Which Tools I am using to Scale up my Business Online.


Welcome to My Toolbox Page.

on this page, I am revealing the Tools which I am using for this blog and also for my YouTube Channel.


I am using Godaddy for domains from the beginning of my blogging journey. I am also recommending it.

I am using Godaddy hosting from the beginning and right now.

I didn’t recommend Godaddy for hosting.

if your budget is very low and if you are from India without credit card or international transaction debit card, then this will be your choice.


Whatever theme you observing on this blog, it is developed by me. if you want a theme like this or if you want a theme for your blog, I will develop the theme for you as you want. let me know

Social Sharing Plugin

the social sharing plugin on this blog is developed by me. I will do it for you too.


right now, I am using MailChimp for email marketing. it is a great tool to start. you can use MailChimp at free of cost up to 2k subscribers. I recommend it to new bloggers.

Tubebuddy & Vidiq

I am using both Tubebuddy and Vidiq to manage my YouTube Channel.

These are Google Chrome Extensions.

I am recommending these tools to you.

you can use their limited features for free. if you want to access more features you have to upgrade. ya, these are very helpful.

I will update this page when I use new Tools for my blog and YouTube Channel.

keep crushing

have a great day