5 Top-rated WordPress Backup Plugins of 2023

WordPress Backup Plugins — a crucial element for every WordPress blog on earth. In today’s internet world, several debates are going around data safety and protection.

In the fast-moving world, the system runs on the available data. We as a blogger, must take appropriate preventive measures to protect our blog content, images, and other assets.

A regular backup ensures that we have a copy to safeguard us during uncertain conditions.

While WordPress itself has some backup functionality, it is advisable to use a reliable backup plugin with enhanced features, convenience, and additional layers of security.

You can find many free and paid backup plugins. In this blog post, let me help you find some best WordPress backup plugins of 2023.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Backup Plugins?

There are some preliminary conditions to check before selecting the right plugin. Firstly, assess the reliability and effectiveness of taking regular backups.

Make sure that you can be able to restore them without any data loss or corruption.

Along with that, a user-friendly plugin for backup reduces extensive technical knowledge. Third look at the basic to advanced-level features and customization options.

A few features to consider is scheduled backups, incremental backups, storage destination, and retention points.

Finally, look at their customer support and their availability when you need it.

At last, check the platform compatibility, support on updates, and ability to upgrade. Based on all these criteria, you can find the right WordPress backup plugins.

5 Top WordPress Backup Plugins

1. Updraft Plus WordPress Plugin (3+ million active installs)

It is a highly acclaimed and largely used backup plugin for WordPress. This plugin is widely adopted because of its user-friendly interface and powerful features.

You can schedule regular backups (entire site or specific elements) and automate the backup process.

UpDraft can seamlessly integrate with all WordPress versions and third-party storage platforms. You can connect to Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more to store your backup data remotely.

One notable feature is its incremental backups ensure to back up only modified data (like posts, images, etc.). It can help you save money and time.

A few other features like database search and replace multisite support, and website cloning make this plugin stands out from the crowd.

Pros, Cons, and Pricings of Updraft Plus Backup Plugin


  • User-friendly interface with a quick setup process.
  • Seamless third-party storage platform integration.
  • Incremental backups for enhanced storage.


  • Multisite backup isn’t available in the free version.


  • $70 per year (Free version is also available)

2. Backup Buddy WordPress Plugin (50K+ active installs)

Backup Buddy stands next to UpDraft Plus and is trusted by thousands of WordPress users.

This plugin simplifies the backup and restoration process with its comprehensive set of features.

Reliable performance WordPress Backup Plugin offers full-site backups including themes, plugins, media files, and WP database.

Here you can schedule the backup cron to run during low-traffic hours. Also, automate your backup process without manual intervention and migrate to remote storage locations as well.

Again you can enable remote storage on cloud services like Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, and FTP.

You will get 1GB of Backup Buddy Stash Storage on the purchase of the premium version. It is the best alternative for the UpDraft Plug WP backup plugin.

Pros, Cons, and Pricings of Backup Buddy Plugin


  • Reliable and efficient full-site backup options.
  • Flexible scheduling options for automated backups.
  • Integrated malware scanning for added security.


  • Pricing wise is higher than other average WordPress backup plugins.
  • Advanced features require higher pricing.


  • $99 per year for a single site, $199 per year for 5 sites, and $299 per year for 10 sites.

3. VaultPress WordPress Backup Plugin (1million+ active installs)

VaultPress is a widely used backup plugin developed by Automattic — a WordPress company.

It offers comprehensive protection for your WordPress blog with its real-time backup capability. This plugin ensures that your site’s content and database are backup continuously as changes occur.

Many bloggers prefer this plugin as it offers one-click restoration thus helping you put your blog live in minutes (in case of emergency or hack attempts).

You can integrate this plugin with Jetpack to offer additional security features like automated threat detection and resolutions.

When you buy higher plans of Jetpack you can enable security scans during the backup process. A notable feature is real-time cloud backup solutions without slowing down your blog.

Pros, Cons, and Pricings of VaultPress Plugin


  • Trusted plugin developed by Automattic — a WordPress company.
  • Real-time backups with up-to-date protection of your data.
  • Integrated security features with Jetpack.


  • Pricing is a bit higher side.
  • Customization options are limited compared to alternative plugins.


  • 6900 INR per year with 10GB cloud storage and priority support.

4. BackWPup WordPress Plugin (700K+ active installs)

Another popular WordPress plugin for backup with comprehensive functionality is BackWPup.

You can instantly enable automated backups with its user-friendly interface and flexible storage options. This plugin enables you to perform full-site or selective backups.

Schedule your backup job during midnight or early morning to avoid server load. BackWPup works on popular cloud storage platforms like Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP, and more.

Schedule your backups to any number of times or on your preferred frequency. You can even download the zip file to your local computer and restore it whenever necessary.

Pros, Cons, and Pricings of BackWPup Plugin


  • Avail of essential features with the Free version itself.
  • Easy setup and configuration.
  • Support multiple remote storage destinations.


  • Advanced features require buying a premium version.


  • $69 per year for a single site, $119 per year for 5 WP installations, $199 per year for 10 sites, $279 per year for 25 sites, and $349 per year for 100 sites.

5. Duplicator Pro WordPress Backup Plugin (1.5million+ active installs)

Duplicator Pro is yet another powerful and reliable backup plugin for our WordPress blog.

You can do the process like duplicating your blog, taking regular backups, and transferring WordPress blogs or websites.

Their intuitive interface and robust functionality make the backup process easier

You can take full-site backup and easily migrate or clone your WordPress blog to a new location. It can help you test new themes or plugins without disturbing the live blog.

You can view your backup from your WP dashboard and restore them when needed.

This plugin has some advanced migration features with multisite support and server-to-server imports.

Pros, Cons, and Price of Duplicator Pro Plugin


  • Effortless website migration and duplication functionality.
  • Robust backup functionalities for comprehensive protection.
  • Ample customization options to cater to diverse user needs.


  • A real-time backup option is not available.
  • Advanced features require the premium version.


$49.50 per year for 2 sites, $99.50 per year for 5 sites, $199.50 per year for 20 sites, and $299.50 per year for 100 sites.

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In this comprehensive blog post, I have listed the top five WordPress backup plugins of 2023.

Make sure that each backup plugin has its features and benefits. UpDraftPlus has user-friendly and reliable backup capabilities, whereas, BackupBuddy has comprehensive full-site backups.

Different backup WordPress plugins have different features that sound confusing. Consider the factors like ease of use, reliability, storage options, customization, and pricing.

Pay attention to how they store your data backup and ensure its availability at times when needed. Consider checking safety measures they have in case of data loss or website issues.

At last, take enough time to explore each WordPress backup plugin by visiting their official websites.

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