25 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Blog in 2023 [More FREE]

Are you searching best WordPress plugins to manage your WordPress Blog? then this article is for you.

In this article, I am listing most popular WordPress plugins. I am using most of them on my blogs.

WordPress is a great platform to create a blog. The advantage of this is there are different plugins available in the market for different functionalities.

You have to install the plugins which are useful to you.

You have to install plugins as your work needs these.

without any delay let’s go to the list of best WordPress plugins.

Best WordPress SEO Plugins for Your Blog

In this section, I am listing best WordPress SEO plugins for your blog. These plugins will help you to do SEO related task easilty with these plugins.

You can grow your blog traffic by doing proper SEO tasks with these WordPress SEO plugins.

Yoast SEO

Best WordPress Plugins - Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin. It has both free and premium versions.

In this you have to provide the focus keyword. This plugin helps to optimize your article with this focus keyword.

It suggests you to build internal links and external links.

I am also using this plugin on my blogs.

Rank Math SEO

It is one of best WordPress plugins for search engine optimization.

Rank Math SEO is the best alternative for Yoast SEO plugin.

There some new features available in Rank Math SEO.

This plugin will also help you to optimize your article for the focus keyword.

It suggests you to include internal and external links in the article.

I am also started using Rank math SEO plugin.

Easy Table of Contents

Table of Contents WordPress Plugin

This plugin will help you to display table of contents at the top of post or before the first heading.

It will help you organize your blog content in a structure. user can easily navigate to the particular section with this plugin.

This will help you to navigate to the content very easily.

If you write a very lengthy article, then this article helps user a lot.

They can easily go to the different sections of your article.

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Smush wordpress plugin for image compression and optimisation

This plugin will help you to compress and optimize your images after uploading to your WordPress Blog.

Image compression is very important. it will reduce page size and help to boost search rankings.

This plugin also help you to lazy load images.

Best WordPress Caching plugins for your Blog

In this section, I am listing some best WordPress caching plugins for your blog.

W3 Total Cache

It is a free WordPress cache plugin.

It will help to speed up your WordPress Blog.

WP Rocket

WP Rocket WordPress cache plugin

It is premium cache plugin for WordPress. It is one of best plugins for WordPress. .

Using this plugin, you can speed up your WordPress blog. this will help you to better search rankings.

It includes page caching, cache preloading, static files compression, Images on request and developer friendly.

Akismet Anti-Spam

Best WordPress Plugins - Akismet Antispam plugin for WordPress

This plugin helps to reduce spam from the comments.

In these days, lot of guys are trying to build backlinks via comments. They are building bots to create backlinks from other blogs comment section.

Manually moderating these comments are very time consuming. This plugin will help you filter these comments and it blocks the spam comments.

It is must use plugin for your WordPress blog.

Still if you are not using this plugin, consider to install it today.


Woocommerce WOrdPress Plugin

If you want to start a ecommerce store on your blog, then this plugin will help you. You can setup ecommerce store easily with this plugin.

It has Google analytics, Mailchimp and Facebook integration.

You can integrate content and commerce across your blog via modular blocks.

You can configure shipping options.

It includes secure payment by credit cards and alternatives.

It will calculate tax details automatically.

It includes product, cart and checkout pages.

Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter WordPress Plugin

Are you monetizing your blog with Google Adsense or other Adsense alternatives.

Are you promoting affiliate products on your blog?

for these, you have to place corresponding code different places like above content, below content, in middle content etc.

Ad inserter plugin will help you a lot for this setup.

You can place code at different places in the blog post with this WordPress plugin.

GDPR Cookie Consent

GDPR Cookie Consent WordPress Plugin

You have to tell the users about you are using cookies to serve them better.

Cookies will help to display better ads for users.

In affiliate marketing also companies use cookies to track the conversion.

You have to tell the users about this. You are using cookies to provide better ads for them.

You must install GDPR Cookie plugin for this. This plugin will help you in this.


wpfoms wordpress plugin for drag and drop form builder

This plugin will help you to create very beautiful forms.

You can create forms easily by drag and drop.


This plugin will help you to host giveaways and contests on your WordPress blog.

Giveaways and contests will help you to increase traffic, email subscribers and social followers.

