How to Start a Blog in India that Makes Rs.15000 Per Month

Do you want to start a blog in India that makes money? Then today article is for you. In this you can find step by step actionable process to start a profitable blog in India.

15,000 INR per month earnings from blogging business seems quite an unbelievable task for beginners. But, there are bloggers in India, I personally know who used to earn the same amount in a single day. Yes, income potential from blogging is huge if you follow the right techniques.

I would advise all the beginners to never look for earning huge initially, rather try to learn the things as much as possible and implement it in the most proper way. After you get into the track, 15,000 INR monthly is a kind of easy target for you.

As I said, first target low income mark in your initial blogging journey and then step by step, moving forward, increase your target. Remember, blogging business is not a quick rich scheme.

So, if you found blogging already interesting or want to explore the concept from scratch in 2022, here is a detailed blog post to learn everything to start a blog in India that makes Rs.15,000 per month.

If you are totally a beginner to the blogging field, ensure to read the entire article to gather in-depth knowledge about the whole process. 

Let’s get started

Choosing a Profitable Niche

Niche is the very first thing that you should take into consideration when you are planning to start your blog.

What is a Niche?

Niche is what you are going to blog about. For example, if you are interested and passionate about cricket, you can start a blog in India by writing about cricket topics. In this case, cricket is a niche.

Do not be broader in choosing a niche initially. There Comes the concept called micro niche. Micro Niche blogs always perform better and faster than Niche blogs. 

Micro Niche is targeting a particular topic from the main Niche. For example, if you choose to write only IPL related posts in the Cricket Niche, then IPL is the micro niche. 

I recommend the Micro Niche blogging concept, a better one for faster results.

While choosing a niche for your blog, ensure to follow the below ideas. Many bloggers quit blogging after one to three months because of not selecting the best yet profitable niche.

  • Choose a niche that you are interested in and more passionate about. Do not go with a niche just for the sake of what others are doing.
  • You can write blog posts as much as possible only if you’re passionate about your niche. 
  • Ensure to find the niche that has potential to offer you writing more articles as few niches are very narrow and you may struggle to find new post ideas after six or few months.
  • The niche you choose must be profitable as you cannot survive in your blogging journey if there should not be no high profits.

To choose a profitable niche, finalize your interested niche and then analyze the affiliate products related to your niche keywords whether it offers you profits or not.

Another easy way to choose a profitable niche is, once you are ready with your niche, then search other bloggers in the niche and analyze whether they earn good profits or not.

With the help of SEO tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush, you can monitor your competitor’s blog behaviors and decide whether the niche you set in your mind is profitable or not.

Choose a profitable yet less competitive niche. Also, make sure the niche you have chosen is what you are passionate about the most.

Is Blogging Profitable in 2022?

Million dollar question still many confused whether blogging is profitable or not. 

To answer the question in a straight manner, I would say that blogging is a huge profit making business model, but the business will not work for everyone.

According to the belief of experts in the field, the blogging business will be profitable even after 10 or more years. Blogging industry seems to have a very bright future. 

In order to succeed and survive the longer run in the blogging business, you should keep working, keep on upgrading yourself according to the latest algorithms and be smart as well as quick to analyze what’s going around to overcome the struggles.

Once you are finalizing your niche selection process, you have to buy a domain name and web hosting plans. Below is the simple process to get your domain name and hosting plan.

Choosing a Domain Name for your Blog

Domain name is your business or blog name. For example, in the case of, Google is the domain name.

There are too many domain name providers out there in India. I would recommend you to try ‘NameCheap’ one of the affordable domain name registration providers in India and worldwide.

You will be able to buy a .COM domain from NameCheap at just around 450 INR which you can use for one year. After a year, you can renew it as renewal charges are also quite cheap compared to other providers.

Step by Step Process to Buy your Domain Name from NameCheap.Com

Step 1: Click here to Visit NameCheap Website

Step 2: In the home page, input the domain name and click search.

Step 3:  If the domain name you search is available, you can proceed to the next step by clicking ‘Add to Cart’. If not available to register, you have to try a different domain name.

This is how it looks when the domain name you searched available to book. We have tried searching ‘’ domain name and it is available to book. 

Step 4: Click on the ‘Add to Cart’ Button will take you to the next step. You will be provided with suggestions of other NameCheap services. Just skip and do not choose anything there. Refer to the below image to understand the step better.

Step 5: Click on the ‘CheckOut’ Button that will take you to the final checkout process page. This is how it looks.

