How to Install Google Analytics on Your WordPress Blog

Are you new to blogging on WordPress?

Are you searching for the guide on how to install Google Analytics on WordPress? Then this article is for you.

Google Analytics is free web data analytics tool provided by Google.

You have to sign up for Google Analytics with your Gmail ID. After this you have to create one property for your WordPress blog.

Then you have to get the tracking code from Googel Analytics from dashboard and have to install it on your blog. we will discuss it.

Once you installed the Google Analytics properly on your WordPress blog, Now you can track your blog visitors and their behaviour from the Google Analytics dashboard.

Without any delay, let’s jump into the installation of Google Analytics.

Go to and login with your Gmail.

Here you have to create one new property for your blog.

Click on admin tab to create new preperty in Googel Analytics.

click on admin tab in google analytics dashboard

It will open next screen. there you can find create property. Just click this button.

click on create property button in gogole analytics dasboard

Then it will open next screen. there you have to select property type. It has three options Web, Apps and Apps & Web.

select the property type in google anaytics

Here you have to select the first option Web and click continue.

It will go to form. there you have to enter your blog name and URL. you have to select your blog’s industry category and reporting time zone.

enter your property name and url in google analytics

After that click the create.

Now successfully new property created for your WordPress blog. Now you have to get the tracking code.

Now you have to go to back and click the Tracking info under your property.

click the tracking info in google analytics

Then you have to click on Tracking code.

There you can find Google Analytics tracking code, just you have to select this and copy this code.

copy the tracking code in google analytics

Now login to your WordPress blog dashboard.

Click on Widgets tab under Appearance tab.

click on widget under appearance tab in wordpress

You can find widgets area. there you have to click on the drop down button on the header button.

click on drop down button on header tab in wordpress widgets

There you have to drag custom HTML widget to this header section.

drag custom html tab to header area in wordpress

Next you have to paste the Google Analytics code copied before. then hit the save button.

Now you have successfully installed the Google Analytics on your WordPress blog.

I hope this guide will help you.

If you have any doubts, let me know in the comments.

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Thank you.

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  1. Hey Venkat Randa ,

    Great post with helpful and effective tips to install google analytics. Installing google analytics will be helpful and will allow the users to track the blog visitors and behavior through dashboard.

    Also thanks for including the helpful images, it will makes us easier to understand. Your each of the suggested steps are clear, easy to understand and following. Following these steps will be helpful and will allows the users to install google analytics.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

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