17 Best URL Shorteners to Shorten Long URLs in 2023

Are you feeling bad with your long URLs?

Are you feeling difficult to share the long URLs with your audience on Social Media?

In today article, I come up with the 17 best URL shorteners which will help you to short your long URLs for better user experience.

Some social media platforms like Twitter have character limits to share. In that cases if we use our long URLs then it occupies the more space and we are not able to share our text.

URL shorteners will help in this regard. These will short long URLs and by that it occupies the small space. so we can share more text with our audience.

These provide better user experience. User experience is very important in online marketing.

Without any delay, let’s jump into the these URL shorteners list.

Note: This is a random order.

Best URL Shorteners for Bloggers and Marketers


Best URL Shorteners - Bitly

Bitly is a most popular URL shortening software.

You can use it share the links on social media, on emails, on blog posts etc.

You can track the links using this tool. Once you short the URLs, after that you can track peroformance like how many clicks this link gets.

You can create custom links with this URL shortener.

You can maximize your performance with real time analytics.

You can integrate this easily with other tools.

These are more secure links.

It comes with 3 different pricing plans Free, basic and customized.

basic plan cost you 29 dollars per month. customized plan is with custom pricing.


It is an industry leading link management tool. This will help to brand and track the shorten URLs.

You can use custom domain to create custom shorten links. this will help to improve expose to your brand online.

You can create members to manage this work flow.

You can use multiple domain names for custom URL shortening.

You can create custom reports based on the analytics.

You can create deep links using this. You can send your visitors to specific landing page depending on their language, browser, location and device.

You can integrate the retargeting programs like Facebook Pixel.

You can get dedicated support from the account manager.

You can get assistance for setup and import existing links with support team.

It comes with 5 different pricing plans Free, Starter, Pro, Premium and Enterprise.

Free plan is free of cost. Starter plan cost you 29 dollars per month. pro plan 69 dollars per month, premium plan 499 dollars per month, enterprise plan is custom pricing.


You can turn your all links to real words which engage your community.

This will help to know which of your content is loving your audience. you can take decisions for further actions by this.

It provides DIY guides and quick helpful support.

You can opt for their pricing now. You can add budget based options as your business grows.

You can create links and track the link from any where and from any device.

Create campaigns easily with real time analytics.

It provides 100% click private data, tiered access roles of multi user support, advanced user management.

You can integrate this with other tools very easily.

It comes with five different pricing plans.

Free $0/month, Expert $12/month, SMB $99/month, Team $299/month and Business $599/month.


You can shorten links simply, track and manage these links easily with this tool.

You can create branded URLs with great analytics.

It provides real time analytics.

It generates QR code for each short link.

You can integrate very easily with other tools.

You can also create branded URLs using this link shortener.


It will help supercharge your instagram bio.

You can add only one link in instagram bio.

This tool will help you to direct instagram users to multiple links from bio link.


It will help to transform lengthy URLs to short URLs.

You can create short branded URLs with this tool.

It provides real time analytics so you can track every link easily.

It comes with five different pricing plans.

Basic $5/month, Standard $9.99/month, Pro $29.99/month, Premium $89.99/month and Dedicated with custom pricing.

You can get 3 months free on yearly plans.


You can create custom short links with this tool.

You can add tinyURL extension to your browser and can create short URL of visited page with single button click.

You can redirect links to any page in your blog.


You can create custom short links using this URL shortener.

You can integrate this with other tools easily.

You can track the short URLs once you created.

You can manage these short URLs very easily in this tool manage area.

These are sharable and user friendly links.

It provide edit links for registered users.


It is a modern link shortener. It is open source software.

It helps you to host your own URL shortener. It will help you to brand your URLs.

Buffer’s Buff.ly

Buffer Buffly URL Shortener

Buffer is a great platform to manage your social media. You can publish posts to your social media by scheduling using this tool.

You can schedule 10 posts a day for 3 different social media using it’s free plan. If you want to schedule more posts and to more profiles then you have to upgrade.

The URLs in this social media posts will be shorted using buff.ly tool.


This tool is free and open source software.

It provides awesome stats to track the performance of your shorten URLs.


ClickMeter URL Shortener

You can monitor and optimize your marketing links from one place to get the more conversion rate.

You can track views, clicks and conversions.

You can also monitor the broken links.

You can share the links with clients, coworkers and partners.

you have to create tracking link and include in your ads then you can watch real time reports.

It will help to agencies, affiliates, advertisers and publishers.

It comes with 3 different pricing plans. Medium $29/month, Large $99/month and X-large $349/month.

You can use you own domain name or subdomain to create the short tracking URLs.


Clkim URL Shortener

This is the more flexible URL shorting tool.

You can setup branded domain for your short links. you can create branded short links by this.

It provides easy to read analytics.

You can easily customize redirections and tracking.

It come with 3 different pricing plans.

Analyze $10/month, Optimize $70/month and Monetize $100/month.


You can shorten the long URLs easily using this tool.

URL Shortener by Zapier

You can create ready to share links with this tool.

You can integrate this with different tools easily.

You can shorten URLs for Zapier automation.

You can shorten URLs for social media posts, SMSs etc.

URL Short Link Generator

This tool will be helpful for Shopify users.

You can convert your website’s long URLs easily with this tool.

It comes with two plans Free and Premium ($1.99/month).

Hootsuite’s Ow.ly

It is helpful for Hootsuite users.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Q1. What is URL Shortener?

Ans: URL Shortener is software which will convert long URLs into short URLs.

Q2. Can I use my domain name to create the short URLs?

Ans: Yes. most of these tools like Bitly, Rebrandly are allowing you to create branded short URLs with your own domain.

Q3. Can I use these tools for free?

Ans: Most of these tools have free plans. you can use most of these tools for free with limited features.

Q4. I am affiliate marketer. How these will help me?

Ans: You can covert your affiliate links into branded short URLs. You can track your all affiliate links performance like clicks from one place.

Q5. Which of these tools will help in Social Media Marketing.

Ans: These tools like Buffer, Hootsuite will help you in Social Media Marketing. You can short links in your social media posts using these tools.


I hope these best URL shorteners will help you to boost your blogging and business work.

If you found any tool like this helpful let me know.

If you have any doubts, you can ask me in the comments.

If you found this article helpful, share it with your social media.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day.

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