Step 6: Here in the step, you can choose the number of years you want your domain name to be registered initially. You can choose upto 10 years. Choose accordingly, the highest duration you choose the high discounts you will get.

Domain Privacy will be enabled automatically at free of cost for lifetime. 

Also, there is a promo code tab in which you can apply to get some additional discounts. You can check for promo codes on NameCheap home page. Once promo code is applied, click confirm order.

Step 7: Once you click confirm order button, you will take to the account creation page. That’s a simple process like any account creation process. Fill up all the mandatory fields and click ‘Create account and Continue’ field to move to the final payment process.

Step 8: You have to fill your payment details like credit card details to finalize your payment process. Once the payment is done successfully, the domain name will be yours.

Do not complicate things while choosing a domain name. If possible, try to add the terms relevant to your niche. There is no need to use any exact keywords in your niche but you can add along with any general catchy names. Make it short and simple.

Purchasing Web Hosting Account

Once you are done with the purchase of your domain name from NameCheap, the next mandatory investment is purchasing a good web hosting account. 

To host your domain name, you need to get a plan from a well established web hosting company.

Same as domain name registration service providers, there are hundreds of web hosting companies available. Choosing one best among all is quite a challenging task. But, you never need to worry about it. I have already tried our hands on a few best web hosting company hosting plans, and recommend you to go for BlueHost India.

Signup for BlueHost India

BlueHost India is one of the experts most recommended web hosting companies with all the high end features. The basic web hosting plan is as low as 179 INR monthly when you opt for a 3 years plan which is quite affordable compared to similar companies in India.

Image – bluehost india

Apart from the affordable costs, BlueHost India offers you all the reliable features even on their basic plans.

Easy Steps to Get your BlueHost India Web Hosting Plan

Step 1: Click here to visit BlueHost India. You can read every feature of BlueHost India from their homepage.

Step 2: Scroll a little down where you can find their pricing plans along with details. I have attached the image of their pricing plans below.

Step 3: Click the ‘Learn More’ under WordPress hosting section. You can even choose shared hosting. But, WordPress hosting would be better to exclusively launch a WordPress blog.

Step 4: On to the next page, you can choose your preferred server location. If your target audience is from India choose ‘India’ as a server location. Otherwise select USA.

Step 5: You have to choose the one plan among three BlueHost India WordPress hosting plans. Below image shows the plans details. If you are just enough with one blog hosting, go for ‘BASIC’ plan or else, for multiple blogs and websites, select ‘PLUS’ plan.

You will get a one year Free Domain when you opt for any one of the above BlueHost India hosting plans.

Step 6: You have to select your domain in this step. If you have a domain already, input your domain name in the section ‘Use a domain name you own’ or you can create a new domain from BlueHost itself. Skip the step, if you want to add your domain later.

Step 7: Here in this step, you have to create your BlueHost India free account by filling up all the mandatory fields. 

Step 8: Scroll a little down in the same account creation page where you can choose your web hosting account plans. You will have three duration options like 12 months, 24 months and 36 months. If you are comfortable with the budget, choose trineally (3 years) plan for huge savings.

You will get a free SSL certificate for Lifetime from BlueHost India.

Step 9: You are requested to choose package extras in the same page like website backups, SEO options and security options. Uncheck all if you do not want the extras.

Step 10: As you are purchasing from India, BlueHost have integrated PayUMoney gateway in which you can pay your hosting bill using any one of the available Indian payment methods like UPI, Debit/Credit Cards or Net Banking.

Once you are successfully done with the payment, you will get your BlueHost India hosting service active for the plan you have chosen.

Choosing the Blogging Platform

nothing can match WordPress when it comes to choosing a blogging platform. I strongly believe and recommend you WordPress should be your number one choice.

No matter whether you are a novice to the blogging field, with WordPress platform blogging is very simple. You can install WordPress in your blog in no time.

Actually, WordPress is a content management system in which you can handle all the tasks to run your blog smoothly. No coding knowledge required to run the blog or website installed on WordPress.

Installing the WordPress Platform on your Brand New Blog

There are few manual ways that you can try to install WordPress on your new blog. But, why waste time in a manual way when there is a chance to install it automatically in just a click from your BlueHost India Hosting dashboard.

BlueHost is the most recommended hosting service by WordPress itself since 2005. So, once you are done with BlueHost sign up, you will be able to use WordPress on your blog within a minute as BlueHost takes complete care of automatically installing the WordPress platform on your blog.

