Myilraj G Interview – Blogger, Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur – BRIS-13

Hello, Welcome to the 13th Interview in BloggingRay Interview Series (BRIS) .

Today I am interviewing Myilraj G.

He is full time blogger, digital marketer and entrepreneur.

Interview of Myilraj G from RajSoftTech Solutions

Without any further delay, let’s jump into the interview.

Hey Raj, Can You Introduce Yourself to My Community?

Hello Everyone, I am Myilraj. G from Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. It makes me proud to introduce myself to this grand community by Venkat Randa.

Venkat Randa and I were friends for the past few months, and Facebook gave us a platform to meet each other.

I am proud to represent myself as a Blogger, Consultant, Digital Marketer, and Entrepreneur.

I have started my career as a blogger turned to be a renowned digital marketer. I currently own 5+ blogs in 5+ different niches and 2 corporate companies in IT and Finance.

It took me 8 years to reach this position. And I passed through a lot of difficulties, and sleepless nights.

My first blog is, which is still helping people to create their own passive income source.

My IT company is provides end-to-end digital services like domain name registration, web hosting, web design and development, and digital marketing.

My Finance company provides all legal and financial services like company formation, GST compliances, ROC compliances, etc. That’s all


What is Your Educational Background?

I have completed my Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from PSG Tech, Coimbatore. I completed my academics in 2010.

When you enter the online journey, and who was the inspiration?

After completing my studies, I joined the “Oral-B Brush” manufacturing company as a Junior Maintenance Engineer. My responsibility is to ensure all horizontal and vertical molding machines are actively running without interruptions. Life has no objectives till 2013 when I started to think of having a boss-free lifestyle.

Yes, my salary is not enough to manage my monthly expenses, and it made me think of an alternative source of income. As a result, I entered into this blogging journey with Google’s free Blogspot platform. This part-time journey went smoother but did not last long. One day morning, Google banned my Blogspot blog for no reason.

Then I realized the importance of having our own domain name and thus gave rise to the start of a brand blog, “” in 2013. At that time, I was focusing on ShoutMeLoud, Labnol blog. I spent time learning PHP and MySQL to develop my first blog. Then I migrated to WordPress in 2016.

How to build a Software and Digital Marketing company in India? Can you share your journey in this?

During my blogging journey, I not only invested my time to learn to blog. But I have also learned Digital Marketing, Hosting Business, PHP-based software coding, and programming. It was 2014, I started my first SSI company – Raj Softech Solutions to provide Hosting services and software development services.

At that time, I was a full-time employee as well as managing my company part-time. Later in 2 years, I have slowly entered into Web Design and Development field. I got to supervise an online store of two brands from the USA.

On 2015 December 31st day, I quit my full-time job to take my company next level. I have started expanding my digital marketing services, not only in the USA, but in the UK, Saudi, Spain, and Canada.

In 2019, my company upgraded as a Private Limited Corporate offering end-to-end digital services for small to large-scale businesses and individuals. Side by side, I have managed my blog consulting business through my official website, where I teach blogging to individual and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Now, finally, in 2021, I own two companies in the IT and Finance sector along with 5+ blogs in 5+ different niches. All blogs were monetized with Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

What are the best platforms to build a personal brand? Why?

Facebook is my career turning point. In 2010, Orkut was the famous Social Media Platform. Slowly Facebook started to dominate the market that helped me to get new clients and reach new boundaries.

Later, I have designed my own brand website called to showcase my portfolio. In my view, a professional website with Social Media is the best platform to build a personal brand.

What are the books and blogs to follow in digital marketing?

I am not a fan of particular Ebook or Print Media Books. But, I love to read digital publications of Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and Rand Fishkin. The Balance blog from the Dot dash family is my true inspiration and the blog that I follow daily.

What mistakes you did in the early days of your online journey?

A Business is a Business, whether it is a virtual or a physical business, we need to invest some money at the beginning for a basic setup. In your blogging journey, I advise investing some money to buy a domain name, web hosting, and a WordPress theme. There are free blogging platforms but it’s not worth it if you are planning to start blogging as a business

.Don’t hesitate to invest money to buy something valuable for your online journey.

