9 Tips and Strategies to Get More Linkedin Followers in 2023

Are you searching for the actionable tips to get the more Linkedin followers in this 2021? Then this post is for you.

In this article you can find 9 awesome tips to get the more followers on Linkedin.

These are the strategies I am following to get the followers on Linkedin. These strategies will also help you.

Why you should have more Linkedin followers?

If you have more followers on Linkedin then your posts will reach more people.

You will get more traffic to your website

You will get more leads for your products and services.

Number of followers will also help you to position yourself in the market.

It will help to improve your brand value.

People come to you and they will show interest to work with you.

9 tips to get more followers on Linkedin

These are the 9 actionable tips and strategies to get the more followers on Linkedin.

Let’s jump into the methods without any further dealy.

Connect with relevant persons

To get the initial Linkedin followers you have to follow the relevant persons.

You have to observe their bio and then you have to decide whether you have to follow him or not. You have to connect with them.

Some of these people will accept your connection request.

In this way you will get some initial Linkedin followers.

Keep in mind that don’t spam it. Connect with very low volume of people every day.

Write lengthy text posts

On Linkedin, you have to write the lenthy posts. Lengthy text posts will get better engagement on Linkedin.

People will like these posts and they will comment. They also share your posts if those are more interested.

Once go to my Linkedin profile and observe the posts. You will get idea how to write the lengthy posts.

You have to write mini blog posts for Linkedin posts.

Post videos

Videos are more engaging on these days.

Most people are interested to consume video content than text content. So if you post videos on Linkedin then you will get better engagement.

Your posts will reach new audience. You will get more Linkedin followers.

Utilize the Linkedin Groups

Linkedin groups are great resources to reach new people. You have to search relevant Linkedin groups and you have to join to them.

You have to share the value to these groups regularly. People will notice your posts and they start engage with your posts.

Some of them will follow you to consume the upcoming posts from you.

In this way you will some followers to your Linkedin with the help of Linkedin groups.

In groups, people will ask different questions. You have to answer those questions clearly.

They will find your answers useful and some of them will follow you.

Collaboration with other Linkedin Users

You have to find the Linkedin users relevant to you and with the relevant number of followers.

You have to mail them about collaboration. Most of them will accept you for collaboration.

Then you both guys have to collaborate each other and you both will get chance to get more Linkedin followers.

Your followers will be exchanged between both of you.

Use the relevant hashtags to reach new people

Hashtags will help you to get more visibility for your posts. People will also search on Linkedin. When you use proper hashtags then your posts will reach this searching people.

People will also follow hashtags on Linkedin. When you use those hashtags in your posts, those posts will reach the audience who follow these hashtags.

In this way hashtags will help you to reach new people.

You will get more Linkedin followers by using the relevant hashtags on your posts.

Promote on other Social media

If you have already followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter then you can redirect these users to your Likedin account.

You have to create one post on those social media to redirect the users from other social media to Linkedin.

People are already connected on those platforms and they are interested to consume content from you. When you put a post regarding follow Linkedin then most of the people will follow you on Linkedin also.

In this way you can convert followers on one social media to Linkedin.

Influencer Marketing

You have to find the influencers in your niche and ask them to post about you which called as shout out.

They may charge some amount for this shout out. That thing you have to discuss with them before.

You have to post the useful content on your Linkedin regularly. 

When you get the shout out people will observe your profile. If you have good posts then people will ready to follow you.

Paid Ads

You can run paid ads to promote your Linkedin profile and your Linkedin posts. You will get some targeted followers with this paid ads.

For this you have to put some budget and have to run the Linkedin ads.


I hope these methods will help you gain more followers on Linkedin.

If you have any questions you can send me a message.

If you love this post share it with your social media.

Thank you.

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