How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress?

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress?

do you have a youtube channel and planning to increase your subscribers. then why you are not converting your blog visitors into your youtube channel subscribers.

in this article, I will explain a method to convert your website visitors into youtube subscribers by adding youtube subscribe button in WordPress.

the blog visitors can directly be subscribed to your channel without visiting your channel from your blog post itself. this button provides that much of facility to you.

before going to do this, first, you have to install ad inserter plugin on your WordPress Blog. this plugin helps you to place the custom code on your blog wherever you want. I already introduced this plugin before.

if you are already installed this plugin, then proceed further

just follow the below step by step guide to add this button

  1. visit google¬†developer’s youtube subscribe button configuring to add youtube subscribe button in wordpress
  2. there are four fields you have to customize
  3. in the first field you have to enter your channel ID. you can get your channel ID from youtube dashboard.
  4. the second field is the layout. in this, you have to select default or full option. if you select the full option, it displays your logo and channel name including subscribe button. I recommend selecting default option.
  5. next, you have to select the theme. either default or dark. recommend to default.
  6. next, you have to select subscriber count, it displays the no.of subscribers with the button.
  7. after doing these four options, you can observe the preview.
  8. now you have to copy the code from the code text area box.
  9. now go to ad inserter plugin dashboard, paste this code there. select the option where you want to display the button. I recommend you to display at bottom of the article. it is preferable because, if the readers love your article they immediately can subscribe to your channel to know similar content from you.

ya, now you have successfully added the youtube subscribe button on your WordPress blog.

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I hope this article on how to add youtube subscribe button in WordPress, helps you

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