How to Do Affiliate Marketing without a Website in 2023

Do you want to do Affiliate Marketing without a website in this 2022? then this article is for you.

You can do affiliate marketing without website or blog. in this article I produced 7 different effective ways to do affiliate marketing without blog.

Keep in mind that if you are planning doing affiliate marketing for a long time then I recommend you to start the blog on WordPress. it will help you a lot in the long run.

still if you want the ways to do affiliate marketin without website then these seven ways will help you a lot.

without any delay, lets go to these awesome ways.

1. Social Media

You have to create a profile on major social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. you have to grow followers.

You have to provide lot of value to your followers then you have to recommend your affiliate products. 

You can also join the group in these social media platforms and can promote your affiliate products.

2. Promote through online forums

Find the forums relevant to your affiliate products using google. Join the communities. Answer the quetions and recommend your affiliate products.

3. Create an Ebook

Create a pdf book on informative topics related to your affiliate products. Include your affiliate products in the ebook. Promote your ebook and grow your affiliate sales.

4. Email Marketing

Collect the emails from the users using social media, paid ads. Add value to your email subscribers in sequence of emails. Recommend your affiliate products.

You can use Mailchimp for your email marketing.

5. YouTube VIdeos

Create a channel on your and upload informative videos related to your affiliate products. Recommend your affiliate products.

6. Answer on Quora

Join the quora. Its free. Find the quetions relevant to your affiliate products. Answer these quetions and recommend your products.

7. Paid Advertising

You have to put some budget to run the ads. You can run either facebook ads or youtube ads. Here dont promte directly your affiliate links.

First build the audience like emails with paid advertising. And then promote your affiliate products to those audience.


Keep in mind that you have to run a blog for better results in affiliate marketing. I highly recommend you to produce the articles on your blog and then promote your affiliate products.

I recommend Siteground to host your wordpress blog.

Here you will get traffic from search engines. You can promote these articles from the above methods it will work effectively.

In affiliate marketing first you have to create trust and then you have to promote your affiliate products. Before promoting affiliate link you have to add a lot of value to the user.

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