6 Impressive Content Marketing Examples You Can Use Today

Content marketing has a lot of potentials. Producing and executing a content marketing campaign is straightforward, but genuinely standing out is harder. If you’re a content marketer, you’ve definitely had the panicked feeling of not knowing how to maintain your material at the top of your audience’s minds while still distinguishing yourself from the crowd.

Content marketing is quickly gaining popularity as a means to engage your audience without trying to sell them something. You can turn a regular customer into a brand enthusiast by providing them with high-quality material (such as a video series, relevant visuals, a pop-up shop, and so on). This is particularly simple if your material is consistent, on-brand, and useful to the buyer.

You’ll find six excellent content marketing examples in today’s article. I’ve got you covered whether you’re still on the fence regarding content marketing or need new ideas for beginning your next content campaign. Let’s get started!

#GEInstaWalk is a campaign by General Electric

We all know how effective social media can be for content marketing. Social media is an important aspect of every successful content promotion, whether you’re promoting your material on Twitter or sharing impactful and engaging photographs on Instagram.

What might not be so evident is how a firm like General Electric, which is known for being a dull industrial giant, might become an Instagram powerhouse.

This perception of GE was most certainly the driving force behind their decision. They wanted to be recognized as more than just another manufacturing firm.

 They wanted to become more visible and desirable to the next generation of investors.

So, how did they manage to achieve their goal?

GE devised a plan to launch an Instagram campaign to show people what it’s like to go inside their various facilities and see their work up close and personal. From Winnipeg’s Aviation Engine Testing Centre to Fort Worth, Texas’ Transportation Manufacturing Facility. GE invited six Instagram influencers for each trip to snap stunning images and share them using the hashtag “#GEInstaWalk.” So here Incrementors help every content writer and every marketer.

The “Share A Coke” campaign by Coca-Cola

You’ve probably been living under a rock if you haven’t seen or heard about this campaign.

Thank you for returning to the world.

Coke’s “Share A Coke” promotion allowed everyone to customize their favorite beverage.

They put the names of the 150 most popular people in Australia on the side of the bottles. And, well, it drove everybody insane.

Coke was the topic of conversation.

You were made to feel exceptional by Coke. Only you and your bottle stood between you and the rest of the world. And it’s this personal touch that makes content marketing so effective.

App IKEA Place

The IKEA Place app is a terrific method to evaluate if a couch will fit in a room, if the color is right, and if it’s worth the money. It is beneficial to the customer and allows them to purchase without having to worry about physically putting it in their home.

The app is in line with IKEA’s main objective and subtly pushes customers to purchase their goods (s). The customer enjoys the experience and appreciates IKEA thinking of new ways to assist them with interior decorating because it is a fun and engaging way to view a piece of AI furniture in their home. It’s a win-win situation.

Colgate University’s Research Page

Creating a resource page with helpful links on a specific topic is a good method to generate useful content.

If your company has been producing content for a long, you’re likely to have clusters of similar content to support the themes on which you wish to establish authority.

That’s a lot of information to sort through… 

As a result, Colgate produced a reference page with sections dedicated to specific aspects of gum disease, such as “gum disease causation” and “gum disease diagnostics.”

Guidebooks for Airbnb

Airbnb is known for assisting travelers in discovering the greatest and most fascinating places to stay all around the world. The company has soared to success since its inception and has now become a household name.

The travel and booking company produced a Guidebook, which is an online reference. Each Guidebook describes a different city throughout the world and lists the “best things to do” there. 

Food, drinks, and nightlife are divided into sections, as are sightseeing, arts & culture, shopping, parks & wildlife. It’s useful, and at the end of the day, that’s what content marketing is all about.

Dollar Shave Club’s Storytelling is Effective

Subscription-based product sales are becoming more common these days. You pay a monthly fixed charge, and the firm sends you a monthly supply of their goods, saving you the trouble of having to go out and buy it yourself.

Dollar Shave Club has to be one of the first businesses to use this approach. And they became well-known for being a shining example of content marketing genius.

It all began with a viral video demonstrating the effectiveness of their blades. The amusing film, which stars Dollar Shave Club creator Michael Dubin, lasts just over a minute and a half and has Dubin going through a warehouse while different strange events unfold around him.

it was so ridiculous that it had to be seen to be believed. The startup received over 12 000 orders just 48 hours after its publication, and the video has now had over 26 million views.

Their content is an excellent example of how to adapt content to your target audience. 

They continued to develop high-quality content for their potential clients after that first video, and the technique has worked since. You can try impressive ideas for content marketing strategies from incrementors.

So finally,

If there’s one thing you’ll learn from reading these content marketing success stories, it’s that there are a lot of various ways to reach your content marketing objectives.

Using a combination of these tactics will help you get back on track and achieve your business’s objectives. These 6 instances of content marketing awesomeness should come in handy whether you need a full new plan or just a little bit of inspiration to get you excited again.

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