9 Tips and Strategies to Get More Twitter Followers in 2023

Are you searching for actionable strategies to get the more followers on Twitter in this 2021? Then this article is for you.

Today, I am sharing with you how I am growing my Twitter followers. You can find amazing tips in this article.

Twitter is an amazing social media tool. It is using by many people.

In this we have to tweet our messages.

It accepts very short messages as a post.

Twitter mainly used when they want to give updates to their community.

Why You Should have More Twitter Followers?

More Twitter followers means more traffic to your website, more sales to your store, more consultation calls, more video course sale etc.

It will help to improve your brand authority.

People show interest to work with you.

People will trust you.

You will get social proof.

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9 Methods to Increase your Twitter Followers

Follow the below methods to grow follower base on Twitter.

Tweet Motivational Quotes

Tweeting motivational quotes help a lot to bring the engagement on Twitter.

People will respond to the motivational quotes. They like these and also they retweet motivational quotes to provide better value to their inner circle.

If you are not tweeting motivational quotes on your Twitter, start from today to tweet motivational quotes.

Convert motivational quote into beautiful image and post it. It will help some more better to bring the engagement. This will help to get more Twitter followers.

Tweet combination of Pictures and Text

We all know visual content is more engaging than the text content. So from today on wards post images with relevant text on Twitter.

Don’t post only the image. Add relevant captions to image and post the combination.

Post Videos

You can post short videos on Twitter.

We all know visual content is more engaging than the text content. So post some short videos in your tweet.

While posting video you have to include some text which will trigger the user to watch the video.

Posting videos will help you to get more retweets. When you get retweet then your tweet will reach new people. Then you will get new followers.

Ask Questions

Asking questions on Twitter is a great way to get more engagement.

When you ask questions on Twitter, users will respond and they will answer the question. You will get more replies with this technique.

Mostly you have to ask the question related to your niche. Sometimes you have to ask the general questions also.

You can also ask the feedback from the users about your products and services.

Ask the Questions by Mentiong Popular brands

We already know asking questions will help better in engagement.

The next level for this is to mentioning brands.

When you mention a brand and ask question related to brand’s product and service, then the brand will retweet your tweet. Brand will like your tweet and they will reply to you.

This will help to get more engagement to your tweet.

It will help to reach more people and you will get more followers on Twitter.

Conduct Polls

We can conduct polls on Twitter.

Ask your followers about your content with the help of twitter. They will give your score for your content in these polls.

It will help you to produce better content for your audience.

Taking feedback from users is very important. Keep in mind that we are producing content for audience only.

Conduct polls about best tools and services. By this you can come to know best tools and services in your audience opinion.

Include hashtags to reach new people

Hashtags will help you to find your content by strangers.

When people search on twitter then posts will display which use relevant hashtags.

If you want to reach new people with your tweets then you have to use proper hashtags in your tweet.

You can use 3 to 5 hashtags in your tweet. Don’t use too many.

You have to put status by including hashtags not in reverse.

Mention your followers in the Tweet

When you mention your follower in the tweet then your follower will get notification about it and he can respond fast to the tweet.

He likes the tweet and mostly he retweets.

In this way you can reache your follower’s followers.

Use this technique wisely. Don’t spam it.

Do Collaboration

Collaboration is a next level strategy to get more followers on Twitter.

You have to find the Twitter accounts relevant to you and with closely equal followers.

You have to find their emails and you have to mail them about this collaboration.

You have to clearly describe how this collaboration will help each other.

It helps them also, so they will respond.

You both have to do collaboration.

You can do mention in the tweet. You can retweet the tweets. You can do recommend or shout out.

This collaboration method works very well.

Promote on other social media

If you have followers on other social media like Facebook, Linkedin etc.

Then you can convert those followers into your Twitter followers.

On that social media you have to post about your twitter and you have to ask your followers to follow you on Twitter also.

You will get better conversion in this. You already know to your audience on that platform so that they can easily follow on Twitter also.

Run Paid Ads

If you have budget, you can run paid ads to your tweet and get the more followers.

All the above methods will take a lot of time. In this method you have to spend the money to get more followers.


I hope these methods will help you to get more followers on Twitter.

If you have any questions you can send a message to me.

If you like this post, share it with your social media.

Thank you.

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