You never need to spend your time installing the WordPress platform if you choose BlueHost India as your web hosting partner.

Choosing the Best WordPress Theme

Now comes the designing part of your blog. When you design your blog, ensure to design it with a clean and simple interfacing format.

In order to design your WordPress blog, you need a well developed WordPress Theme. Again, you never need to be complicated with designing part of your blog as there are pre-made themes available in the market to install and make your blog live without even writing a single line of code.

There are thousands of WordPress themes out there. Still, I recommend the Astra WordPress theme which is one of the super fast and easily customizable themes to run your WordPress blog smoothly.

Astra WordPress theme is available in free and premium versions. If you can invest your money for WordPress themes, go for Astra Premium which offers you feature rich options to take your blog to the next level. 

If there is no budget, still you could use Astra free. Probably, premium features will not be available on the free version of the theme.

Grab your Astra Premium WordPress Theme for Just $49

  1. Go To this Special Link
  2. Choose your Plan there. You can purchase the Theme annually or for Lifetime.
  1. Read all the top features for all the plans. Click on ‘Buy Now’ and follow all the simple processes to buy your Astra premium WordPress theme.
  2. Once the purchase is done, you can download the theme file in Zip format to your computer. Download the file and store it in your preferred folder.

Installing the WordPress theme on your blog is a simple task. Follow the below steps to install the theme.

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. On your WordPress dashboard left hand side, you will find ‘Appearance’. Click on it and then ‘Themes’
  1. You will be taken to your WordPress dashboard themes page where you can click ‘Add New’ to add a new theme file.
  2. Now click ‘Upload Theme’ .Refer to the image to understand how it looks.
  1. Click ‘Choose File’ to choose your Astra Pro theme file you already downloaded. Choose the file and click ‘Install Now’. That’s the end of the theme installation process.

You can now start customizing your blog using Astra premium features under the customize option in the appearance section.

Installing the Must-Have WordPress Plugins

The next process is to install the mandatory WordPress Plugins. As I said, WordPress is the no coding required platform and with the help of plugins, you can add all the major functionalities to your blog.

Installation process of WordPress plugins is damn easy. You can refer to the post How to Install a WordPress Plugin from WP Beginner blog to understand the process better.

In this section, I listed out the WordPress plugins that you must install soon after the WordPress theme installation is done.

RankMath SEO

In order to handle all your SEO related tasks in one place from your WordPress dashboard, you need the RankMath SEO plugin. Available in both the free and paid version, a free version of the world number one SEO plugin is more than enough for you to handle all the SEO tasks.

With the plugin, you can easily set up site title, description, sitemap, robots.txt etc.. and many more to make your new blog a more SEO friendly one.

UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin

While your hosting provider BlueHost India takes care of backup related stuff, still you need a good backup plugin on your WordPress dashboard to take care of your blog backups.

Updraftplus is a free WordPress plugin exclusively available to take your blog datas backup.

Ultimate Addons for Gutengerg

As I recommended Astra WordPress theme, to design your blog pages using drag and drop block elements, you need Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg WordPress plugin which is one of Astra’s personal recommendations.

With many free blocks available in the plugin, you can easily drag and drop any element you want to your blog pages and design it accordingly. 

It is most advisable to choose the page builder Plugins according to the theme you installed. For example, if you would like to go for the Kadence theme, then choose Kadence Blocks.

We suggested Ultimate addons for Gutenberg here in the list as it is good for Astra WordPress themes.

WP Rocket

Your WordPress blog speed is one thing that you cannot just ignore while running your blogging business. You will always be aware of your blogging speed. A website with good speed performs well when compared to a blog with worst speed.

In order to improve your blog speed and performance, WP Rocket caching plugin is what all you need. 8 out of 10 bloggers would have installed the plugin on their blogs. Setting up the Plugin is very easy as you do not need any technical skills.

Unfortunately, the plugin is available only in the premium version. But, I would say it’s worth your money if you are serious about taking your new blog to the next level.

As an alternate option, there are free caching WordPress plugins such as Autoptimize, W3 Super Cache and W3 Total Cache available in the market to improve your blog speed. If you cannot afford for WP Rocket initially, then go for any of the above said free caching plugins.

Shared Counts

When the audience visits your new blog, they may want to share your contents on their social media accounts. For this, you need to have social media buttons on your blog posts to make it easy for your audiences to share it with just a click on their favorite social media channels.

