15 Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers and Digital Marketers

Are you searching for best Facebook groups to clear your blogging and digital marketing doubts? then this article is for you. it listed well-discussing Facebook blogging groups.

Here I listed only the Facebook Forums. there are a lot of other forums.

Right now, I am following only these. that’s why I am sharing only these forums.

If you found any Facebook group other than these, let me know in the comments.

Why you shout join these Best Blogging Facebook Communities?

I started blogging from my engineering.

At that time I don’t know which blogs I have to follow and from which groups, I can clear my doubts.

Truly following industry experts will help you to scale up your blogging journey.

While blogging we come to more doubts and problems.

Following the right candidates, we can come out from these issues.

If we follow these best digital marketing Facebook forums, we will get answers from the industry experts.

Just you have to join these groups and post your question.

The remaining members will answer your questions.

You can also share your experience in these groups.

Even you can answer other member’s questions.

It not only clears your doubts, but it will also increase your network connections.

As a blogger, we have to develop a relationship with the bloggers like you.

These forums will help you to get this.

Blogging Facebook forums help you more than you expecting and thinking.

Here I listed some of the best Facebook groups of blogging and digital marketing.

These are the forums which I am following now.

I will update these communities list when I found a new forum.

If you are video lover, here is the video from my channel.


Without any delay let’s go to the best blogging and digital marketing Facebook forums list.

Learn Digital Marketing

best blogging facebook groups - learn digital marketing

This group started by Deepak Kanakaraju. I already introduced him via best blogging blogs to follow now post.

This is the largest digital marketing Facebook group in India.

It has more than one Lakh members.

All the members are very curious to learn new things even from you.

In this group mainly discussing digital marketing, blogging, and SEO.

You can join this group now and post your question.

Deepak Kanakaraju was known as digitaldeepak. he runs an award-winning blog. he is a TEDx speaker.

Click here to Join Learn Digital Marketing Group

Bloggers Funda – one of the Best Blogging Facebook Communities

best blogging communities - bloggers funda

Bloggers Funda was hosted by pro-Pakistani Amir Mursleen. it is one of bloggers forums in pakistan.

It has 90k+ members.

You can get a reply very fast in this group.

You will get a lot of free resources from this group.

In this group, I conducted a survey to know about which is the best hosting.

Most people voted for Siteground.

When you purchase anything new related to blogging, just poll in this group. you will get an amazing option.

Join this best blogging Facebook community from below link.

Click here to Join Bloggers Funda Online Community

Blogging Cage VIP

best blogging forums - bloggingcage VIP

This group hosted by Kulwant Nagi.

He blogs about Blogging at Bloggingcage Blog.

You can get support to your blogging journey from him via this group.

It has 21k+ members.

Let join and share your experience in the comments.

Click here to Join Blogging Cage VIP group

Digital Marketing Enthusiasts

best blogging forums - digital marketing enthusiasts

This group hosted by Shashank Srivastava.

He mostly shares about Search Engine Optimisation.

It has 9k+ members.

Click here to Join Digital Marketing Enthusiasts Group

Master Blogging – Master the art of Blogging.

best online blogging communities - masterblogging

This Forum started by favorite blogging trainer Ankit Singla.

I already Introduced him via Best Blogging Blogs Post.

You will get amazing blogging tips from him.

He has 9 years of experience in blogging.

It has 7k+ members.

Click here to Join Master Blogging Community

Blogging as Business

best blogging forums - blogging as business

This forum started by Pradeep Goyal.

He is a Finance Blogger. he blogs about Finance at CashOverFlow. it was an award-winning blog.

He shares his blogging experience with you on this forum.

It has 4k+ members.

Click here to Join Blogging as Business Forum

These are the best blogging and digital marketing forums I am following to clear my blogging doubts.

You can also join and come out from your blogging questions.

Here are the some newly created forums and they are growing day by day.

BloggersPassion VIP Group

This blogging group created by the pro blogger Anil Agarwal. it has 2500+ members. you can post your blogging questions here and get the answers from the bloggers like you.

HellboundBloggers (HBB)

This community created by Pradeep Kumar. it has 20k+ members.

The Bloggers Team

This blogging Facebook group started by Santanu. it has 2700+ members. he blogs at bloggingjoy.

Blogging Lift VIP Group

This Community Started by Sumit Sao. it has 14600+ members. Sumit Sao is the person started a blogginglift blog after his 3 unsuccessful blogs.

Masters of Facebook Ads

This Group Started by Siddarth Pal. it has 3900+ members. you can clear your Facebook ads doubts in this group.

BloggingX – Blogging Excellence Redefined

BloggingX Community Started by Akshay Allur. it has 2000+ members.

Blogging Excel VIP Group

This Group created by Mishal Soni. it has 100+ members. you can clear your blogging doubts from this blogging community.

Blogging Cosmos – The world of world class Bloggers

This group was created by Santosh Gairola. He is popular author on Amazon. This group has 500+ members. He is running every monday blog promotion thread in which you can promote your blog post.

Make Success Online – Blogging and Digital Marketing Tips

This group was created by Tushar Dey. He is most active on Linkedin. This group has 700+ members.

StayMeOnline Official – Learn Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, SEO

This group was created by Ravi Dixit. He is most active in this Facebook group. you can ask your blogging and affiliate marketing doubts in this group. It has 300+ members.

Digital Marketing forum(A group by simplefactsonline)

This group was created by Chayan Chakrabarti. You can find blogging and affiliate marketing tips in this group.

Some pro bloggers like Santanu Debnath, Sumit Sao are connected in this group. It has 2900+ members.

I also Created the Facebook Group to Discuss on Blogging and Digital Marketing. Click here to Join Now.

I hope this article on best Facebook groups for bloggers and digital marketers 2020 will help you.

It’s time to your turn.

comment down your experience.

If you found any other forum like these, let me know in the comments. I will join and observe the forum. then I will add it here.

Have a great day

Thank you


Venkat Randa.


Sharig is Caring.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. when you click and buy from these links, I will get a commission at no extra cost to you.

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