5 Best WordPress Table Plugins to Display Your Data 2023

Are you searching for the best WordPress table plugins? Then you are on the right page.

In this article, I am listing 5 table plugins for your wordpress website or blog.

You can display your data in a beautiful way using these plugins.

User experience is the key factor when we create the content or website.

We have to organise the data well and we have to display it clearly to understand easily by the user.

These plugins will help you a lot in this regard.

5 Best WordPress Table Plugins

Without any delay let’s jump into the list.


best wordpress table plugins

It is the most popular wordpress table plugin.

It is the highly rated wordpress table plugin.

It has 8 lakhs plus active installations.

We can easily add, edit, and manage the data very easily without any coding with this plugin.

It is a drag and drop based wordpress plugin. You do not need to have the coding knowledge to use this plugin.

You can insert the data type like text, images, links and maths formulas.

It has features like sorting, pagination and searching.

You can embed these tables into blog posts, blog pages using the block editor or shortcodes.

You can get more features in the premium version.

Ninja Tables

This is the best data plugin for WordPress.

For most of the WordPress users, creating responsive stunning data tables is more challenging. Using this plugin we can create responsive stunning data tables.

It has 80,000+ active installations.

It is developed by WPManageNinja LLC.

It will help you to create the beautiful tables in seconds without any coding knowledge.

You can create the tables like pricing tables, comparison tables, image gallery, charts, product specification tables, schedule tables etc using this plugin.

It has features like drag and drop, import export, table design customization, charts, pre-made templates, fluent forms integration, stackable table, buttons or rating, cell split or merge.

Woocommerce product table and google sheets integration are the pro features.

WP Table Builder

It is the drag and drop WordPress table plugin.

It is developed by WP Table Builder.

It has 60,000+ active installations.

It has 500+ five star ratings.

It is very easy to create responsive tables in WordPress using this plugin.

It is perfect for creating the pricing tables, comparison tables and list tables.

This plugin comes with 7 elements: custom html, shortcodes, star rating, button, image, list and text.

All the above elements come with their own customization feature.

It has cell management like add new row, add new column, merge cell, split cell etc.

You can also import the tables from xml or csv files.

You can also import the table from TablePress.

You can also export the tables in the format of xml or csv.

Pricing Table – Easy Pricing Tables

It is developed by FatCat Apps.

It has 20,000+ active installations.

It has 90+ five star ratings.

It will help you to create the beautiful pricing and comparison tables in your WordPress.

You can build and publish stunning pricing tables in a few minutes with this plugin.

You do not need any coding knowledge to use this plugin effectively.

It is the first WordPress pricing table built for the block editor.

Simply you have to add the pricing table block , add the data  and click publish.

It is easy to use this WordPress plugin.

Visualizer: Tables and Charts Manager for WordPress

It is developed by Themeisle.

It has active installations of 30,000+.

It has 160+ five star ratings.

You can embed interactive and responsible tables to your blog posts and pages with this plugin.

You can import the data from CSV.

It has 12 chart types.

It has chart animations and shortcodes.

You can create responsive tables with this plugin.

You can organise the data as beautiful charts like line chart, pie chart, area chart, table chart etc.


I hope these wordpress table plugins will help you to manage your data in WordPress.

If you have questions, let me know in the comments.

Thank you.

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