How to Fix 404 Error in WordPress Very Easily in 9 Seconds

in today article, I will explain a process to fix 404 error in WordPress.

when you delete a particular post on your blog while it is indexed in google, then any user goes to that article via search engine there will be a 404 error. It will show not found error. here you deleted the post but you have to redirect the old URL with some new related post URL or home page URL.

here you will get one question how to find the 404 errors on my blog.

that’s interesting.

just open your Google search console and then go to the Crawl tab.

google search console crawl tab - fix 404 errors in wordpress

there you will find an option Crawl Errors. click on that. it will display all the 404 errors encountered by the Google

404 errors in google search console - fix not found errors in wordpress
404 not found urls on google search console - fix 404 errors in wordpress

now you have to fix them.

if you changed the blog post URL then also 404 error comes into the play. here you have to redirect the old URL to the new URL.

suppose a blog post indexed in Google. after a few days, you have changed the URL or you have deleted the post. in that case, 404 error will come. here you have to fix it.

why we have to fix the 404 errors in WordPress?

404 errors will effect the search engine rankings and effect on user experience. so you have to do proper redirection in the URLs to come out from the 404 errors in WordPress.

here I will say the procedure to create the redirect using a .htaccess file. you can also redirect URLs in your hosting account.

go to your WordPress blog home directory and open the .htaccess file and put some lines of code as below syntax.

redirect old_URL new_URL

new your 404 errors will be fixed.

when you change URLs or delete the Posts then you have to do it immediately. then it will increase user experience and it will be more beneficial for search engine rankings.

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I hope this article on How to Fix 404 error in WordPress will help you.

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