13 Top Female Bloggers to Inspire you in Blogging In 2023

Hey, Are you looking for the 13 top Female bloggers? Then you are on the right page.

Today, I am introducing 13 awesome female bloggers who are making a living by blogging and impacting a lot of people around the world.

According to Statista, around 31.7 million bloggers are in the US alone. On average, bloggers earn up-to $84,000 per year!

Nowadays Women are proving their strength in every field. They are equal with men.

They are trying their career paths differently.

If I ask you one question, What do you want to become? Your next answer is mostly engineer or doctor.

Very few people say, I want to become a blogger.

Blogging is a very high impact career option. You can make a decent life with blogging. Very few people know this.

These 13 female bloggers proved we can live a beautiful life with blogging.

Without any further delay let’s jump into the list

Top 13 Female Bloggers who are living beautiful life with Blogging Business

You have to treat blogging as a real business from day one. Please keep this point very notedly in your mind in your blogging journey.

Donna Merill

Website: www.donnamerilltribe.com 

She has a sound knowledge in the blogging industry.

She is one of the most popular female bloggers in the World.

She is monetizing her blog with affiliate products and training.

Jyoti Chauhan

Website: www.updateland.com

She is a JE by Education, Blogger and SEO Person by passion.

She finished her schooling in 2008.

She started her career as a SEO Executive in 2011.

UpdateLand basically focuses on search engine optimization tutorials , seo sites list, how to make money online tutorials and how to get visits to your blog.

She is making money from her blog via Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Posts etc. 

Archana Tiwari

Website: www.bloggingtry.com 

She is a part time blogger and creative house wife.

She is from India.

She is sharing WordPress Tutorials, Blogging Tutorials and SEO Tutorials on this blog.

She is monetizing her blog majorly with Affiliate Marketing.

Nirmala Santha Kumar

Website: www.wpglossy.com 

You can find blogging, WordPress, SEO and Affiliate Marketing tutorials on this blog.

Nirmala has been blogging since 2011.

She is managing some other blogs also. She has a vast experience in blogging.

She is monetizing her blog with affiliate marketing. 

Shraddha Sharma

Website: www.yourstory.com 

She is from India.

Shraddha is the founder and chief editor of YourStory. 

Yourstory is a big publication for entrepreneurs.

If you want to start the entrepreneurial journey then this blog is a great fit for you.

Shraddha worked with Times of India before the launch of YourStory.

Shraddha mam is monetizing her blog with Display Advertising, Sponsored posts and affiliate marketing.

Archana Doshi

Website: www.archanaskitchen.com

She is from India.

She started this blog in 2007.

You can find delicious food recipes articles on this blog.

It is one of the famous food blogs in India as well as world wide.

She is monetizing her blog with affiliate marketing, her own products and sponsorships.

Once visit her blog and consume the posts. This blog is very helpful for who want to learn cooking.

Julia Berolzheimer

Website: www.juliaberolzheimer.com

You can find fashion related articles on this blog.

She converted her blogging into a business.

She is monetizing her blog with affiliate products, her own fashion products, product reviews and collaborations.

Amy Porterfield

Website: www.amyporterfield.com 

She is one of the top female bloggers.

She teaches online to build a successful business.

In this blog you can find tutorials relevant to course creation and make money online.

She is monetizing her blog with affiliate marketing, sponsored products, and her own digital products.

Marie Forleo

Website: www.marieforleo.com

She is one of the top female influencers in the world.

She is also performing very well on YouTube with Marie TV. 

She is monetizing her blog with affiliate products, own digital products, and collaborations. 

Margaret Manning 

Website: www.sixtyandme.com

She writes articles about fashion, beauty, and health for women over 60.

She is also running a successful YouTube Channel.

She is monetizing her knowledge with affiliate marketing, memberships and reviews.

Lindsay Livingston 

Website: www.theleangreenbean.com

She is a mom blogger.

She is sharing health and nutrition tips on this blog.

She is monetizing this blog with affiliate marketing, her own products and  ebooks.

Dorthy Miller Shore

Website: www.primewomen.com

She is running a successful lifestyle blog. It is ranked as the best lifestyle blog in the world.

She is also the founder of Miller Ad Agency.

She is monetizing her blog with collaborations, affiliate marketing and sponsorship.

Heidi Cohen

Website: www.heidicohen.com

She has 20 years of experience in blogging. She is helping thousands of bloggers to build a successful blogging business.

She is monetizing her blog with affiliate marketing, own products and coaching.


We need daily motivation to excel in our blogging game.

These blogs will help you a lot to get the push up in your blogging journey.

These female bloggers are rocking with their blogs and teaching a lesson we can live a good life with blogging.

I hope this article will help you.

If you have questions let me know in the comments.

Thank you.

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