Which Bluehost Plan is Best for Bloggers in 2023

Bluehost is undoubtedly the best choice for bloggers in 2022 and beyond to get the web hosting package.

But, when it comes to choosing the Bluehost plan for blogging, you are not just limited to one web hosting plan. 

The company is offering four different shared web hosting plans such as Basic, Plus, Choice Plus and Pro. The company does also provide exclusive WordPress Hosting plans under the same four plan names.

There might be a confusion on which is the best Bluehost plan for blogging in 2022 out of all four different WordPress hosting plans. If so, the blog post will clear all your confusions and help you get your hands on the best Bluehost plan for blogging.

Let’s get started.

About the BlueHost Web Hosting

BlueHost is one of the oldest yet most trusted web hosting companies offering web hosting solutions worldwide.

The company has 26+ years experience in the web hosting industry. So far, there are 2+ million websites that have been hosted with different BlueHost web hosting plans.

Importantly, BlueHost is the number one recommended hosting company to start WordPress blogs. The recommendation has itself been made by WordPress.Org.

About WordPress

WordPress is a content management system that already helps millions of websites worldwide. The no coding platform to create websites and blogs is available to install at free of cost.

If you are worried about coding kind of tasks when it comes to developing your blog or website, install WordPress and get your blog ready in no time.

When you get a BlueHost plan, the world’s number 1 platform for Blogging WordPress will be installed automatically on your blog. 

That’s one great thing about considering BlueHost for those who want to run a blog on the WordPress platform with BlueHost.

Let’s see a few more advantages you could avail with BlueHost web hosting and WordPress platform combined.

Advantages of Using BlueHost with WordPress

  • BlueHost offers an exclusive hosting solution for WordPress blogs
  • WordPress platform will get automatically installed on your blog in no time
  • Auto WordPress updates time to time to keep your WordPress blog safe and secure
  • A blog with WordPress hosting performs faster than shared hosting plans
  • BlueHost offers easily customizable themes to install on WordPress blogs

Why you should Go for BlueHost? 

You may have a question, when there are so many best web hosting companies available worldwide, then why particularly BlueHost?

Here are a few of my unique reasons to consider BlueHost as your Go-To choice for web hosting.

  • No matter whether you choose shared or WordPress hosting plans, BlueHost will offer you superfast yet smoothening website loading times. A website that loads faster performs better.
  • BlueHost cPanel is user-friendly. There is no need for any prior knowledge to work on BlueHost cPanel dashboard.
  • Free CDN will be included for all BlueHost plans.
  • Comparatively with BlueHost alternatives, the 24/7 expert BlueHost customer support team is far better and quicker to resolve the user queries.

and many more to list.

Shared Hosting vs WordPress Hosting in BlueHost

BlueHost almost sells all kinds of hosting plans such as shared, WordPress, dedicated, VPS, Woocommerce etc.. Out of all, both shared and WordPress hosting plans are the highest selling BlueHost plans.

In terms of pricing structure and name of the hosting plans, both shared hosting and WordPress hosting are the same in BlueHost. But, one thing makes a difference between both the BlueHost plans.

BlueHost Shared Hosting

You will be provided space to host your websites and blogs on BlueHost servers that are already hosted too many websites. And also, in BlueHost shared hosting plans, you can install not just WordPress but any blogging platforms on your blog of your choice.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting

When you opt-in for BlueHost WordPress hosting plans, your blog will get a space in servers that are hosted only on WordPress websites. And, you can only install WordPress blogging platforms on your blog.

As said, BlueHost WordPress hosting plans are exclusively for WordPress blogs.

Both the hosting plans offer four different pricing structures, the higher you choose the better your blogs will perform.

Why you should Go for WordPress Hosting in BlueHost?

When you can avail hell lot of exclusive features to host your WordPress blogs with BlueHost WordPress hosting plans than shared hosting plans, Why not BlueHost WordPress hosting solutions?

Irrespective of the niche you choose for your blog, WordPress is the best yet most reliable platform for blogs, websites even for creating online stores.

