9 Tips and Strategies to Get More Instagram Followers in 2023

Hi, In this article I will discuss about 9 actionable tips and strategies to get the more followers on Instagram in this 2021.

These tips will help you to take your Instagram account to the next level.

Why you should get more Instagram Followers?

Hello, Instagram followers are very important.

If you have more followers on instagram you will get more traffic to your website, you will get more store visits, you will get more leads and sales.

Number of followers will help you to position your brand in the market.

The customer trust will improve and you will get a lot of brand value by improving number of followers on Instagram.

Without further any delay let’s jump into the what are the methods to get the more followers on Instagram.

9 Tips to Get More Instagram Followers

These 9 actionable tips and strategies will help you to gain followers on Instagram. I hope these tips will help you.

I am following these methods to gain the followers on Instagram. These will also work for you.

Follow Relevant people

First you have to follow relevant persons.

First you have to find the accounts which are similar to you. You have to observe their bio.

You will come to know whether you have to follow him or not by observing their bio.

In their bio they will put like social media marketer, Facebook marketer, digital marketer, fitness coach etc.

You have to observe their bio then you will come to know whether you have to follow or not.

Once you decide and follow them.

When you follow these persons, some of them will follow you back.

In this way you will get some initial followers.

Here don’t do the spam.

Just follow very naturally.

Just follow around 10 to 20 accounts per day that’s more natural.

Use the Relevant Hashtags in the Posts

Next you have to use the hashtags in the posts.

Hello, Hashtags will help you to find your content.

Whenever people search on instagram then these hashtags will help you to discover your content.

In instagram post you can use upto 30 hashtags.

you can use the hashtags.

In the Instagram, hashtags sizes are different.

You have to use the different sized hashtags in the posts.

Tag your Followers in the Posts

Next you have to tag your followers in the posts.

When you tag your followers then your followers will be notified about your post and they will also share your post they will like your post they will comment on your post.

Don’t tag all people at once.

Just post by post tag some people in your posts.

Tag Location in your Posts

Next you have to tag location in your posts.

Some people will search instagram content based on the location.

They will browse content who are providing in the rajahmundry, hyderabad, Bangalore etc.

When you tag location in your posts in that particular cases your content will be visible to others.

In this way also you can get some followers to your Instagram.

Promote on other Social Media

Next tip is the promote on other social media profiles.

Hello, you already have some followers on other social media profiles like Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook.

Why not to convert those followers to your Instagram account.

You are already providing a lot of value on those platforms. When you say to your followers just follow me on Instagram then those followers will follow you on Instagram also.

Do the Collaboration with other Instagram Users

Next you have to collaborate with other Instagram users.

You have to find the relevant users on Instagram and you have to mail them about the collaboration.

You have to explain them about why you want to collaborate. Just you have to explain the benefits.

The opposite person also get the benefit.

So you both guys have to collaborate and work each other to grow each other.

Upload IGTV Videos

Next tip is the upload IGTV videos.

Hello, we already know visual content is more engaging than the text content.

Instagram is the visual content platform.

You not only focus on the posting images.

You have to focus on also posting videos.

On Instagram you can produce three type of videos now.

One thing is reels, another one is less than one minute video, another thing is the IGTV videos.

Now the reach for the IGTV videos are good.

You have to upload IGTV videos and get some engagement. Get some followers.

Use the Reels

Next tip is the use the Reels.

Instagram, recently launched the Reels option.

Now it is the new feature that’s why Instagram is pushing it a lot.

You will get best engagement.

Reels are getting better engagement.

Run Instagram Ads

Next you have to run the Instagram ads.

Hello, whatever the methods explained above those are the free methods. Those consume time.

Coming to the Instagram ads, you have to put some budget and have to run the ads.


I hope these tips and strategies will help you acquire followers on Instagram.

If you love this article share it with your community.

If you have any related question just message me.

Thank you.

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