guest posts later, guest blogging for him accelerated my blogging success. But I only grew blogging-wise because I made a highly uncomfortable decision.

Becoming a professional blogger involves making a series of fun, freeing and sometimes highly uncomfortable decisions spanning years of your blogging life. Either you exit your comfort zone to succeed or remain in your comfort zone to fail.

Bloggers may inspire you to leave your comfort zone but only you can choose to leave your comfort zone on a regular basis.

All pros exit their comfort zone habitually because pros know that all blogging growth begins the moment you make uncomfortable blogging decisions.

Most bloggers fail because most refuse to exit their comfort zones; people hate facing, feeling and releasing fear!

But either you face fear to succeed or duck fear to fail. Sky-high blogging failure rates – from traffic issues to profits shortages – indicate that most bloggers resist facing fear, being content to struggle, fail then quit, sitting firmly fixed inside of their blogging comfort zone.

Know why you blog. Tie the reason to some fun, freeing driver for you. Blogging mainly for fun and freedom goads you to make the scary, uncomfortable decisions we all need to make to accelerate our blogging success.


Do you need a little inspiration to make uncomfortable but freeing blogging choices?

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