Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing | Which is Better

Are you running a blog and confusing to choose affiliate marketing or Google adsense to monetize your blog. Then this article is for you.

In this article, I am going to compare Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

You will get idea from this article, which one is better to monetize your blog.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a Ads publisher by Google. It is a platform to monetize your blog. You can make money with your blog by installing Google Adsense on your blog.

Here you will make money by CPM and CPC.

CPM is cost per mile. CPC is cost per click. You will be paid for every ad impression and for every ad click.

If CPM is one dollar, you will be paid one dollar for 1000 ad impressions. If CPC is one dollar, you will be paid one dollar when user click on your ad.

In this you have to sign up to Google Adsense.

You have to produce Google Adsense friendly content. You have to produce around 15 to 20 quality posts on your blog. You have to create important pages like Privacy Policy, Contact us, Terms and Conditions and About us pages.

Once you setup these things after that you can apply to the Google Adsense. In Google Adsense application you have to submit your blog url.

Google will review your blog and if it is ok with their policies then you will get the approval from the Google.

Once you get the Adsense approval, you have to create ad units or you can install auto ads.

For auto ads, you have to paste auto ads code on your blog header section. Google will find the optimum places and it will put the optimum ads on your blog posts.

Most users dont recommend auto ads because you dont have control to where to put the ads.

You can proceed with creating ad units and then you can install these ad codes on your blog posts.

You can create the ads like text ads, response content ads, square ads etc.

You have to select corresponding sizes for the ads. If you want to put your ad in header then you have to choose the 728×90 size ad. If you want to put the ad in the middle of the content then you can select responsive content ads.

Once you place your ads on the blog, it will start to appear for users.

You have to observe your Google adsense dashboard regularly to observe the earnings, CPC , CTR etc.

You can withdraw your funds to your local bank once you reach the 100 dollars.

You have to submit your ID and address proof to the Google. Then you have to add your local bank details.

Once you reach the 100 dollars, Google will send your payment.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Promoting other companies products and getting commission is the affiliate marketing.

In this you have to sign up to the affiliate marketing companies and you have to promote their products on your blog. When you make the sale, company will pay you the fixed commission or percentage of the product cost.

The most popular affiliate marketing provider is the Amazon.

In affiliate markting, the providers are two types, affiliate networks and affiliate companies.

Shareasale and commission junction are the examples for affiliate networks.

Some companies will tie up with these networks. These networks in middle to the company and the bloggers.

Bluehost and SEMRush are the examples for affiliate marketing companies. They are directly providing affiliate marketing on their websites.

In affiliate markting you have to choose the relevant products to your blog topics.

Suppose if your blog is fitness blog then you have to promote fitness products. Then you can make the sales.

For which blogs, Google Adsense is better choice

If your blog is entertainment category then Google Adsese is the best choice for you. If you are producing the news then also Google adsense will be best choice.

Here you are not talking about the products. You are just providing the entertainment content. So adsense will best choice for these blogs.

In Google Adsense, you will be paid for every ad impression and ad click.

In Google adsense you have to target the high cpc keywords and well developed countries to make the more money from Google Adsnese.

For which blogs, Affiliate marketing is better choice

If you are producing product reviews, product comparisons, product listicles then affiliate marketing will be better choice for you.

Here you are talking about products, so if you promote affiliate products then there is chace to get the sales.

In affiliate marketing you no need to get the high traffic. You will be paid with the low traffic also.

But you have to get the targeted traffic.

You will get targeted traffic if you focus to write articles on long tail keywords.

For example Bluehost is paying 65 dollars per sale. If you make one sale with very less traffic you will get 65 dollars.

You have to get the more pageviews in Google adsense to make the 65 dollars.

You can make 2 to 5 dollars for 1000 views with Google Adsense.

You can make some sales with same traffic in affiliate markting. i.e you are making more money with affiliate marketing.

Here you have to keep in mind that your blog should be products oriented to promote the affiliate products.

If you are just producing non product oriented content and promoting affiliate prdocuts then you will not get the sales.

Users will search for reviews and products comparions before buying the products. These are the product buying intented keywords.

So if you promote affiliate products with these articles reviews, product comparisions there is high chance to get affilaite sales.

Here Google adsense or affiliate markting choosing completely depend on your blog content.

If you are producing only informative content (non product articles) then Google adsense will work better for you.

If you are producing product reviews, product comparisons then affiliate markting will be better choice for your blog.

I hope you will get the better insights which one to choose for your blog.

FAQs about Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing

Q1. What is the minimum payment from Google Adsense?

Ans. Gooogle Adsnese minimum payment is 100 dollars.

Q2. What is minimum payment of affiliate marketing?

Ans. It is depend on your affiliate marketing company. For example if you promoting Bluehost hosting product then 100 dollars is their minimum payment. You can get this information from their affiliate marketing page.

Q3. Can I use both Googel Adsense and Affiliate Marketing on same blog?

Ans. It is better to stick with one option. If you are promoting Google Adsense with affiliate marketing then there is chance to loose affiliate sales for some low bucks from Google Adsense.

Q4. How to find affiliate programs for my blog?

Ans. If you are running fitness blog then go to Google and search for best fitnes affiliate programs then you will find. Or you can go to your competitor websites find which products they are promoting. You can also choose them.

Q5. Is there any other options than Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing?

Ans. Yes, you can also monetize your blog with your own products, services and consultation.

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