Why I Purchased VPS Server?

In this article, I am going to share with you Why I purchased VPS Server.

Yes, I Purchased VPS Servers around 3 months back.

I am using VPS Server web hosting for all of my websites and client websites from 3 months.

I tried different companies shared hostings.

The main problem with shared hosting is the shared resources. We do not get the dedicated resources.

They say, We will get unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth etc.

Truly these are not unlimited.

They mention these things on fair usage policy.

Mostly we didn’t read these policies.

As they said they provide unlimited we stuck in this one.

I highly recommend take hosting from which company say in numbers only.

There are some companies are saying truly numbers.

like 10 GB storage, 100 GB bandwidth etc like this.

So when companies mention numbers in their sales page that is very good and you can 100% proceed with those companies than who say unlimited.

We have to think very logically when some company say unlimited.

When I am in shared hosting I faced the issue of inodes limit.

inodes limit nothing but number of files and folders in the Filemanager.

I don’t have that many number of websites in this shared hosting package. Around I have 8 websites in this one.

Althogh 8 websites, I got the error of files limit.

This is the major problem with shared hostings.

In the beginning days, shared hosting is ok but as you grow shared hosting is not recommended to you.

If you have budget and if you want dedicated resources for you then VPS Server will be suggestable.

If you need some more further high level hosting then you can take Dedicated Server.

I highly recommend you to first start your journey with VPS Server. Then once your business grow and once you get the knowledge with VPS then you can go to Dedicated Server. This is how I am thinking ( Note: I am not used the Dedicated Server yet )

VPS server nothing but part or instance in Dedicated Server.

I used the shared hostings Vayporhost, HostFizia, Godaddy, Stromonic, Bluehost India so far.

I will produce my experience with these hosting providers soon on this blog. Stay tuned to Venkat Randa for those articles.

I started my VPS Server journey with the HostFizia.

But now, my websites are not on the VPS Server of HostFizia.

I changed my VPS Server to another Company… I will tell you this one in upcoming posts.

The one thing I can say about HostFizia shared hosting is their pricing and their support. They are available to chat via WhatsApp and Website Chat widget.

Due to some technical issues or other any issue my websites stopped working one day. This is one reason to change my VPS Server.

This is my VPS Server Purchase experience from this 3 months.

I came to know a lot technical subject by upgrading to the VPS Server.

My website loading speeds also improved a lot.

I will share you more details in the upcoming blog posts.

I hope this blog post will help you to whether you to take the VPS Server or not.

If you are beginner you can proceed with shared hosting.

If your website starts to get traffic then you should upgrade your hosting to VPS.

If you are running agency then it is highly recommend you to start with VPS Server only.

The one main advantage with VPS server is custom dns nameservers

Yes, you can create custom nameservers with your domain for your client websites. It will bring a lot of professionality in your business.

I will share you more details in the upcoming blog posts.

Thank you.

Venkat Randa
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