In order to enable the social media buttons on your blog posts, you can use the free social media button plugin called Shared Counts.

I would say it’s a beautiful plugin to add social media buttons to your posts. Possibly, you can explore the plugin settings to find out the cool free features.

WP Forms

One of the most highly installed WordPress plugins in history. Every blog must need a contact us page. In order to make your contact us page more easier to access to your audiences, you need a good contact form on it.

To create easy contact forms, you need the WP Forms WordPress Plugin to be installed in your WordPress dashboard.

These are the list of must-have WordPress plugins according to my experience. Apart, you will get to install different plugins according to the functionality you want to add to your new WordPress blog. But, always make sure to install plugins as little as possible.

Setting up your Blog Mandatory Pages

After setting up all the required WordPress Plugins, you are almost there to launch your money making blog. The next step is to create pages for your blog. It’s easy. On your WordPress dashboard, you will find the option to Add New Pages.

To add new pages to your WordPress blog, on the left hand side of your dashboard, click pages > Add New. A window will open up to create pages, fill up the details and hit publish to make the page live.

Below are some of the mandatory pages that you must create before launching your blog.

About Us

About Us is the page where your audience gets an idea about your blog. You can write down things in the page about yourself as well as your intention of starting the blog.

Contact Us

It’s hard to see any blogs or websites without a contact us page. When people want to contact you with anything related to your blog, the page is where your audience can get to see your contact details. You can either drop your address along with the email id in the page or even add a contact form using WP Forms Plugins.

Privacy Policy or Disclaimer Pages

Having a privacy policy or disclaimer page helps create trust about your blog among audiences. Creating the pages is easy as there are online websites available to create the content for the pages. You can then edit with the changes you want.

Creating your First Blog Post

Whatever you start, the very first thing is always special. Likewise, you must work smart to create your first blog post. Your audience should be impressed with your very first blog post. So, they show interest in visiting your blog again.

There are hundreds of sources online from expert bloggers on how your first blog post should be. You can refer to the contents to create a high quality first blog post.

Target proper keywords from the first content itself as well, do not rush to post it just for the sake of making your blog live soon.

Take your time, research well and then craft your first blog post. Publishing your first blog post via WordPress dashboard is too easy. You can see the option called ‘Add Post, click on it and submit your content and hit publish.

To create a new blog post from your WordPress dashboard, Click Posts and then ‘Add New’. 

A page will open in which you can add the content you created and hit publish to make the blog post live. While adding contents, you will easily access all options such as title, description, heading, images, links, featured images etc…

Promote your Content in Proper Way to Get Traffic

Initially for the first 3 to 6 months, you cannot expect high traffic to your brand new blog as it takes time. So, maintain your patience.

Active yourself to promote your contents on social media networks. Remember, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter are the only options you can get traffic to your blog during your initial months.

Once you are done publishing your first content, promote it to your social media handles. Follow different Facebook groups relevant to your niche, keep in touch with the group members, drop your valuable points to the group. This way, you can gain attention from your niche people and get your blog posts shared on their social media profiles.

Be good to others and in return, you will definitely get support from your fellow bloggers. The support will turn into traffic for sure.

So, in order to get traffic to your new blog during starting days, you have to be more active on social media networks especially Facebook and Twitter.

Making Money From Blog

I know that you have been eagerly awaited for the section. Yes! Everyone launches their blogs with the major intention to make money from it.

There are many ways that you can make money from blogging. Major two of them are Affiliate Marketing and Adsense.

While choosing your niche, ensure to decide whether you are going to create a blog to earn from affiliate sources or from adsense sources. Create your blog accordingly.

Affiliate Marketing is that you have to promote products that are related to your niche, when people buy from your link via your blog post, you earn commission. Amazon affiliate program is one of the best yet most considered affiliate networks.

Apart from Amazon affiliates, you can promote other products too to make money from blogging.. For example, if your niche is based on web hosting, you can promote web hosting related products by writing reviews and comparison posts on your blog.

Adsense is another good way to make money from blogging. You may have already heard about it. Firstly, you need to get approval from Google Adsense. Once approved, Google will serve advertisements on your blog. When people click on it, you will earn money according to the pageviews, impressions and CPC calculations.

Remember, whatever the earning method, it takes time to achieve your goals in your blogging journey. Be patient, work smart and 15,000 INR monthly from your new blog is not too far away.

Some of my Income Reports

My major income comes from offering the services.

Here are the some affiliate sales.

