How to Select the Niche for Your YouTube Channel or Blog

How to select the Niche for your YouTube Channel or Blog? hey guys, if you are starting a blog or YouTube channel first of all all the best for you.

Here you have to select the niche on depending on different factors.

In this particular article, i am going to say those things.

Guys, most people will say first follow your interest.

Here you have to follow your interest. if you follow your interest for your YouTube channel or blog you will continue with that for long time.

So most people will start the blog or YouTube channel on random topic and they will produce some content after some days they simply give up.

They simply leave the blogging. they are not comfortable to continue with that blog or YouTube channel.

Why? because they don’t have the certain interest for that particular blog or YouTube channel.

See blogging or vlogging is a continuous process. you have to learn the things continuously and you have to apply those learnings to your blog or YouTube channel.

Here what i am sharing is first you have to follow your interest.

Interest means there are lot of things.

You may interest to movies. you may interest in sports. you may interest in communication. different things in the interest.

So first you have to write down all your interests at one place.

So take a pen and paper note down all your interests at one place. Study about each thing on the internet. which things are up and which things are down. how the market about these interests.

Suppose if you choose a sports category, if you are most interested in cricket then you have to observe the cricket how it is trend either it is growing up or growing down.

You can use the tool like google trends or you can use the premium tool like SEMRush.

Guys you have to do the market research for these topics. how it is, whether it has demand or not.

Here you have to choose your interest then you have to do the market research then you have to come up with the whether you are able to produce the content whether you are able to learn the things in that particular thing.

You already interested about this things. so you are able to learn new things in that particular thing.

When you take the blogging it is all about writing the articles.

You have to write a lot of articles.

Some persons may not interested in writing. that is not the end point. you have a other alternative like YouTube.

In YouTube you can produce videos. you have to produce the video content. if you are not comfortable in writing then you can choose the video.

Still if you are not comfortable with the camera, not interested to show your face to record the videos then you can choose the podcasting.

In podcasting you no need to show your face. just you have to record your voice via some quality mic and you have to produce that content.

You can choose either from these things audio, video, text.

First you have to select in which format you are more comfortable. in that way you can choose which format content.

So for particular niche you have to follow your interest and market research.

Following only interest is not the case and following market research only is not the case.

You have to combine those things and you have to inteesect these things.

Your interest and market, you have to combine these two things you have to take the final decision by taking the intersection of these two things.

So i hope you got the how to select the niche for your YouTube channel or blog.

If you have any doubts let me know in the comments. I will answer your doubts.

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I will meet you in the next article.

Thank you for reading.

Have a great day.

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