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Hello, Welcome to the 10th Interview in BloggingRay Interview Series (BRIS).

Today, I am interviewing Archana Tiwari who is the founder of BloggingTry.

You can find amazing blogging and affiliate marketing tips from this interview.

Interview of Archana Tiwari from BloggingTry

Without any delay, let’s jump into the interview.

Q1. Hello Archana, Can you introduce yourself to my community?

First of all, thank you for inviting me to your blog and giving me this wonderful opportunity to share my journey with your audience.

I am Archana Tiwari, founder of BloggingTry.Com and co-founder of, where you will find blogging, SEO, and product reviews. Apart from that, I have a few Niche blogs that I can’t share for some reason.

I am a housewife and self-motivated part-time blogger who loves exploring new things on the internet. Apart from that, I always try to share my knowledge and experience with the audience, which I gained over the period.

Q2. Can you share your educational background?

Well, I don’t have any specialized degree in any field. I did M.A. with art back in 2009. Apart from that, I have learned many things from the internet to adopt and improve a new skill.

It helps me to earn a significant amount of money to live a boss-free life. Presently I am doing blogging and affiliate marketing from multiple blogs.

Q4. What are the reasons behind the selection of Blogging Try name?


There is no secret behind that; I wanted to start a blog that helps beginners establish a blog without making common mistakes.

That is why I chose “Blogging” and “Try” words to give it a try and build your own blog. Here I consistently share informative content about Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing.

Q3. Who inspired you to start blogging?

Well, friends,

There are mainly two reasons to start blogging: first, to make myself busy in my free time, and second, to make money.

Almost everyone does so!!

I have been searching for “how to make money online,” then I found that blogging is the best way to share knowledge and earn money by Ad Network and Affiliate marketing as well.

A lot of people are making six figures from blogging, and this field is growing tremendously. I have seen many blogs and their earnings that is amazing,

You can take the example of many blog-like,

So I have decided to start my own blog Because if they can, then why not me!

Q5. What is your daily routine? Can you share some productivity tips?

As I said earlier, I am a housewife and have two children, so It is challenging to manage time.

I do not have a fixed schedule; however, I can manage 4 to 5 hours every day after finishing domestic work.

Regarding productivity tips, I always focus on one thing at a time. It would be better for all to organize your work and make a good list with priority.

After that, start working on them priority-wise to get better results. In a word, “Never Try to Land on Two Work, Finish One Then Start Another.”

Q6. Which hosting do you recommend for beginners? And why?

Right Question?

There are too many hosting companies available in the market that offer various services that you can choose from according to your budget and needs.

There is no specific hosting that I could recommend, butyou should consider the following things while purchasing any hosting service.

  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Security
  • Support
  • Popularity
  • Money Back
  • Affordable cost

There are many other factors that you can consider, but these are essential, and you should not ignore them.

Apart from that, you can give a try to GreenGeeks as I am using and getting superb performance.

If you want cheaper hosting, then you should go with either NameCheap or Hostinger.

Q7. What are your thoughts on my blog Blogging Ray? Can you share some suggestions?

Hey Venkat,

I have visited your blog so many times and find very unique and informative content each time. You have put in your hard work to provide helpful tips that are really awesome.

You are doing a fantastic job, and I would have to say keep on your work efficiency high and make your audience happy.

“Just focus on what you’re doing.”


Q8. Can you share some tips to get affiliate sales?

Nowadays, affiliate marketing is going viral and growing rapidly. Almost every blogger is doing affiliate marketing to make money.

And most of them are struggling to make their first sale because they are not following the proper system.

In greed of sale, they are just promoting the affiliate product without doing analysis.

So, it would be best to use or analyze the affiliate product deeply, which you will promote. If you are satisfied with that product/ service, then you should recommend it to your audience.

It would be best if you did not make any false statements to increase your sales.

In short, you should always recommend the right product to the right people at the right time.

Q9. Can you share some tips to network with other bloggers?

