5 Landing Page Mistakes That Might Risk Your Business

In this article, we will learn about common landing page mistakes that most designers often do.

The success of a landing page for a business firm depends on the number of conversions does the landing page brings in.

The landing page relies on the number of conversions it brings in an AD campaign or marketing campaign.

Landing pages are really significant important for every business to reach a more new market.

The world is under the influence of commercialization and digitalization using the latest technologies.

Almost all business firms are competing in the environment of digital media marketing. Among them, Social Media plays an important role in promoting any business.

The medium they opt for the promotion of their products are like

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube videos

Most importantly, maintaining a unique website for their business with an attractive landing page free from mistakes is strictly needed.

Nowadays, all such industries need to have a good digital media marketing strategy.

To make it possible for the visitors to get satisfied, businesses should focus on creating a sound landing page.

Besides, the page should be inspiring enough to bring about an immediate call to action CTA.

The CTA will be taken to account only if the landing page succeeds in collecting the details of the target audience.

To arrest the attention of the target market, who search for the products commercialized by them.

This article provides appropriate guidelines for the designers to identify the hindrances.

Also, this text helps with adequate instructions to troubleshoot the common landing page mistakes.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page a.k.a, a lead page is an independent web page created only to run an advertising campaign.

It is the first page that the visitors lands on after clicking on a link in the email or any ads found in Google and other social media.

Every business today needs to be marketed on a regular basis, and hence the landing pages become an essential part.

These pages are designed to attract audiences and let them take action towards achieving marketing goals.

The landing pages are placed with a call to action (CTA). It is added in a way that helps advertisers to collect leads for promotions.

The designation and henceforth, the impact of the landing page contribute more to the promotion of the products.

The landing page is contented with a first-hand description of the things you are searching for?

The motif of this article is to explore the ways that identify, research, and fix the mistakes made in the landing page design.

Landing Page Mistakes

In the above section, we have discussed the importance of a landing page in the marketing industry.

Also, I have written a small brief about the landing page or lead page for the people who don’t have awareness.

Now let’s read the frequent landing page mistakes to avoid gaining more traction and conversion.

The list of possible pitfalls in the landing page designs are as follows

  • Slow loading of the page
  • Unwanted interruptions of the adds
  • Wrong and irrelevant visualizations
  • Delivering a monotonous effect.
  • Confusing the viewers with too many benefits

Lack of proper report at the end

1. Slow Loading of the Landing Page

One of the most common landing page mistakes is the slow loading of the page in real-time marketing.

Based on a recent study, businesses lose 48% of their revenue because of the slow loading pages.

Generally, any pages on the internet should take less than 2 secs to load completely.  

Marketers have only 3 secs to convert their visitors into leads or let them take action from their landing page.

The lack of speed on the landing page loading may fail to withhold the readers or target audience.

Due to the influence of modern science, people are highly impatient to wait for long.

Also, they do not want to spend their time simply watching the loading process on their display.

Slow loading issues can be eradicated by regular verification of the loops by the landing page developers.

Some of the familiar landing page fixes are:

  • Removing or replacing the accumulation of high-quality images and video clips.
  • Upload compressed images and sort videos.
  • Prolonged video clippings mean loss of visitors.

The constant monitoring of periodic refreshment in the design helps in achieving error-free fast loading.

Thus these are the key factors the designer should keep in mind while designing a land page.

2. Unwanted Interruptions of the ADs

It is familiar to all users of modern gadgets that ads are more common in social media.

But the fact is that the landing page with minimal ad interruptions will be more effective and reachable.

So the landing page designer should always be cautious in protecting the page from irrelevant and frequent ads.

Getting rid of the ads and links on a web page is not possible completely.

However, you can try to balance the problems by permitting the relevant ads and links related to their products.

For instance, a hotel industry can allow the ads of nearby tourist spots.

But to hold the audience stick to their page, minimizing the ad interruptions is essential.

