Testimonials for Venkat Randa

Myilraj – Founder of OnlineHomeIncome

I recently came to know Venkat Randa and his entrepreneurship career. His YouTube videos are really informative and interesting. Venkat Randa is a friendly, reliable, and thoughtful partner in my blogging journey. He is very knowledgeable about WordPress and blogging. I strongly recommend Venkat Randa\’s blog to learn blogging and YouTube for Vlogging. Your video shows the expertise and strategies that you are teaching to others. Tips are awesome, simple, and plain to follow. His writing work is appreciable. I wish you great success in your career.

Atanu Das – Founder of BloggingFix

Venkat is a super helpful person and an amazing blogger. I am connected to him through Facebook and I must say he is sharing some authentic information through his blogs. If you are a beginner and want to get proven tips for blogging then do follow him.

Jiten Patil – Founder of JitenBloggingTips

Venkat Randa is one of the best, fastest-growing bloggers who share authentic information related to blogging & digital marketing. His content is helping lots of newbies who want to start their blogging journey & want to learn digital marketing.

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