Thirsty Affiliates

Thristy Affiliates WordPress Plugin for Link Cloaking

Thisty Affiliate Affiliate Link Manager will help you cloak your affiliate links.

If you are promoting affiliate products other than Amazon then you should use this plugin.

For Amazon there is no chance to link cloaking. link cloaking against Amazon’s Terms.

You can easily cloak your affiliate links with this plugin and manage your affiliate links.

This plugin helps you to give reports and stats of your affiliate links.

Updraft WordPress Bakup Plugin

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

Updraftplus helps you to backup and restore your WordPress Plugin.

Backup and restore are very important for your WordPress Blog.

You can backup your WordPress Blog Data to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 etc.

Elementor Page Builder

This plugin will help you to create beautiful landing pages.

You can design blog posts very attractively using this WordPress Plugin.


Seedprpd WordPress plugin

This plugin will help you to creae coming soon page and under constructions page.

You can create Maintenance Mode with this plugin.

Optin Monster

This is a best WordPress Popup Plugin.

You can create amazing popup forms with this plugin.

It has 6 different campaign types Lightbox popup, fullscreen popup, floating bar, slide-in, mobile and inline.

It has exit intent behavioural popup.

Shared Counts

It is social media sharing buttons plugin.

You can display different social media buttons on your blog posts with this plugin.

This will help you to get more social shares and increase your WrodPress blog traffic.

It also supports social count display and tracking.


This will help you to protect your WordPress blog from Malware.

It will clean the malware on your WordPress blog.


It is all in one Membership plugin for WordPress.

Do you have plans to create membership on your WordPress blog? then this plugin will help you to setup membership site.

CSS Hero

CSSHero WordPress Plugin

This plugin will help you to customize your WordPress theme.

You can design your blog posts very attractively using this plugin.

It helps you to visually customize all blog elements form header to footer.

Insert Headers and Footers

Insert headers and footers WordPress plugin

This plugin will help you to install code like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Custom css code in header and footer.

You no need to touch theme files to install these codes with this plugin.

If you insert codes directly into theme files without using external plugins like this, you will lose this data when you update your WordPress theme.

It is the best practice to install codes separately using this plugin in header and footer without editing theme files.


Best WordPress Plugins - Learndash

This plugin will help you to create courses on your WordPress blog.


Generally WordPress uses PHP Mail function to send emails. you may face some issues with this.

This plugin will help you to send emails on WordPress.

WPML WordPress Plugin

WPML WordPress plugin

It is WordPress Multilingual Plugin.

This plugin will help you to run your WordPress blog in different languages.


I hope this list of Best WordPress Plugins will help you.

Most of these plugins have free plans.

Which plugins you are using on your blog? let me know in the comments.

Are you using any plugin which is not mentioned here? let me know in the comments.

Thank you.

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9 thoughts on “25 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Blog in 2023 [More FREE]”

  1. Hey Venkat Randa ,

    Great post and i truly like the list of wordpress plugins that you have suggested. Using these plugins will be helpful. Plugins are really important and plays a crucial role. Installing an akismet anti-spam will protect against spammers. Ad-Inserter is also a helpful plugin, whereas installing this plugin will allows for monetizing the blog post. Installing an Easy-table-of-contents plugins will be great helping hand and will allows its users to display the table of contents at the top of blog post. Smush plugin is also a helpful pluging as it allows to compress and optimize the image. Installing the smush plugin will make the image loading process easier. Elementor page builder is also great and effective
    for creating superb landing pages.

    Your all the suggested word-press plugins ideas are helpful but i truly like an idea of using Akismet, Ad-inserter, easy table of content, smush and Elementor page builder. As this post will help several people, readers and bloggers to search for the best wordpress plugins.

    Truly helpful post for wordpress users and thanks for sharing.

  2. That’s a good list of WordPress plugins, Venkat. In fact, I am using many of these plugins on my website.

    Is this a new blog? I don’t remember coming across this blog of yours.

  3. Hi Venkat,

    Great Post! Thank you for sharing this wonderful post on the best WordPress plugins. And I must say I am pretty impressed with this list as you have included all possible useful plugins. But I am confused between two plugins Yoast & Rankmath. Which to choose?
    Please Help!


  4. both WordPress SEO plugins. you will get more features in Rankmath for free compared to Yoast. you can proceed with Rankmath.

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