The visitor might get irritated and opt for the alternate if he is constantly disturbed by the ads.

Also, the page should have that uniqueness of clarity and should aim only at immediate CTA.

If the customer really wants to explore more on the quality product, he can have it done by visiting the web page.

The landing page is not the place to provide a detailed explanation of the product to the customers.

The reach of the marketing strategy will be successful only if it is free from irrelevant ads.

3. Wrong and Irrelevant Visualizations on the Landing Page

The layout, colors, and backgrounds of the landing page are important. It plays a vital role in the online marketing strategy.

To create the landing page as the key for the marketing strategy, the page should provide a pleasing view to the visitors.

Thus the page designer should be color-conscious and aware of the visualizations appropriate to the page.

For instance, if the black color is used for the textile industry, it seems disgusting to access further through the page.

Therefore the page layout, background color of the landing page should be impressive.

The problem of color contrast and application of appropriate images in the background proves to be a big challenge.

To manage this issue, one can browse and refer to the landing pages of the most successful campaigns.

The observation of other firms landing page designs with good CTA records, significantly helps you understand the visualizing phenomena required for better lead page designs.

After analyzing such designs, the designer can construct his own page without any similar traces of others.

4. Delivering a Monotonous Effect

The landing page should be contented with the utmost creativity in both verbal and non-verbal presentations.

That is, the sentences should be unique; the images should be new to the market.

To sum up, we can say that the whole blog should be simply admirable.

The page should compete with contemporary firms marketing similar products.

Your approach should be with some extraordinary creativity to yield more conversing customers.

The page should be looking for the same thing with a different perception.

For instance, let the contemporaries attempted to make use of usual and conventional ads and offers.

Let your page do with some innovative strategies.

Have a good analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your firm.

Advertise only the strengths of the firm with peculiar ads and video clips.

The visual effects of all that used like images, videos should be original and unique.

Otherwise, the page will deliver a monotonous effect on the visitors.

As a result, your efforts will be causative to make your target audience skip your page.

5. Confusing the Viewers with too Many Benefits

It is the common flaw with all quality products and services in their marketing strategy.

To yield a higher population of customers, they make promises that they could not keep.

Stop providing too many offers and benefits as an attempt to create a successful landing page.

If not, our marketing strategy will go in vain at last.

Therefore the website and the landing page should contain only the facts and available benefits.

On the contrary, if we fail to satisfy the customers with the promised offers, it will be a loss.

Thus the landing page designer should compose the page only with the facts.

Tempting the viewers with unbelievable offers like giving 60%, 100% should be avoided.

It might reduce the truthfulness of online promotions and offers.

The visitors consider it fake and move on to others.

Simplicity in marketing also sometimes proves to be the key factor in social media marketing.


Mostly, the landing pages are designed with the CTA in place to collect leads.

After receiving the customer’s response, it is far good to satisfy the customer with a confirmation mail or SMS.

It adds to the admiration of the customers for the product to be commercialized.

Also, it is strictly needed that the viewer should be sent out of the page with the terms confirming their CTA.

For instance, 

Thanks for choosing…, 

Response registered.

It will be good for a firm aspiring to enter social media marketing to have a page on all platforms.

To say in detail, FB page, Youtube channel, website, Insta page, Twitter page.

The link should be available on almost all social media networks.

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The landing page should not immediately be designed for the call for action.

The visitor should be allowed to identify and recognize the quality of the product.

For this, the landing page should list the offers, location, and CTA link sequential manner.

If the form is precise and available with a quick response, it will be better.

The visitor will be satisfied with the online promotion techniques of the firm.

Thus, to sum up, the land page designer should

  • Construct the page with high-speed loading
  • To make it free from frequent and irrelevant ads.
  • Design it with attractive visuals different from that of usual pages.
  • Be original and unique in building a successful land page.

These points will prove to be valuable guidelines for a firm to excel in the contemporaries in the race. The industries trying to compete in social media marketing must keep their landing pages sound and error-free

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