23 of the Most Popular WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2023

Now most of the blogs are building on WordPress. for this you have to take hosting and install the WordPress.

As a WordPress user, you will come to lot of doubts and questions. for this you have to follow WordPress blogs.

These blogs will provide WordPress tips, tools , tutorials. these will help you a lot to improve your wordpress blog.

Now most WordPress blogs are recommending better products to scale up your blogging business.

WPBeginner – WordPress for Beginners

WPBeginner was founded by Syed Balkhi in July 2009. It is free WordPress resource for beginners.

This website domain includes like WordPress tutorials for beginners. but provides lot of indepth tutorials. this will help from beginners to advanced WordPress users.

WPBeginner recommending hostings, plugins, themes etc.

If you are running a blog on WordPress, then you should follow this blog.

It will publish new articles regularly. they also providing videos on YouTube.


WordPress.org is the official website of WordPress.

You can find different WordPress plugins and themes in this website.

You can also learn WordPress development in this website. you will learn WordPress theme development and plugin development with this website.

If you want to become a WordPress developer then this website help you a lot.


Shoutmeloud was founded by Pro Blogger Harsh Agarwal.

Initially it is started as a tech blog. as he got the experience in blogging, he converted this blog for bloggers.

He provides tutorials for bloggers and digital marketers on this blog.

along with blogging tutorials, he also producing wordpress tutorials on this blog.

Shoutmeloud was a award winning blog. It helping a lot of bloggers and digital marketers to scale up their blogging skills.

If you want to learn blogging with wordpress then this blog will help you a lot.


WPExplorer was founded by AJ Clarke in Oct 2010. It provides wordpress related articles, tips and how to guides more.

It recommending wordpress products in their articles.


WPMUDEV is your all ine one wordpress platform. It provides super powered hosting, support, site management and plugins.

They also started the blog and producing wordpress tips and tutorials.


WPNewsify operated by webfactory ltd.

It provides weekly news about wordpress.

It recommending wordpress products in their articles.


CodeinWP was started by Ionut Neagu in June 2013.

It is initially started as WordPress resource for their clients. overtime this blog reached more and more people.

A hub for WordPress freelancers, bloggers and creators.

If you want to learn WordPress development then this blog will help you a lot.


WPLift was founded by Oliver Dale in 2010. he was the founder of Kooc Media.

It created to help people with WordPress by sharing tutorials and general WordPress news.


WPMayer was started by Jean Galea in 2010. He was WordPress developer and digital nomad.

WPMayer was specialized in WordPress plugins, themes and service reviews.

You can also find WordPress tutorials and tips on this blog.


WPSutra was founded by pro blogger Harsh Agarwal.

WordPress Sutra is a destination to learn everything about WordPress. This blog is part of ShoutDreams blog network.


WinningWP was started in 2013.

It is an award winning WordPress blog. It explores WordPress related techniques and resources.

It was running by Brin Wilson WordPress enthusiast from London.


WPSuperstars is a WordPress publication. It is sharing WordPress tips, tutorials and related product reviews.

It was featured on CodeinWP, Hostgator, WPExplorer etc.

WP Tavern

WPTavern was site focused on WordPress tips and tutorials.


WPAll is an ultimate club for online WordPress resources.

It provides coupons for WordPress hosting, themes and plugins.


Chris Lema was WordPress Developer. He was sharing his WordPress knowledge through this blog.

He also doing podcast on WordPress tips and tutorials.


WPEka producing articles about WordPress, SEO, Web Design and Digital Marketing.


WPGlossy was started by pro blogger Nirmala Santhakumar. She is producing articles about WordPress tips, tutorials, plugins, themes and hosting.

This blog also sharing reviews of different WordPress Products.

She is most active in blogging Facebook groups.


It was founded by Jazib Jaman.

WPArena was producing WordPress tips and tutorials.

You can also find reviews about WordPress products on this blog.


You can find WordPress tips and tutorials on this blog.

They also sharing reviews about different WordPress products like themes, plugins etc.


WPShout is great resource for WordPress developers.

You can find in-depth WordPress tutorials in this blog.


WPLeaders was started by Istiak Rayhan. He is the founder of Ulitmate Blocks and Roadtoblogging.

You can find WordPress tips and tutorials on this blog.

They also providing different WordPress products coupons and deals.

He is most active in blogging and digital marketing Facebook Groups.

Navin Rao

Navin Rao is a WordPress Enthusiast. He is the founder of blogging blog QuestionCage.

You can find WordPress related tips and resources on this blog.

He also promoting different WordPress related products on this blog.

He is most active in blogging Facebook Groups.


I hope this list of WordPress blogs will help you to boost your WordPress skills. These blogs will help you to scale up your WordPress knowledge.

If you have any doubts let me know in the comments.

If you are also running WordPress blog and interested to list in this list then mail me. I will observe your blog and then will add to this list of WordPress blogs.

I hope this article will help you.

Thank You.

Venkat Randa
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  1. It was great to see Navin Rao in the list of wordpress blog of list 🔥🔥

    I knew very few .Now i can follow all of them
    Thank you for this list.

  2. Hey Venkat Randa ,

    Great post with superb wordpress blog list. I truly like the list of several wordpress blog list that you have provided. Following these quality wordpress blogs will helps a lot and will provide several wordpress tools and helpful tips for further improvement. As these blog will also helps to gain more ideas, information and knowledge.

    Your all the suggested blog ideas are superb but i truly like an idea of WPBeginner, wordpress.org, shoutmeloud, winningWP, WPsuperstars, WPArena, WPshout, WPLeaders, Navinrao.com and WPLift.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

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