How to Create Footer in WordPress Elementor FREE

In this article, I am going to explain you the process to create footer in WordPress with Elementor FREE Version and some extra plugin.

with Elementor Pro version, we can create headers and footers in single click without any other plugins.

With the free version of elementor, we cannot create the custom headers and footers.

To create the footer with Elementor free, they are multiple plugins in the WordPress plugins repository.

I am personally using the plugin called Elementor Header and Footer Builder by Brainstorm Force.

Just you have to login to your WordPress dashboard and have to go the new plugin installation panel.

In this you have to search “Elementor Header and Footer Builder” then you have to install this plugin and have to activate to use this plugin.

After activating this plugin, you will find new option “Elementor Header and Footer Builder” under Appreance.

Just you have to click this option.

Here you have to select Type of Template as Footer. then Display On as Entire website and User Roles as All.

You can create different footers for different pages or categories etc. Just here you have to select the appropriate option for this.

After selection, just you have to click the Publish button.

After this you have to click edit with elementor button.

Here you can design your Footer as you like. The remaining process will be as you do designs with Elementor.

After finishing the design you have to click update and have to observe.

Now you have successfully created the Footer for your Website.

Here, I highly recommend you to go with the Elementor Pro version for fast and simple footer creation process.

If you have questions, let me know in the comments.

Thank you.

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