How to Do Affiliate Marketing with Paid Ads – 4 Best Ways

How to do affiliate marketing with paid ads.

In this article, I am going to share four ways which are effective to do the affiliate marketing with paid ads.

The first method is the drive traffic to the affiliate blog post.

The most of the beginners do this mistake like they are driving the ads from google, Facebook to directly to the affiliate links.

They send the traffic using paid ads directly to the affiliate links. don’t do that.

Here you have to get the trust from your audience. for that you have to provide the value.

Here produce a blog post detailed blog post. in the blog post include the affiliate products links where it is required.

Then drive the traffic to that particular blog post. ok. dont drive the directly the ads to the affiliate links.

So you have to drive the first using Facebook ads Google ads to the affiliate blog post.

Whatever the blog post you are producing for promoting this affiliate product you have to divert the traffic from ads to the blog post then there you have to include the affiliate links.

Here you are giving the lot of value to the user. you can provide more details about this affiliate product and what the benefits they will get by purchasing this particular product.

See guys, people come to internet search to solve their problems.

They have some problems. they come to the online to find the solutions for their problems.

Here what the product you are recommending that product have to solve that particular problem.

Guys, from today on wards run the Facebook or Google ads to drive to the blog post. insert your affiliate link in the blog post.

Building email list is a great way to scale up your affiliate marketing business.

Most pro bloggers are saying your money will be in your email list.

Here you have to create one free resource like either Ebook or video course then you have to promote this particular Ebook or video course using ads.

Users will give you email id to download this particular value for free. they are giving their email to download this particular value.

Here the exchange will happen.

Once you got the email ids from users then you have to educate them about your affiliate product. first you have to survey them. you have to identify their pain problems.

Then you have to recommend affiliate products. immediately don’t recommend the affiliate products once you got the emails.

First nurture them and then recommend.

the next method is the use the facility of video in the Facebook ads.

Here first you have to create one informative video about your affiliate product whatever the product you are promoting just create one informative video about that product promote this video on Facebook ads.

Here you have to create custom audience who watched that particular video more than 90 percent.

Here you have to create the custom audience who watched that particular video more than 90 percent.

Here that particular audience already showing interest about your product.

Once you created that custom audience again you have to run another ad to target this custom audience.

Then you can recommend your affiliate product.

Here you are creating the one informative source in the form of video promoting this with Facebook ads and then you are recommending the affiliate product to who watched the more than 90 percent of the video.

In these days most guys are using this particular method.

The next method is the re-target using the Facebook ads.

first of all you have to install the Facebook pixel on your blog. it will collect the visitors data who are logged into Facebook.

Then you have to create the audience like last 90 days visitors last 180 days visitors or last 30 days visitors depending on your traffic level.

Once you setup your audience then you have to run a Facebook ad by targeting this particular audience.

here you have to run the campaign lead generation ad.

Already you have a some relation with audience. here you are providing more value by providing the free Ebook or free video course.

By this process you can collect email ids and then nurture them then recommend the affiliate products.

These four methods work very well. guys, don’t promote the affiliate products directly in the ads.

First you have to provide the value to the user. then user will have a trust on you. in affiliate marketing works on trust.

First user have to trust you. for that you have to provide lot of value to user and then simply recommend the product.

The user will convince you will get affiliate sales.

Guys i hope these four methods will help you to boost your affiliate sales using paid media.

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Thank you for reading. have a great day.

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