How to Install a Plugin in WordPress? (3 Methods to Install)

Are you searching for the guide to install a plugin in WordPress? then this article will help you. In this article, I explain 3 methods to install a plugin in WordPress.

Plugins are a great resource for WordPress. these will increase the functionality of your WordPress blog.

for a specific task, there is a particular plugin.

if you want social sharing buttons on your blog, then you can try the plugin like Social Warfare, ShareThis, add to any etc.

if you want to do SEO of your WordPress blog, then there are plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Math, All in one SEO tool etc.

like this for every task on the WordPress Blog, there is a particular plugin available.

in today article, I am going to explain how to install these plugins on your WordPress Blog.

let’s dive into the methods.

Install Plugin from the WordPress Dashboard

in this method you can install the plugin from WordPress dashboard itself. again in this, you can install in two different ways.

Search and Install

first you have to log in to your WordPress dashboard.

at right navigation side, you can observe the Plugins tab, just click on that.

How to Install a Plugin in WordPress

it will go to one new dashboard.

at the top, you will observe a button Add New, just click on that.

install a plugin - add new button

it will display the different plugins, here you will find a text field to search the plugin.

search plugins on wordpress

using this search bar, you have to search for your particular plugin.

once you enter your plugin name, next you have to hit enter.

after hitting enter, it will display your targeted plugin. there you can observe install now button. just click on that.

install wordpress plugin

once you click this button, it will install the plugin. after that, you have to activate it.

that’s all you have successfully installed the plugin on your WordPress blog.

Download and Install

in the next method, you have to download the plugin. for this go to google and search your targeted plugin.

search wordpress plugin on google

then open your plugin webpage. there you have to download it.

download the wordpress plugin

now come to the WordPress dashboard. go to the plugins tab. click on add new button. now you have to click on the upload plugin button.

upload plugin button

once you click this it will go to file upload form. there you have to upload your downloaded plugin file.

upload the plugin

once you uploaded, you have to activate it.

ya, you have successfully installed the WordPress plugin.

Upload Directly to Themes Folder in Your WordPress Blog Hosting

in this method also you have to download the plugin. follow the above steps to download the plugin.

once you downloaded your plugin, open your hosting account and go to your WordPress blog root directory.

you have to go to the wp-content/plugins. you have to upload this file to this plugins folder.

once you uploaded, you have to extract the zip file.

here you can also upload your plugin file via FTP

once you did that, you have to come back to the WordPress dashboard, go to the plugins tab, there you have to activate the plugin.

that’s all, you have successfully installed the plugin on your WordPress blog.

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in today article, you have learned about installing a WordPress plugin in three different methods.

I hope this article will help you.

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