How to Install Google Analytics on WordPress Website

Don’t you know, How to install Google Analytics on WordPress website or blog? Then this article is for you.

You can find step by step procedure to install the Google Analytics on WordPress.

Google Analytics is a tool to track the website visitors.

We can know how many users are visiting our website, how many page views getting, from which location they are coming, what are the sources of traffic. We can know this type of metrics by installing Google Analytics code on WordPress.

Google is providing piece of javascript code and we have to install it on WordPress blog to track your website visits.

Without any delay lets jump into the step by step process.

If you are new to Google Analytics then you have to setup one account in the Google Analytics using your Gmail ID or Google account.

Then you have to create one property for your website. If you have multiple websites then you have to create separate property for each website.

Then you have to get the tracking code and you have to install it on WordPress.

Go to and create one account.

Click on Admin tab at left side.

admin tab in google analytics

There you can find the button to create the new property. Just click on this button create new property.

There you have to select the web option and you have to click the continue button.

select web option in google analytics

after that a form will be displayed. in that you have to enter your website name and website URL. you have to select your time zone and select the industry category. then you have to click the create button.

The new Google Analytics property will be created. Then there will be javascript displayed, you have to copy it. or you can click get tracking code button and you can get this javascript code.

Now you have to login to your WordPress dashboard.

There you have to click on the widgets tab under apperance tab.

widgets tab in wordpress

There you have to add custom html widget in footer widget area and you have to paste the code.

that’s all your javascript code successfully installed.

Now you have to wait for the traffic and you track your traffic in Google Anaytics account.

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