Impact Radius (Bluehost India, Envato Market, Hostgator India, Namecheap)

One sale from Bluehost

Two sales from Siteground.

Income Reports of Top Bloggers in India

Usually many top bloggers in India or worldwide never used to share their income reports due to obvious reasons. 

But, still just for the motivational purpose, few bloggers used to share on their social media accounts while very few shared the same on their blogs itself.

Here are a few of the income reports of Indian top bloggers.

According to many reports, Amit Agarwal who is the founder of Labnol.Org is the highest paid Indian blogger. He is earning around $60,000 per month from his blog through various income sources.

As I Said, blogging has the huge potential to earn more income.

Harsh Agarwal from ShoutMeLoud is the second highest paid Indian blogger who used to earn approximately around $50,000+ monthly from his several blogs.

To find the exact income Harsh earned from his blogging journey from 2008 to 2018, you can check this post as Harsh himself transparently released his income.

Another Indian blogger who earned a decent income every month from the blogging business is Anil Agarwal, founder of BloggersPassion.Com who used to earn$10,000+ every month.

Check Screenshot of his Affiliate Earning Report from One of the Top Affiliate Networks Impact

Image Source – Bloggers Passion VIP Group

Likewise, there are many Bloggers I can say as examples who all are earning a decent amount of income monthly from their blogs.

To explore more about top 10 indian bloggers and their exact monthly income, you can read the post Top 10 Bloggers in India and Their Monthly Earnings from Blogging

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is it Really Possible to Make 15,000 INR monthly from a New Blog?

A1: Yes! 100 percent possible as personally I know many guys who used to earn a good amount of income from their brand new blog. Understand the right techniques, implement the same from Day 1 and Success will be yours soon.

Q2: What is the Better form of Earning Whether Adsense or Affiliate Marketing?

A2: Both have their own potential of offering income. If you are good at writing reviews, affiliate marketing works well for you. For those who are passionate about writing general, useful and entertaining stuff can try Adsense monetization on their blogs.

Q3: What is the Blogging Investment Initially Should I Spend to Start a Blog in India?

A3: If you are about to buy your hosting plan from BlueHost India, the investment will be very less as you can get your free domain name there. For hosting, you need to spend around 6k to 10k when you opt for trineally plan. 

If you are ok with your budget, you then buy a Premium Astra Theme as well as WP Rocket Plugin which are essential for new blogs. Generally, you have to spend around 15k INR.

If you are worried about buying all at once, Just buy hosting from BlueHost India and then later afford Themes and Plugins one by one.

Q4: How Much Traffic Should I Need to Generate 15,000 INR Monthly from my Blog?

A4: It’s not just about numbers, rather the quality of traffic you receive to your blog matters a lot. There are possibilities to earn 15,000 INR per month easily from your new blog with just 10 users a day. It depends on the Product you promote as well as the quality of the traffic.

Q5: Do I Need to Learn Any Coding Knowledge to Develop my Blog in India?

A5: Absolutely No as I have clearly mentioned above about the WordPress blogging platform as it does not demand any coding knowledge. So, you can design and develop your blog yourself with WordPress platform. There are thousands of Youtube tutorials out there to understand how to develop your WordPress blog from scratch.

Q6: How Long Does it Take to Make My First Dollar from my Blog?

A6: There should not be an exact answer for the question as it totally depends on the effort you put on your blog. I know people who have waited around 1 and half years to earn their first dollar. But, you never need to wait for such a long period. With proper use of techniques, you can easily start making money from your blog soon after a 6 months period.

Final Thoughts

Whatever the business you start, only your dedication, consistency as well as hard and smart implementation will take you to the higher levels. The same formula is applicable for blogging. If you want to succeed in the blogging business, you have to work with complete dedication. Consistency is what most probably blogging demands.

With a never ever give up mindset, earning 15,000INR per month from your new blog is simply an achievable goal.

As a simple advice from my experience, choose the best and profitable niche, stick to it, write high quality content as much as possible to cover all your niche topics and promote it in better ways. That’s it. Success fell under your lap. 

Once you start to taste the success, never feel tired, keep on working on it to maintain the same as well as to moving forward to the profitable stages. 

Blogging is the best business I ever found to make a decent amount of money. You too can feel the same soon, if you move in the right direction.

Do not hesitate to share the content with your known people on your social media channels as this blog post may help many newbies to start a blog in India to make 15,000 INR + monthly from their blogs. 

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