Stromonic Review 2023: Is It The Best Managed WordPress Hosting?

In the managed WordPress hosting market, Stromonic is becoming a key player since its launch. Having the big names of competitors such as WPX Hosting, Kinsta, and WPEngine, the company has got to mark the commendable position. The fast servers, high-quality support, and amazing hosting performance are what make the Stromonic stand out from the crowd.

Price-wise, Stromonic is quite decent as compared with the other WordPress hosting services.

But, you might be thinking, there is already a lot of other managed WordPress hosting provider, what’s so good about Stromonic?

Well, do not worry, as this detailed Stromonic review is going to clear all the concerns. I will highlight all major features, benefits, and performance overview of Stromonic to assist you to understand the value. Stick to the end of the review to know how they’re competing with other popular managed WordPress hosting providers.

Without getting into any more delay, let’s dive into the Stromonic review.

Stromonic: A Premium WordPress Hosting for All

Stromonic Review 2022: Is It The Best Managed WordPress Hosting?

The story of Stromonic starts in 2017, with Natan Ray and the team. They are too new in the hosting provider market but are emerging to be one of the reliable hosting services companies. The demand for managed WordPress is increasing with the passing of time, and Stromonic is focused to cater worldwide clients. Their managed WordPress hosting users are available across the globe.

The fast loading websites is one of the key offerings with Stromonic managed WordPress hosting. The credit for the same goes to the unique Stromonic Cloud (alternative to Google Cloud). No website visitor wants to experience slow loading website in this pacing world. A few seconds of slow loading a website because of low-cost shared hosting could affect your business growth and revenue to a huge extent.

Seamless hosting management is one other perk of choosing Stromonic. Unlike a typical cluttered hosting dashboard, the company has turned it into a highly unique and intuitive design. With seamless navigation and quick settings access, it saves plenty of time and effort to control the website’s functioning.

Like these, there are multiple benefits with Stromonic managed WordPress hosting, that I will be covering in the later segments of this review. On the pricing front also, Stromonic is offering the most decent prices as compared to other big names. Ideally, the company can be a reliable hosting partner for small businesses, enterprise websites, publishers, membership websites, multi-websites, agencies, education, non-profits, or any other business website.

All you need to invest your few minutes and stick to the end of the review to get to know every major thing about Stromonic managed WordPress hosting.

So, without any more delay, let’s move ahead to more interesting segments of the review.

Stromonic Review 2022: Key Features

featured of stromonic managed wordpess hosting

If your website is on the WordPress platform and needs a quality managed WordPress hosting provider, nothing could beat the amazing features of Stromonic. 

Highly Secure Servers

Online website security is one of the major threats in the online world. Almost every online website faces the threat of getting attacked by malware, virus, and hackers. Stromonic brings secure servers to deal with such safety concerns. With the continuous tracking for uptime, SSL encryption, and firewalls, you can rest assured that the website security is in good hands. 

Stromonic CDN

Instead of relying on any third-party CDN (content delivery network), Stromonic has brought its own CDN service for the best website response time. Everyone is a fan of the faster-loading website and your website can have the best performance in this regard with a dedicated Stromonic CDN. 

Stromonic Cloud 

Stromonic relied on its unique cloud platform and is thus able to offer amazing speed and reliable performance. Instead of getting the shared cloud accessibility, the Stromonic Cloud can host the website at a faster speed. 

why stromonic cloud

Regular Website Backup

Stromonic offers a handy backup system with managed WordPress hosting service. You get to set the automatic WordPress website update feature in the hosting dashboard. In simple words, the user can revert back to the previously saved backup in case of any issue or wrong change on the website. 

Staging Website

The single-click staging option with Stromonic managed WordPress hosting is one of the major highlights of the hosting provider. A test version of your website will be created to make the changes. Thus, the original version of the website remains working uninterrupted while the entire development remains focused on the staging version. The developer can only make the staging version live after everything has got the approval. 

Free Website Migration

It is quite an essential and amazing feature of Stromonic managed WordPress hosting. If your website is using any other hosting, the team can help you with free-of-cost migration. Along with that, the process to migrate the website involves zero downtime. Your migrated website will be checked under all conditions before getting live. Thus, the migration process keeps on running in the background while the business remains live with zero impact. 

Easy WordPress Management

In case you’re a newbie to the WordPress platform, Stromonic eases out the pain points of hosting management. The hosting saves your precious time and money with hassle-free management of the WordPress websites. You can make the tweaks or setting changes on your own. In addition, they are always ready to help with any issue resolution without impacting the online working of the business. 

User-friendly & Well Designed Dashboard Interface

Do you find the hosting dashboard clumsy and typical while usage? Well, that’s not the case with Stromonic managed WordPress hosting service. Their improved dashboard is a pleasing view to the eyes along with seamless accessibility & performance. Take a look at Stromonic managed WordPress hosting dashboard for yourself.

stromonic dashboard

The clear design and options make the hosting management super easy. Unlike others, they have done a great job in designing the interface here. Time is money and the hosting management with Stromonic is clearly saving you a lot of it. The typical process like hosting control and management is transformed into a fun experience. 

