7 Proven Strategies to Increase Free Traffic to Your Blog

I’m literally tired of answering this question every single time. “How to Increase Free traffic to your blog.” Huhhh!! God give me strength. Let me tell you something. It’s not a simple answer, and no formula works the same for every blog out there. In Fact, there is no Specific method that works magically.

But I do have some solutions for this most asked question in my career. We might not have a formula, but there are a dozen ways to get free traffic to your blog.

This article doesn’t list every traffic strategy under the roof, but out of my six years of experience, I have seen these seven Strategies working out great and bringing free traffic to my website. So now I’m going to discuss these seven proven strategies to Increase Free Traffic to Your Blog.

Free Traffic to Your Blog

Traffic is a LIFELINE for any Blog/Website. Growth depends on traffic we get monthly. I know how hard it is to get traffic at the beginners’ level. I used to have a blog on technology back in those days. To get traffic for Technology Niche is way harder than we imagine. The level of competition that niche has is very high.

I even got ten visitors per month. However, even though I have done good SEO and Social media promotion, my blog traffic has no improvement. That’s where I decided to look for other options which could get me free traffic to my blog.

Sometimes it depends on the niche as well. Picking up a highly competitive niche is not at all a risky task. But, not knowing how to handle the competition is a big risk to your blog’s growth. Okay, I have repeated niche quite a few times. Are you wondering what exactly the niche is? How to select a niche? Here you Go. I have written an in-detail article on How to find your niche. Take a look.

Here are the 7 Proven Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Website.

  1. Take advantage of On-Page SEO
  2. Promote your Content in Online Communities
  3. Answer Questions on Quora.
  4. Collaborate with your industry influencers.
  5. Write Guest Posts
  6. Merge similar posts. Use (Cocktail Technique)
  7. Update Outdated Content

Let’s know each one of these strategies in detail so that you can send free traffic to
your blog. Here we go.

1. Take Advantage of On-Page SEO

SEO is a LONG TERM GAME. It takes a minimum of 6 months to get satisfactory results. But, yeah, I know we can’t wait that long to get traffic. SEO is all about ranking. If we rank in SERP, we get free traffic.

Do you know you can rank your blog/website only by doing ON-PAGE SEO? But before getting there, you need to avoid these basic SEO mistakes, which is ruining all your chances to get rank on SERP.

Yeah! On-Page SEO is underrated compared to Off-Page SEO. There is a myth in the SEO industry that we can’t get rank until we do Off-Page SEO to our blog. Nope, that’s not true. Don’t believe that crap. By giving more importance to Off-Page SEO, we are neglecting to implement all On-page SEO elements in our articles.

For the time being, let’s stop giving more importance to Off-Page and less importance to On-Page. Instead, let’s try to balance both. Let me remind you of the neglected points of On-Page SEO. If you’re following these, you are on the right track; If not, it’s time to correct your On-Page SEO game.

  • Your Content should be 2000 words.
  • Include your primary keyword to H1 Tag.
  • Include your primary keyword to Image Alt Tag (Add to only one Image).
  • Your keyword density should be 1.00 (Repeat your primary keyword at least
  • ten times)
  • Included Interlinks and External links with DoFollow.
  • Your title has a positive or negative sentiment.
  • Your title contains power words (Use At Least One Power Word).

These are the most neglected points of On-Page SEO. I intentionally avoided basic On-page elements because you already know. So, now you know what you are avoiding all these days. Include these in your On-page and get ranked in SERP. In a few days, you are going to see free traffic to your blog.

2. Promote Your Content in Online Communities

Do you want to find your target audience? Here you go. Communities are the place where relevant audiences hang out the most. You can find these communities everywhere. Like for example

On these sites, you can find your relevant audience to promote your article. Drop
your article and get free traffic to your blog.

I have recently started a new Facebook community for all Andhra Pradesh Bloggers and Digital Marketers. In this group, you have the luxury of posting your blog post. There are no restrictions. But when you want to share your knowledge, we have a daily theme.

So you need to follow that. But for posting blogs, you can drop it anytime. Remember, Not every Facebook group allows you to share your article.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site. So we need to behave professionally. The
Give more than you take” concept works perfectly here on this platform.

Remember, don’t be so salesy person in these communities. Promoting yourself is good. But contributing your knowledge is also important. It brings you respect and trust among the audience.

3. Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a Q&A forum where you ask a question and get answers from the experts. Even you can answer the others’ questions if you have in-depth knowledge of that query they wondered about.

The question is, How to find the Right Question on the Quora platform? Well, that’s a big one. Finding the right question on this platform is a bit hard but not impossible. So be patient till you find the right question to answer.

I am assuming you already know how to use quora to ask your questions. Even if you are a beginner, it’s not that big a deal; Login to the Quora platform and at the right side corner, you will find the Add Question button. Click on that button and add your question.

If you want to answer the question, Go to the search bar, type the question you want to answer, click on the question, and press enter and drop your answer by clicking on the Answer option at the bottom of the question.

If you struggle to find the question on the quora platform, I have another solution for you. Go to Google, type the question you are willing to answer and add colon Quora (: Quora) at the end of the question. Google will display the results related to that question on the quora platform.

Google also shows you the number of answers that question has. Remember, always try to answer the question which is less answered and recently asked.

Important TIP:
Remember the 7/3 Thumb Rule while using the quora platform. Help your audience for 7 times and drop your link 3 times. Don’t always promote your link while answering the question. If quora finds out you are promoting yourself or diverting traffic every single time, it will ban you from that platform. So always follow the 7/3 rule.