In the blogging field, you should not ignore networking with other bloggers in your niche. Because if you do so, you will get many benefits and suggestions to make your blog profitable.

Building a network and strong relationship with other bloggers is like giving a solid base for your online journey. It may happen that if you are stuck with some blogging-related issue, then you will get genuine solutions from them.

Apart from that, you would be motivated by those blogger’s networks in your failure time.

So, make a gentle approach to your favorite blogger and follow them on social media, and they will also follow back to you.

Share their content with your audience to make your presence in their eyes. To better understand this topic, you can read the article ” Why Should You Network Generously As A Blogger,” written by Ryan Biddulph here.

Q10. Google Adsense vs Affiliate Marketing. What are your thoughts on it?

Well, I am using both and making a decent amount. But I would suggest you if you have good marketing skills, then go for affiliate marketing.

Both are good options for any blogger, but the only difference is that AdSense requires a massive quantity of organic traffic. However, affiliate marketing needs quality traffic to generate decent money.

So, the choice is yours; if you can generate massive traffic on your blog, then Google AdSense could be the best option for you.

It would be best to remember that Affiliate Marketing is always a better option to make a passive income, but it takes time and good marketing skills to get better results.

Affiliate marketing always depends on the audience trust that you build, but Google AdSense requires only good traffic on a blog to make money.

Q11. You are producing articles regularly? What are the tips to produce content like you?

If you want to get better results from blogging, you must have to publish unique and informative content regularly.

I also do the same but sometimes fail to do. There is no rocket science in writing and publishing an article on your blog.

First, you need to find the trending topic that people search on various platforms like Google, Quora, Answer the Public, etc.

After that, you have to analyze the topic’s difficulty and find out easy to rank keywords.

When you are done with this, you have to prepare an article outline to make your writing work easy.

I have published a comprehensive article on how to write your blog post that people love to read; you can refer to it for more details.

Q12. How much time does it take you to make your first affiliate sale from your blog?

Frankly said, Back in 2017, I was dependent on Google AdSense only. But after some time, I learned about affiliate marketing, and it changed my life 360 degrees.

I made my first affiliate sale after two months from the day when I started promoting an affiliate product.

It was one of the happiest movements for me because that amount was equal to one month of AdSense earning.

Later on, I have joined a few more affiliate programs and started promoting them via articles, email, and social media.

Now, I am making enough to make my life boss-free.

Note – If you are looking for a long-term process to make passive income, then affiliate marketing is the best choice for you. But it would be best if you be honest with the audience and never suggest any product that you personally don’t like.

Q13. Can you share some tips to get traffic to a brand new blog?

If you have a blog and not getting any, then everything is worthless. You need to work hard to drive traffic.

There are many methods that you can employ to generate traffic and make a good presence on the internet.

Here are some tips that you can implement like,

  • Publish High-Quality Content
  • Share Blog Post on Social Media
  • Send an email to your audience
  • Perform SEO for better search results
  • Do Network With Other Blogger
  • And many more

You can also read the article “How to Generate Traffic on a New Blog” to learn more.

Make sure that content is a king, so you should never compromise with the quality of content.

Write comprehensive and quality content that would be better than your competitors.

Q14. Which social platforms are working for you, and can you share some tips to leverage social media for blogging?


Almost all the social media platforms are good that you can utilize to generate traffic and make sales.

But it would be best if you had to make your audience circles who have trust in you.

As well as you have to use these platforms cleverly and present your content piece in front of the right people.

Along with that, you have to follow the rules of these social media platforms.

BTW, I am getting good results from LinkedIn and Pinterest in respect of traffic and sales.

Q15. Archana Tiwari, Where to contact you?


If anyone wants to connect with me then they can follow me on social media. Where I am always active.

Best of luck all for your future online Journey.

Happy Blogging


I hope this interview of Archana Tiwari from BloggingTry will help you.

If you have questions, let me know in the comments.

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Thank you.

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