There are plenty of quick settings available here like WordPress updates, plugins, tracking, traffic, analytics, installation, domain, email accounts, and a lot more. 

Prompt Chat Support 

With a team of skilled WordPress experts and hosting technicians, Stromonic offers prompt chat support for any help. You can connect them directly from the dashboard or from the front-end website. They are always ready to serve the clients manually and don’t rely on the chatbot. 

They are typically available 24/7 and serve with 100% resolution to the problem. These are not mere general terms, but I too have experienced good quality support. I got the resolution to the problem in a duration of five minutes or so.

Stromonic Pricing 2022: How Much Does It Cost?

Stromonic offers the four pricing models for the hosting plans. All these plans are customized to serve every size and type of business. You can opt for the annual billing or monthly billing after choosing the Stromonic managed WordPress hosting plan.

Check out the detailed Stromonic managed WordPress hosting pricing model from here.

stromonic pricing

StromBolt Plan 

  • Starts from $7.45/month
  • 2 WordPress Sites
  • 5 GB fast SSD Space
  • Best for beginners
  • Free SSL & Stromonic CDN
  • No monthly visitors limit

StromBolt Plus Plan

  • Starts from $14.95/month
  • 5 WordPress Sites
  • 10 GB fast SSD storage
  • Best for multi-WordPress websites
  • Free SSL & Stromonic CDN
  • No monthly visitors limit

StromBolt Pro Plan

  • Starts at $29.95/per month 
  • 10 WordPress Sites
  • 20 GB fast SSD storage
  • Best performance and storage
  • Free SSL & Stromonic CDN
  • No monthly visitors limit

StromBolt Extra 

  • Starts from $44.95/month
  • 15 WordPress Sites
  • 30 GB fast SSD storage
  • Best for enterprises
  • Free SSL & Stromonic CDN
  • No monthly visitors limit

No matter which pricing plan you choose, some features and benefits are commonly distributed with Stromonic WordPress hosting.

Stromonic Performance and Load-Times

Now, let’s explore the speed and performance results for one of my Stromonic-hosted websites.

GTMetrix Test – Lightweight WordPress Theme

The hosting is getting an “A” grade performance as GTMetrix analysis. This result is with the lightweight theme on the WordPress website.

stromonic gtmetrix test report

GTMetrix Test – Heavy Astra Theme With WooCommerce

The below test results are when I used an Astra theme & WooCommerce plugin on the website.

stromonic review

As you can find, the results of Stromonic hosting are quite satisfactory. The fast loading is an amazing factor to consider here. Overall, you can expect better performance for your website too. 

FAQs Related To Stromonic Hosting

Why pricing of Stromonic WordPress hosting is a bit high? 

Well, that’s because they’re a premium hosting service provider and use high-end robust infrastructure. I think they are still quite decent in terms of pricing as compared with other managed WordPress hosting providers in the market. I have explained the pricing structure in the above section with key offerings. 

How much faster will my website get if I choose Stromonic?

Speed is one of the fortes of Stromonic hosting, and you may expect impressive results. With plenty of inbuilt cache systems, advanced servers, and multiple technologies, they are able to boost the website speed to new heights. 

Can I get a free hosting trial before purchasing Stromonic? 

No, Stromonic doesn’t offer any free trial account, but they do offer a 45-day money-back policy. You can try their hosting service and ask for the money back if feel it isn’t worth it. To make it easier, I purchased their hosting and tested it before writing this review. You may check out the performance testing and analysis too. 

Do they use a cache plugin in managed WordPress hosting? 

No, Stromonic doesn’t use any third-party cache plugin. You will get inbuilt cache functionality with Stromonic managed WordPress hosting. 

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Final Verdict

Thus, overall Stromonic hosting seems to be the best and fastest managed WordPress hosting. The additional features like uptime, scalability, traffic, and the best support make the website performance quite amazing. No downtime and quick website migration are what make Stromonic unique in the market.

While the other managed WordPress hosting providers are keeping too high prices, Stromonic is budget-friendly with a similar set of features. If you’ve budget constraints, I would suggest you start with the basic pricing package. It is suitable for a beginner who looks forward to delivering non-compromised website performance and scaling the business to new heights.

In case, you’ve no budget issues and want the best hosting for your WordPress website, Stromonic is the ideal choice. Rely on the fast and secure servers to keep your website up and running in every scenario. Get in touch with a WordPress expert if there is something wrong with the website.

Thus, it was all from my side regarding the Stromonic review.

Hopefully, the above-listed details help you to understand its worth in more depth. Read everything carefully and make the right decision to go for your website hosting. Please do share this review with others and let the aspiring website owner find a suitable hosting provider.

If you are already a Stromonic customer, feel free to share your feedback in the comments.

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