How to Add WhatsApp Chat to WordPress Website

In this article, I am guiding you to add WhatsApp chat to your WordPress Website.

We all know, WhatsApp is the most using messaging application.

When visitors coming to our website, they want to get the more infomation from site owner.. they want to chat with the site owner. In that case the easy solution to let them chat with us is by installing WhatsApp chat in our Website.

Whenever visiting some websites, we will find the WhatsApp button at bottom right or bottom left. In this way we will discuss to add it your Website.

For this you need one Plugin. WhatsApp Chat Button by Holi Themes.

I personally use this plugin. I am also suggesting this plugin to my client websites.

So today we will discuss about this particular plugin.

First you have to login to the WordPress dashboard and have to navigate to the Plugins tab

There you have to click the Add New button.

There you have to search “Click to Chat Holithemes” .

You will find this plugin.

Next you have to install the plugin and have to activate it.

Once activating we come to have new option on WordPress left panel.

It also show message like below to setup your WhatsApp chat widget.

Just click the Add WhatsApp Number Button and Enter your WhatsApp button.

Here you have to enter your WhatsApp number. You will receive the messages from your Blog visitors on this number.

Next you have to enter pre filled message. It is the message which will pre prepared to send us. It will be customized by our blog readers.

Next you have to give Call to Action. I recommend you to leave the default one.

Next you have to choose where you have to display this chat widget.

after that you have to click save changes.

Boom. That WhatsApp chat widget will be added to your wordpress website.

Now your blog readers can message you in WhatsApp via your website.

It is so simple to your blog readers to send your their message or questions.

I hope this article will help you.

If you have questions, let me know in the comments.

Thank you.

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