5 Must have WordPress Plugins for your Blog [Install Now]

hey, are you using WordPress for your blog, that’s great you can customize your blog as you want with WordPress plugins. I picked some plugins those must-have WordPress plugins for your blog.

without any delay, I will introduce the plugins

1. Yoast SEO Plugin

the first plugin you have to install after the setup of your WordPress blog is the Yoast SEO Plugin.

it helps to do search engine optimization for your blog.

it has both free and premium versions.

using this plugin, you can optimize headings, meta description, post URL, SEO friendly content.

it also generates a sitemap for your blog.

Click here to Download Yoast SEO Plugin

2. Akismet Anti-spam Plugin

this plugin helps you to moderate your WordPress blog comments. it filters the spam comments. there are bots to submit comments on your blog to get traffic back to their websites. in this case, it works very well.

Click here to Download Akismet Plugin

3. W3 Total Cache WordPress Plugin

it is another plugin you must have on your blog.

when a visitor comes to your blog, and again he comes back then you have to serve him better.

for this, you have to store static resources like CSS files and images on the cache.

when a visitor comes back, then this plugin loads the static files from the cache.

it will improve your blog loading speed and increases the user experience. it leads to increase your search engine rankings. bounce rate is the major ranking factor of search engines.

Click here to Download W3 total cache Plugin

4. Ad Inserter

whether you are running Adsense / affiliate marketing blog you have to keep your ad code at dynamic positions like below title, between content etc. in this case this plugin works well.

using this plugin you can place your ad code at the most user engaging parts of your web copy.

Click here to Download Ad Inserter Plugin

5. sumoMe WordPress Plugin

this is the plugin helps you to create push notifications, popup email subscription, floating share buttons.

push notifications are the popup displayed when a visitor comes to your blog, once he accepts the notification, you can send a series of notifications to him. these notifications will be displayed like Gmail desktop notifications.

Click here to Download Sumome WordPress plugin

these are the plugins I am using on my blog and recommending you too.

I hope this article must have WordPress plugins for your blog will help you. if you love this article share it with your friends.

keep up the awesome work.


Sharig is Caring.

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