Why I Am Doing Blogging ? – 7 Reasons

There are several reasons to choose blogging for me. In this particular article I will reveal these things. I hope these will help you to choose blogging yourself. You will come to know how blogging help you and what you can do with the help of blogging.

It is giving time freedom

I can write the article at any time. There is no fixed time to write the article. If I get the interest to write the article now, I will write. No one will force me to write the article at particular time. I am only person to decide at what time I have to blog.

I can work from anywhere

I can work from anywhere. There is no fixed place to work for blogging. Suppose if I travel to another place today then I can continue my writing article at any time by allotting some time to this.

Yes blogging gives chance to work from anywhere. Mostly you can work from home. You no need to get ready 9 am and go to office then work. It is totally your choice to select your working place.

If you are not comfortable with work from home, you can rent a coworking place. Now a day most bloggers are doing work in coworking spaces. They are saying coworking space giving better productivity.

Right now I am working from home. I have a plans to rent one coworking space. I also have a travelling plans and I will do my blogging in those days also.

There is no boss

Yes in blogging there Is no boss to you. You are the boss yourself. It is total your wish how you will do the work. You have complete control on your work from planning to execution.

If you are offering consultation services via your blog then your client will be your boss.

In job, superior officers will assign you different jobs. You must listen to them. You should work as they want. Mostly you have no choice to add your thoughts.

This is one of the main reasons I choose the blogging. I am the boss for my work. I am fully responsible and have control from planning to execution of my work.

It is giving opportunity to meet new people

Blogging helping me to find new audience. Most people are contacting me to develop their blogs and youtube channels. I am offering consultation services to them. It is giving very excitement.

Financial Freedom

Right now I am making money from consulation services and affiliate marketing. Not that much amount I am making right now.

But I have a confident to make money more than you are expecting from blogging. For this I have to put a lot of efforts. I am trying my level best to put my efforts to scale my blogging business.

I can promote my other businesses very easily

If I start any business apart from blogging business, this digital marketing experience will help me a lot to promote that particular business.

Now a day digital marketing strategy for any business is very important because now most people are spending their time online. I am already learing digital marketing with the help of blogging. So I can easily promote my business.

I can help others

With the help of blogging I can able to learn digital marketing. So I can help other people to scale up their businesses online.

Now some persons are contacting me to develop their blog and youtube channel. I am offering consultation services for them right now. I can scale up this further.

I will update this particular article from time to time as I get experience in the blogging. That’s all for this article.

I hope this article will help you to choose blogging for yourself.

If you have any doubts let me know in the comments. You can join to my facebook group to ask your questions there. Me and other bloggers will help you in this facebook group.

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Have a great blogging journey.

Thank you

Venkat Randa.

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  1. You are doing great venkat.. I really want to start a blog for myself. Can you please help me regarding this?

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