.What are the best monetization methods, and why?

So far, Google’s Adsense combined with Affiliate Marketing is the best blog monetization method. But to earn a long-term income, we need to build a brand and gain trust from our readers.

You are most active with your Facebook Profile. How to dominate on Facebook and other Social Media?

Consistency is the key. Social Media is a down-to-the-sky gift of God for me. Facebook is my best virtual friend, where I share my moments, sorrow, happiness, events, etc.

  • One simple, yet essential tip to dominate Social Media is to keep posting interesting stuff. Be it a personal or business, keep sharing.
  • Always keep engaging in your friend’s profile, groups, and pages. Like their post, comment on the events, and voice your opinions always.

. Is blogging still profitable in 2022 (Demand for video content is increasing)?

The trend keeps changing. A few decades back, people never know what is the Internet was, but now, they live with the Internet. Only government agencies and legal entities create websites to share information (data) over cross-boundaries.

Later, it came for public use. People started to keep it as their diary and wrote articles, events, information, etc. As technology evolves, people’s perspective also gets changed towards accessing information. Yes, video content slowly dominating the blogging industry, and it’s time to repurpose our blog posts.

What are the requirements to start the digital marketing journey?

Everyone has their own perspective towards their life. Some people don’t want to take risks and compromise with their monthly salary. Few people take risks and go beyond their comfort zone to achieve their dream life. Likewise, everyone’s journey has its own reason(s).

I have started my online journey in order to lead a boss-free lifestyle. So to achieve this, I believe in Desire, Passion, and Interest are the essentials. Since I want to achieve financial independence (a strong desire) and develop my career in Blogging (passion), I have started to learn Digital Marketing (Biased Interest).

Digital Marketing Job vs Digital Marketing Freelancing. What are your thoughts on this? Which will dominate in upcoming years?

There are no second thoughts that Digital Marketing is the future. With an Internet connection and a computer, one can develop a business or sink it deep. As I said earlier, digital marketing jobs and digital marketing freelancing depend on individual skills.

If you have digital marketing knowledge, you can easily land a job. Whereas, in digital marketing freelancing, you need excellent marketing skills and a brand to promote. Being a freelancer at the beginning is ok, but when thinking for the long run, you need to build a brand.

What are your thoughts on my blog BloggingRay? Any suggestions?

I recently started following Venkat Randa. Again facebook helped me suggest a nice person in my career. Through his intro, I came to know about this blog. It is really a Gold mine because this blog helped me to know many like-minded entrepreneurs. You are really doing a nice job helping people meet others.

You should continue adding more bloggers and entrepreneurs. Interview them and let them showcase their profile on your platform. It will help newbies to get motivated and allow them to begin their journey of success.

My little suggestion is to work on UI templates and also focus on broken links/images.

What is your daily routine? Can you share some productivity tips?

I have published a few articles on productivity in my blog. I will list them here that will help others to fine-tune their activity (daily routine).

Currently, I am managing 5+ blogs and 2 business websites. Along with this, I am responsible for nearly 300+ clients projects.

I wake up at 3.00 am and spend time for God because without him it is not possible. Later, I check my business emails and Social Media notifications for an hour. Around 6.00 am, I will go out for a short walk to refresh my body.

My office work starts at 9.00 am with a short team meeting. I spend my whole forenoon session on my client projects.

After late noon, I will start taking blogging and digital marketing classes. Currently, I am training 64 individual bloggers and 3 batch students.

I always prepare a timetable and work accordingly.

I always fear missing deadlines as they will ruin my career. Building something takes time and patience but can be destroyed in seconds. I strongly believe that.

Where to Contact you?

I am always available to needy people anytime. But only If I find the true desire in them.

People can reach me through several ways as listed below.

Whatsapp: +91 96554 55140

Contact Form: Through my OnlineHomeIncome Contact Page

Join me for the next 45 days and become a pro-blogger [Start Blogging Business].

Social Profiles:

It takes immense pleasure to get myself displayed along with other entrepreneurs. Thanks for the opportunity, Venkat.

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