Why You should Install a Blog on Your Website

Hey, In today’s article I discuss why you should install a blog on your website.

This is very important to you. You must know these reasons to have a blog section on your website.

Nowadays most businesses have a website. Which is good. But they are not having a blog. Which is not good.

Blog section will help you a lot.

What is a Blog? Blog vs Website

In blog you will produce the articles on a regular basis. You will update articles on a regular basis.

You can use the WordPress platform to install the blog on your wordpress. In case if you build your website with wordpress then you can directly write the articles.

In the website you will create the home page, about page, contact page and products or services page. 

Mostly you didnt update these pages frequently.

The content on the pages of websites are very less, so the chance of ranking these pages in search engines are very less.

Here are the reasons to have a blog on your website.

It helps to drive more traffic

On websites, you have very little content. So you can’t rank it for more keywords. 

To rank for more keywords you have to write the more content. 

There is no scope to put more content on the website pages like home page, contact page, products page. Also putting more content on these pages is also not good.

When you install a blog on your website, then you can write more articles as you want.

You can write the articles around your products and services. So your articles will rank for more keywords and you will get more traffic.

When you get more traffic to your articles, users will also visit your products and contact pages. So that you can increase your sales and consulting calls.

In this way you can increase your website traffic with the help of blog.

You can boost your YouTube Channel

If you are running a YouTube channel for your business, you can boost your youtube channel with the help of blogging.

You have to embed your youtube video into your blog posts. When users like your articles then they also watch your videos and subscribe to your youtube channel. In this way you can grow your YouTube channel with the help of blogging.

You can use your articles to get the new video ideas for your YouTube channel.

Some users like text content, some users like video content. When you embed the video in your article, the user will consume their choice’s content.

It builds trust and authority

When you install a blog and write the articles, users will come to your articles. They leave comments. They share your articles.

They are consuming your content and they will treat you as an expert in that niche. So people will trust you.

You can build authority in the market. 

You are sharing the unique value and solving your users’ problems. You are clearing your audience’s doubts and questions via articles. This will help you to stand out uniquely in the market.

You can Build the Email List with Low Budget

List building is very important. This is the most owned and controllable thing.

You can get better conversions with the help of an email list. You can get repeated visitors to your website or blog from your email list.

In case if you have not installed the blog on your website, then you have to build the email list using the paid ads like Facebook Ads, Google Ads etc. These are very expensive. 

When you have some articles on your website, then you will get the traffic from different sources.

Here you have to create lead magnet and optin form. You have to integrate this optin form in your blog.

Users will sign up to your email list to download the lead magnet. For this you have to write valuable articles.

It Helps to Boost your Social Media Also

Yes, blogging will help you to boost your social media. When you share content on social media then you can share your articles links.

When you get the traffic from search engines then users will also follow you on different social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.

In this way you can increase your following on social media organically.

You no need to create fresh content for your social media. You can get a lot of content ideas for your social media from your blog posts.

It helps to get more sales

When people read and consume your content, the trust in your brand will improve. They come to your articles again and again to consume your articles.

When you give high quality content on your blog, people will follow you and they will buy your products when you offer.

You can connect with your audience very easily with the help of content. All here you have to produce the valuable content around your products and services.

Ryan Biddulph is selling eBooks via his blog BloggingFromParadise. He is producing the articles around his products eBooks.

After people consume his content, they return to the eBooks page and buy his eBooks.

Anthony Gaenzle is offering marketing consulting services via his website anthonygaenzle.com

He is producing helpful content around his marketing consulting services. Here also people are consuming content and going to his consulting page and booking his consulting.

You can also integrate blog into your website and improve your sales.


The blog sections will help you in different ways as I said above. All here you have to produce helpful content around your products and services regularly.

If you are facing any difficulties while setuping your blog then you can contact me.

I hope this article will help you.

If you have questions let me know in the comments.

Thank you.

Venkat Randa
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  1. Thanks Venkat as always. 🙂

    Agreed fully on each point. Blogging is a no brainer these days because running a well-stocked blog differentiates you. If you buy a domain name you better fire up WordPress dot org and get busy! Or else!


  2. A Blog section is essential nowadays. Because, of the rising competition and the hunt for new information, business websites must have to produce more content. Like you said, it’s not possible to write long content on the product or service pages.
    It helps improve their brand reach and meet more new audiences helping them to find a solution.

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