4. Collaborate With Your Industry Influencers.

You can ask me how collaborating with industry influencers is related to increasing free traffic to your blog? Guys, it’s not about getting traffic, it’s about building relationships with your industry thought leaders. Maintaining a good friendship with industry influencers will benefit you to grow your personal branding.

Personal branding will help you to grow your blog traffic. Our audience is always curious about our professional relationships with others. Another advantage of maintaining the connection with influencers is you can be introduced to their audience. If they like your content and feel you provide value, they will become your followers as well.

I have collaborated with Digital John, Blogger VJ, Saraswathi ponkia, Prabhakar Alok, Roshan Ambler, and Digital Jinal from the digital marketing industry. I frequently interact with everyone to share views and thoughts, going for insta live and conducting Webinars.

5. Write a Guest Posts

Guest articles are one of the best sources to drive free traffic to your blog. It helps not only to drive traffic to your website but also allows you to get quality backlinks. Writing a guest article is a standard procedure to improve your site ranking in SERP.

Guest posts will help you to increase your personal branding. It gives you the good impression among your audience and followers. Now the question is how to find guest blogging sites? Well, let me make it easy for you. I have a technique that works perfectly for everyone. Go to Google and type footprints that relate to your niche like:

  • “Write for us” + “your topic.”
  • “Guest post” + “your topic.”
  • “Your niche” + “guest blogging.”
  • Your Keyword “guest post.”
  • Your Keyword “write for us.”
  • Your keyword “submit an article”
  • Your keyword “submit the post.”
  • Your keyword “guest article”

Writing guest posting on relevant websites is a highly effective strategy to build a strong SEO to your blog/website. It doesn’t mean you have to write more guest articles. All you need to remember is Quality is more important than quantity. Select the site which has less spam score.

These days even a one-year-old blog or website is open for guest blogging. DA and PA are important. But for new websites, these two will be less. If you still want to write for them, check the spam score of that domain if it is 0 or 1. Go ahead. If it is more than 5, ignore that website.

To check DA, PA and Spam Score, use moz bar chrome extension. However, frequency and consistency are both critical but remember that guest posting doesn’t guarantee short-term success. It takes time and effort to see the results in several months or sometimes years to get the benefits.

I’m accepting guest posts in my blog. If you are from the digital Marketing and Blogging industry, you are welcome to write an article on my blog. It’s totally free of cost. I’m not charging for the article. I was hoping you could read the terms and conditions I mentioned on the guest post page and mail me your article.

6. Take Advantage of Video Integration

Do you know you can divert free traffic to your blog from youtube? These days audiences are more interested in watching the video rather than reading long-form articles. It doesn’t mean Blogging is dead. Most of the audience are habituated to watch the video and learn from the video tutorials. In Fact the majority of the audience understands easily with video classes. So it is best to include a 5 mins video in your blog.

As we all know, YOUTUBE is a video search engine where we get every piece of information in video format. It’s not difficult to create an account on youtube. But maintaining youtube is a bit difficult. We need to shoot a video, edit the footage, add voice-over or music, adding some effects. It’s a hectic work, I know.

But let me make it easy for you. As bloggers, we invest most of our time writing a blog article and promoting our blog posts. Let us add one more work, which is nothing but a video on the same blog topic. If your audience gets bored of the reading article, they will opt for the video. Explain the subject in 2-5 mins, edit the footage, and upload it to your youtube channel.

In youtube, in the description part, drop your blog like of the same topic and get the free traffic to your blog from the youtube audience. Don’t forget to add your social media links in the description; your youtube audience loves to connect on social platforms.

7. Use Additional Publishing Platforms

One of the best ways to divert free traffic to your blog is to republish your article on other blogging supported Platforms. There are many blogging supported platforms available, but only a few platforms have a good audience.

The platforms are

  • Tumbler
  • Blogger
  • WordPress.org
  • Medium and
  • LinkedIn

All these great platforms have a potential audience that can help you send free traffic to your blog. Out of these five platforms, Medium and LinkedIn have professional and Target audiences. So prefer to publish your articles on these two platforms. These sites allow you to republish your content, and they have a large readership who can find your posts based on their interests.

To write an article on Medium, all you need to do is sign in with your Gmail and start writing. When it comes to LinkedIn, I know you are a bit confused about where to write your article. Posting your content on your feed is not what article writing is. LinkedIn has a separate button that takes you to its blogging area. When you log in to your instagram, you will find the “Write Article” button.

After you click on that button, you are redirected to its blogging arena, which looks like this. Now you know what to do. This platform has a similar option to any other blogging platform. You can add a cover image of size 2000×600. You can also add pictures, videos, Slides, Links and Snippets in between your article.

After completing your article, hit on PUBLISH Button at the top right side corner.

While republishing your content on these platforms, make sure you have links to other posts back on your site throughout this content, and you can send free traffic to your blog.

Final Thoughts

All these Seven strategies help you send free traffic to your blog/website. Blogging is all about having patience. The more you wait and work on technique, the more success you get. Try each of these seven free ways to increase blog traffic and see what works for you.

Track and monitor incoming traffic with Google Analytics. Through their referrals tracking section, you can see which sources are sending you the most traffic.

Focusing on the referral sources that work best for you will put more effort into them.

I’m open to your questions, pals. Let me know which of these traffic techniques you are using to get free traffic to your blog? Looking forward to answering your question and reply to your comments.

With all love
Urs Vishnu

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