  • WordPress Offers Freedom to Design your Blog

You can design your WordPress blog in the way you want. BlueHost provides the users Drag and Drop WordPress builder function, in which an user even with zero coding knowledge can design the blog of his/her choice.

  • No Panic of Security Threats

Even though WordPress is an open source content management system, the blogging platform cannot be easily hacked by bots and viruses. 

BlueHost uses some finest technologies to prevent all the WordPress blogs hosted on their servers from hackers.

Plans and Pricing of BlueHost WordPress Hosting

If you want to start your blog in 2022 using some other blogging platforms except WordPress, try BlueHost shared hosting plans.

There is no difference in pricing structure between shared and WordPress hosting. 

But, if you are planning to start a blog in WordPress platform in 2022, then BlueHost WordPress hosting can be your number one choice.

Let’s check with the prices the company currently sells their WordPress hosting plans.

There are four WordPress hosting plans in BlueHost at present. Unfortunately, there is no monthly billing cycle in BlueHost. The minimum billing period is a 12 months term. So, I am revealing the price structure for annually billed plans.

If you want to save even more in your BlueHost WordPress hosting plans, probably try their 36 months billing cycle, you can save a maximum of up to 71%.

  1. Basic

An ideal choice for hosting a single WordPress blog. The Basic WordPress BlueHost hosting plan costs $4.95 per month when billed annually.

You will get to host 1 WordPress website with 10 GB of SSD storage. If you are a beginner and just starting out in the world of blogging, the BlueHost Basic plan is what you all need. 

You can get your WordPress hosting plan as low as $60 for a year.

  1. Plus

The Plus plan costs $7.45 per month billed annually is a good choice for those who want to avail web hosting solutions to run small businesses and agencies.

Everything is the same as the basic plan except two things. You can host an unlimited number of WordPress websites in this Plus plan which is great for developing multiple blogs. Also, you will be provided with 20 GB of SSD storage.

  1. Choice Plus

There is no difference in pricing option between Plus and Choice Plus. Both the plan costs you $7.45 per month when billed annually. 

But, the Choice Plus plan gives you some extra features compared with the Plus plan. In Choice Plus, you will get domain privacy for free as well as free automated backup for one year.

Talking about the storage, you will get 40 GB SSD storage. As both Plus and Choice Plus price are the same, go for Choice Plus instead of the Plus plan if you want to host unlimited WordPress blogs with some extra features.

Choice Plus is one of the most recommended BlueHost WordPress hosting plans costs only $89.4 per year.

  1. PRO

Best for blogs that receive high traffic. The PRO plan costs $18.95 per month billed annually is one of the most costliest BlueHost WP hosting plans.

The server performance will be better in the plan as you will get optimized CPU resources and free dedicated IP.

Not recommended for beginners, but worth the money for business websites.

Pricing for 36 Months Billing Period

Here are the pricing for each plan when you opt-in for a 3 years billing cycle. You will get some huge savings in the billing agreement.

Basic – $2.95 per month (Save 70%)

Choice – $5.45 per month (Save 61%)

Choice Plus – $5.45 per month (Save 71%)

PRO – $13.95 per month (Save 48%)

What is Common in All Four BlueHost WordPress Hosting Plans?

Free Domain for one year, free CDN, free SSL certificate, custom themes and 24/7 support are common in all four plans.

Which is the Best Bluehost Plan for Blogging?

To answer the question straight forward, I would suggest ‘Choice Plus’ is the best BlueHost plan for blogging in 2022.

Comparatively with Basic plan, Choice Plus plan per year costs you only 30 USD extra which is just 2.5$ a month. The features are huge in Choice Plus as you can host an unlimited number of WordPress websites and avail other benefits.

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When BlueHost becomes your choice of Web Hosting to host your WordPress blogs, you will not look for a second opinion. 

BlueHost is feature-rich, super fast, reliable and affordable for beginners as well as for business websites.

While signing up for your BlueHost WordPress hosting plans, Choice Plus plan can be a best option for you. Signup today and avail unimaginable benefits more than what you spent.

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