5 Best Elementor Addons and Plugins in 2023

Hey, Today I would like to introduce you to 5 best Elementor addons and plugins which will help you to extend your Elementor functionality and to ease your designing work.

Elementor is a powerful WordPress page builder.

Using elementor we can create outstanding designs.

We can create different types of designs with elementor.

Elementor is coming with both free and paid options.

Free version has some limited features.

If you want to utilise the full features of elementor then you need to opt for the premium version which is most recommendable and fully worthy.

To ease your designing with Elementor these Elementor Addons will help you a lot.

These addons developed some widgets and blocks which will help you to create the advanced designs with simple drag and drop.

Elementor itself is offering designing different types of blocks and designs with this by doing some customizations.

You can extend your designs and ease your designing work with the help of these Elementor addons.

Without any further delay let’s jump into the list of Best Elementor Addons and Plugins..

Best Elementor Addons and Plugins

Without any delay let’s jump into the list.

Elementor Header & Footer Blocks

It is offered by Brainstorm Force. You can create header and footer designs with this plugin. You can also create custom blocks with this plugin. You can place these blocks at any place of your Website.

This is the best WordPress Plugin to create the custom Header and Footer.

It also comes with display options like displaying one particular header on only the home page or blog posts page or particular pages.

You can also show different headers to normal users and logged in users with this plugin.

Livemesh Addons for Elementor

This is the best and oldest WordPress posts Elementor addon.

It comes with the widgets like Portfolio grid addon, Blog posts grid, post carousel extension, posts slider addon, Device slider etc.

Sina Extension for Elementor

This is the most powerful Elementor Extension.

This plugin comes with 38 custom widgets and 100+ ready made blocks.

This plugin is developed by Sinaextra.

It will help you to extend the Elementor functionality and to create beautiful web pages.

Features of Sina Elementor Extension

> 40 free elements.

> Options panel for enable or disable elements.

> It is easy to use

> Details Customisation ability

> 100+ Fully Responsive predefined beautiful Blocks & Pages.

> Free Support through the forum

It is giving the FREE widgets like Accordion, Banner Slider, Blogpost, Brand Carousel, Contact Form, Content Box, Content Slider, Countdown, Counter, Dynamic Button, Facebook Feed, Fancy Text, Flip Box, Google Map, Image Differ, Login Form, Mailchimp, Modal, News Ticker, Particle Layer, Pie Chart, Portfolio, Posts Carousel, Posts Tab, Pricing, Product Zoomer, Progressbar, Review Carousel, Search Form, Social Icons, Table, Team, Title, Transform,

Twitter Feed, User Counter, Video, Visit Counter.

It is also coming with one free extender Morphing Animation which will help you to apply animation to the content of the widget.

It also has a pro version with 23 widgets and 11 extenders.

I hope this plugin will help you to extend your designs with Elementor and help you to ease your design work.

Sticky Header Effects

This plugin will help you to create the sticky header.

Just you have to install this plugin and then you have to apply the sticky option for the header.

It has a transparent header.

You can change the header background colour.

It has the features like shrink logo, shrink header, bottom border etc.

Essential Addons for Elementor

It has 90+ elements and extensions which will help you to create some cool designs.

These are completely customizable.

These are lightweight and instant loading.

It has an element control option which will help you to enable or disable the particular elements which will help you to improve your site performance.

4000+ ready blocks and templates through templately.

It has 50+ free widgets like post grid, post timeline, fancy text and creative buttons etc.

35+ elements in the premium version.


I hope these Elementor Addons will help you to create user friendly designs.

If you have questions drop below.

Thank you.

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